Buffalo Bills

Bills Continue to Build D-Line: Sign Mark Anderson

The aggressive strategy to build up the Buffalo Bills defensive line should clearly be noted.

Last year the team drafted Marcell Dareus in the first round, who was an absoulte beast. Dareus stepped in faster than people expected and made a real difference in his first year This year, the big free agent news was the signing of Mario Williams to Bills, to team up along side Dareus and cause even more havoc. Today the team went even further adding Patriots DE Mark Anderson.

Tim Tebow Traded To the Jets

Tim Tebow Traded To the Jets

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports Reports: The New York Jets have acquired Tim Tebow from Broncos for a fourth-round pick. Additionally, the Broncos will send a seventh-round pick to the Jets and receive a sixth-round pick from the Jets. I had figured Tebow would be worth around a 4th to 5th round draft pick, but many experts felt he had little to no value at all. The one thing that you have to consider is, Tim Tebow isn’t your normal everyday quarterback….

Running Back Should be on New York Jets Draft Radar

Jet’s Run Game Needs Afterburner

While former Iowa Hawkeye Shonn Greene is a tough nut between the tackles, he provides no “home run” threat for a team that is in dire need of one. The once-great LaDanian Tomlinson nears the end of his Hall of Fame career and no longer possesses the 4.38 40 yard dash speed that left defenders in the dust. Their 2010 4th round draft choice, Joe McKnight, is a phenomenal kick returner but so far hasn’t been a major contributor to the run game. They are all solid performers, but none force defenses into loading up the box and creating man on man situations for QB Mark Sanchez to face. With the run game floundering, the “Sanchise” faced stiffer coverages and struggled to complete 56.7% of his passes.

Matt Flynn

Flynn Signs With Seahawks; Dolphins Conundrum?

Free-agent QB Matt Flynn has agreed to terms with the Seattle Seahawks Sunday. Flynn will likely compete with Tarvaris Jackson for the starting job next summer. Although, with Tarvaris already comfortable with a year under his belt, six total years in the Darrell Bevell offensive system, odds are Matt Flynn will find himself the back-up QB once again.

Jeff Fisher Rams

2-14 Rams, Couldn’t Look Any Better

When the St. Louis Rams made headlines when – in my opinion – they fleeced the Washington Redskins with the big trade that became official last Tuesday afternoon, it was just the start of new head coach Jeff Fisher and general manager Les Snead’s plan to turn around the long suffering franchise.

Most of you know the details of the trade. The Rams moved down four spots from number two to number six position, picked up Washington’s second-round pick (39th overall) this year, plus Washington’s first round pick in the next two drafts. The Redskins paid the huge price even though the entire National Football League knew the Rams were moving out of that spot. It has become obvious the goal of the Rams is to build for the long term. They will be power players in the next three drafts and the moves they have made and not made early on in free agency, will have the Rams getting younger while freeing up cap space.

Washington Redskins

Redskins sign Garçon and Morgan

Dan Snyder’s quest to retain the title of “craziest riverboat gambler” of the NFL continued on the first day of free agency of the 2012 NFL season. The Washington Redskins have agreed to terms on a pair of new wide receivers, Pierre Garçon and Joshua Morgan.

Garçon, formerly a member of the Indianapolis Colts, was signed to act as a primary deep-threat for the newly anticipated starting quarterback Robert Griffin III. Snyder will overpay Garcon $42.5 million over the next 5 years.