Fantasy Bust

10 Worst Fantasy Bust ADP Values of 2011

Cue the clip from Good Will Hunting where Robin Williams repeats the phrase “It’s not your fault”
Every fantasy football season has bust players, it’s just part of the game. How were you suppose to know that your first round pick was going to be a total douche. You studied all summer (maybe all year) you drafted great sleepers and stacked your bench with solid depth.


Patriots Cut Chad Ochocinco

Ochocinco went from a potential Super Bowl ring last February, to looking for work. As reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN the New England Patriots tried to trade Ochocinco before cutting him Thursday. After they’re were no takers, the team officially decided to let him go. Earlier this year, Ochocinco agreed to …

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Matthew Stafford

Can Matthew Stafford Repeat His 5K Yard Season?

With the 2012 season at the forefront, Matthew Stafford now looks to remain healthy again and try to repeat his stellar performance from last season. But by the looks of it, the NFC North is quickly turning into one of the most dangerous divisions in the NFL. Three teams in the division (Packers, Bears, Lions) have been building their franchises over the course of the off-season and are likely contenders for snagging the division title. It was in fact that last year, Stafford led the Lions to their first playoff appearance in twelve seasons, an 11-5 record, and a spark in the city of Detroit that may have helped convince network executives to stop blacking out games in the city.


Quick Hit Mute: Hot Cheerleaders and Links

Never has a email from one Gridiron Experts writer to another been so luckily saved by a Youtube link. Chris Strong sent me a email about our upcoming Fantasy Player Rankings (coming June 15th). I scanned the email after a long day and saw the words “Call Me Maybe” attached to it. Before the eye-roll could commence, I was happily surprised to find a youtube link to the video above.

Fantasy Football

PPR Mock Draft Shared and Debated

Last Sunday Gridiron Experts Mike Rodriguez was asked to participate in a PPR Mock Draft with a few heavy hitters. The full breakdown of the draft along with the end result of all the teams are included below. Please take part in the polls and feel free to offer your thoughts

2011 Fantasy RB Targets Stats

2011 Fantasy RB Targets Stats

The target statistic is far more significant for the wide receiver position. When it comes to deciding where to draft a running back, targets takes a back seat to carries. Yet, when you have two or three guys ranked evenly those extra points from receptions or receiving yards is without a doubt the difference in a close comparison.

Justin Blackmon .24

Justin Blackmon’s Booze Cruise, Links and More

Justin Blackmon’s sure knows how to party, unfortunately he doesn’t know when to sleep things off. Instead this pre-contract 1st round Draft pick got behind the wheel with blood-alcohol level three times the limit. His Sunday arrest was similar to his 2010 DUI arrest at Oklahoma State, in which he was pulled over for speeding by police. In 2010 Blackmon was driving 92 in a 60-mph zone, he was caught driving 60 mph in a zone of 35 on Sunday.

Big Play Fantasy Threat

Fantasy Factor: 2011’s Best RB 20+Yard Runners

Being elusive in the NFL is what makes good running backs great. The offensive line pulls and blocks to create holes for it’s running backs to run though, but after the first wave of defenders it’s up to the ball carrier to bust loose.
It’s no surprise we see the leagues best fantasy running backs atop this list, yet players like Ryan Mathews, DeMarco Murray, C.J. Spiller and Ben Tate are definitely sleepers brewing.