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Gridiron Experts is an advisory website with fantasy football experts providing content and advice to help you win your fantasy league. Nearly all our fantasy football experts have over 15+ years of experience in drafting and fantasy strategy.

Gridiron Experts uses an equal balance of statistical data and fantasy football rankings throughout the year. We understand that the game of football is fought in the trenches and that stats are made to be broken. At the same time we look at trends and patterns and break down film to make the best possible prediction week in and week out. We are thankful to have such an awesome, loyal fanbase.

Anthony Cervino

Head Writer/ Ranking Analyst

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Anthony Cervino is a lifelong NFL enthusiast, especially of the Dallas Cowboys. He has been infatuated with the game since childhood and was introduced to fantasy football as a young teen. Back then, the league commissioner typed out the weekly newsletter and used the Daily News to tally scores. In a statistics-driven game of fantasy football, Anthony believes that sometimes you have to rely on that good ole gut instinct. Anthony resides in New Jersey where he lives with his wife, son and a Pomeranian that is named Roman (after Tony Romo). When Anthony is not immersed in the NFL or fantasy football-related activities, he enjoys bodybuilding and spending time with his family. Anthony is committed to giving you his best analysis and most accurate statistics to help you win championships. Don’t hesitate to tweet Anthony @therealnflguru about anything NFL or fantasy-related topics. He will always respond in a timely fashion.

Zach Greubel

Ranking Analyst

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Zach hails from the bustling metropolis of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Three things Zach enjoys are football, food and water. Three things Zach doesn’t enjoy are Twilight, kale and the company of those who enjoy either. Zach is a life-long Broncos fan and has been playing fantasy football since he was an early teen. He had top-five finishes in FantasyPros’ 2016 NFL DFAC competition and the 2016 SFB480.

Michael Hauff

Head Writer/ Podcast Host

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Mike is a hardcore fantasy football fan. He has been doing serious writing for a couple of years now and loves finding the next big sleeper that no one is talking about. He also isn’t afraid to go against the grain and predict the next big bust. The fantasy community is as strong as ever and Mike is ready to help you win a title!

Aaron Schill

Dynasty Writer and / Ranking Analyst

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Jason Willan

Head Writer / Ranking Analyst

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Self-described fantasy degenerate that has been participating in fantasy sports leagues since the spiral notebook scoring era. If you can make a fantasy league out of it, I’m in.

Derek Wiley

Featured Writer

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Father to a daughter and son as well as a husband to a wife. I have a healthy obsession with football and not so healthy obsession with ice cream. I have been following the NFL closely for over a decade all while working full-time jobs, primarily as a police officer.

John Ferguson

Featured Writer

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John Ferguson is an avid Fantasy Football fanatic with 10+ years of experience in friends and family leagues, paying public leagues (MFL) and DFS Tournaments. Ferguson specializes in draft strategies, trade negotiations (Buy Low/Sell High) and DFS value picks amongst other parts of fantasy football analysis. When Ferguson isn’t spending time skimming over stats while at the beach, he follows the Oakland Athletics closely as a diehard fan and enjoys spending quality time with his beautiful wife and three children. A native of Monterey, California, Ferguson now calls the island of Kaua’i home.

Brad Castronovo

Featured Writer | 2018 NFL Pick’em Champ

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A former D1 College Wrestler at Boston University, Brad hails from Bridgewater, NJ. By day, Brad works in the corporate automotive world, but by night, he is an avid sports, football, and fantasy sports enthusiast with a passion for winning. Over the past decade, Brad has won dozens of fantasy league championships and was recently brought on as the co-host of the DFS Dive podcast. Brad is a diehard Tennessee Titans fan, and, accordingly has dumped a ton of money into NFL Sunday Ticket in his years! Please share your comments, critiques, and feedback– as Brad loves it when his readers/listeners help stir the pot!

Jesse Jones

Featured Writer

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NorCal native Jesse Jones has been obsessed with fantasy football since joining and winning his first league in 1994. He has been a leader in looking for an edge, while others showed up to drafts asking for a cheat sheet and a pencil. He’s been writing his own rankings since 2002, and mining data to build spreadsheets since 2006. He’s also been a bartender, appraiser, and mortgage industry worker. Married to the amazing mother of his two children. Craft beer and travel enthusiast.

Brandon Hamer

Featured Writer

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Brandon aka @Doublehfantasy1 loves craft beer and fantasy football! Brandon has been playing fantasy since 2001 and has gone on to win multiple championships since. He has a special place in his heart for deeper leagues with 14+ teams. When Brandon is not obsessing over fantasy, which is almost never, he works full time as a Police Officer. Brandon is dedicated to providing deeper analysis on players after years of seeing useless vanilla takes all over the mainstream fantasy world for years. Brandon is ife long South Jersey resident but diehard Buccaneers fan. Go Bucs!

Aaron Stewart

Featured Writer

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Aaron Stewart has been playing fantasy football since his teenage years. The game has developed for him from fun pastime to a lifetime passion that he shares with his friends and family. He started a dynasty league for his home league members a few years ago and finds people that have never played fantasy football before and helps them start new leagues each year. In 2020, Aaron started writing articles with his first published article covering Jonnu Smith appearing on PlayerProfiler

Ben Cigler

Featured Writer

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I am a diehard Detroit Lions fan living in enemy territory about 35 miles south of Green Bay, WI. It all started when Barry Sanders got drafted in ‘89. I have been watching the NFL since I was 11. I’ve been playing Fantasy Football since you had to wait to get the USA today Monday morning to manually do stats to figure out if you were up or down on points going into MNF. The FF Leagues I am involved with include redraft, dynasty, best-ball, Superflex.

Brandon Sysak

Featured Writer

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Brandon Sysak is an NFL writer for Gridiron Experts. I have been covering different aspects of the NFL, Fantasy Football, and the NBA for over a year. I am a graduate of Central Michigan University (Fire Up Chips!) where I majored in Psychology. I am also a newlywed. I married my beautiful wife Anna in August of 2017 and she is the greatest spouse I could ask for.

JR Reynolds

Featured Writer

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JR Reynolds has covered DFS for the past couple of seasons and look forward to continuing to do so with Gridiron Experts. I am currently in my first year as a Registered Nurse. I get to meet and work with many different people on a daily basis which is one of my favorite parts of the job. While I love the NFL, I also enjoy paying attention to the other sports with a soft spot for the Philly teams. I am also an avid golfer and love to hit the course anytime I can.

Kyle Salamido

Featured Writer

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Seth Keller

Featured Writer

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When Seth was staying home to care for his newborn twin boys, he decided to take his passion for football and fifteen years of fantasy football experience to the next level. This was the birth of “the at-home dad”. For the past three years, Seth has been writing and podcast about all aspects of football. He writes the weekly RBBC article as well as being a co-host of the Fantasy FAQs podcast.

Warren Kiessling

Featured Writer

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Zack Patraw

Featured Writer

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I have a lovely wife and three children. I have played Fantasy Football since 2006. I began writing Fantasy Football content for FFDynasty260 in 2017 and covered the weekly waiver wire column as well as other topics. I started covering the Minnesota Vikings for Last Word On Sports in 2018. I am currently the Fantasy Football Expert for The Scoop on KLGR in Minnesota. I merged with FFD260 to Gridiron Experts in 2019 covering Dynasty Fantasy Football and more. I am a co-host on The Dynasty Draft Room podcast which launched in 2019. I stopped writing Vikings content for LWOS and switched to The Vikings Age in 2019.

Mike Wagenman

Featured Writer

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Mike is an avid sports bettor and fantasy football player and has been writing since 2013. He previously worked for NBC Sports Philadelphia and Alliance Football Focus, and currently contributes to BettingPros as a featured writer. Mike is a resident of New Jersey, a graduate of Rider University, and currently works as a research analyst. When he isn’t searching for his next wager or watching the New Jersey Devils, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife, his dog, and his two cats.




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