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Established in 2008

Gridiron Experts is an advisory website with fantasy football experts providing content and advice to help you win your fantasy league. Nearly all our fantasy football experts have over 15+ years of experience in drafting and fantasy strategy.

Gridiron Experts uses an equal balance of statistical data and fantasy football rankings throughout the year. We understand that the game of football is fought in the trenches and that stats are made to be broken. At the same time we look at trends and patterns and break down film to make the best possible prediction week in and week out. We are thankful to have such an awesome, loyal fanbase.


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Mike Rigz

Mike is the founding member at Gridiron Experts with over 1000+ articles credited to his name. With over 20 years of fantasy experience, Mike has a very unique style when picking sleepers and gems. He has always had a outside the box look on the NFL and rarely gets sucked into the hype over players or buzzing offenses. Mike looks at the game as a whole and doesn't focus solely on individual stats. Football is not Baseball, and you need to factor in more when researching players to draft. Mike has two kids and lives on the West Coast. He's happily married to a beautiful woman who also loves sports. Sundays are spent with friends and family watching games from opening kickoff to well into the evenings.

Jody Smith

Senior Writer Gridiron Experts. 2012 FantasyPros Most Accurate Fantasy Expert. Member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association. 26-year fantasy football veteran. Featured on NFL.com, Fantasypros, Football Diehards annual magazine, local AM sports radio, podcasts everywhere and SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. Once scored 4 touchdowns in a single game for Polk High School.

Jason Willan

Self-described fantasy degenerate that has been participating in fantasy sports leagues since the spiral notebook scoring era. If you can make a fantasy league out of it, I’m in.

Neil Dutton

Neil's been playing fantasy football for ten years, including a victory in 2014 in a league arranged by NFL.com Fantasy expert Adam Rank. Huge Philadelphia Eagles fan, and follows the fortunes of the England cricket team, usually with his head in his hands for both. Neil lives with his fiancé Kate and their daughter Zoe. He is an atrocious Words with Friends player.

Phil Clark

Phil is a proud Hoosier, who relocated in Nebraska, and began playing fantasy football nearly 20 years ago. In his first ever draft, he had the third overall pick and selected Barry Sanders. That choice was instantly mocked by several other owners, but Sanders ultimately scored 14 touchdowns and generated 2,358 total yards during an exceptional season. That instantly taught Phil a very important lesson – even though none of us will forecast with 100% accuracy, you should follow your gut instincts whenever you truly believe in a player. Phil began his writing career with RotoWire, later joined Fanball, and has since returned home to the Gridiron Experts. He remains firmly convinced that the key to happiness can be found through a subscription to the Sunday Ticket.

Zach Greubel

Zach hails from the bustling metropolis of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Three things Zach enjoys are football, food and water. Three things Zach doesn't enjoy are Twilight, kale and the company of those who enjoy either. Zach is a life-long Broncos fan and has been playing fantasy football since he was an early teen. He had top-five finishes in FantasyPros' 2016 NFL DFAC competition and the 2016 SFB480.

Mitchell Renz

Mitchell has a Ph.D. in Fantasy Football. Mitchell is a Head Writer at Gridiron Experts and Co-Host of the Empire Fantasy Podcast. Currently, Mitchell is working full time as Senior Writer & On-Air Talent at Chat Sports in Dallas, TX. He also is a featured fantasy writer for the Fantasy Footballers and FantasyPros. Give him a follow on Twitter @MitchellRenz365.

Michael Hauff

Mike is a hardcore fantasy football fan. He has been doing serious writing for a couple of years now and loves finding the next big sleeper that no one is talking about. He also isn't afraid to go against the grain and predict the next big bust. The fantasy community is as strong as ever and Mike is ready to help you win a title!

Bob Talbot

Bob, a Quinnipiac grad, is an avid sports fan and fantasy enthusiast. Currently resides in the professional sport-less state of Connecticut, but will never forget his roots in the great state of New Jersey.

George Fitopoulos

​George has been playing fantasy baseball since ​he​ was a kid, filling out every Sporting News salary league card, but never sending one in due to ​his lack of a checking account. ​He still remembers the time he spot-started Storm Johnson and got a rushing TD out of it. Never forget.

Adam Strangis

Adam Strangis

I'm a sports fanatic who wears it on my sleeve (seriously, I have a Pittsburgh sports tattoo). I'm just a big scruffy looking nerf-herder who somehow managed to marry an incredible and supportive woman, have a wonderful family and a sweetheart dog. When I'm not at work, odds are I'm watching sports or the latest comic book movie. Life is good, it's just much better with fantasy football in it. The sarcastic and above it all fantasy analysis is overdone, I'm here to bring it back to what you need to know with a terrible sense of humor. Let's win some fantasy titles!

Anthony Cervino

Anthony Cervino is a lifelong NFL enthusiast, especially of the Dallas Cowboys. He has been infatuated with the game since childhood and was introduced to fantasy football as a young teen. Back then, the league commissioner typed out the weekly newsletter and used the Daily News to tally scores. In a statistic-driven game of fantasy football, Anthony believes that sometimes you have to rely on that good ole gut instinct. Anthony resides in New Jersey where he lives with his wife, son and a pomeranian that is named Roman (after Tony Romo). When Anthony is not immersed in the NFL or fantasy football related activities, he enjoys bodybuilding and spending time with his family. Anthony is committed to giving you his best analysis and most accurate statistics to help you win championships. Don't hesitate to tweet Anthony @therealnflguru about anything NFL or fantasy-related topics. He will always respond in a timely fashion.

Hunter Gibbon

Hunter Gibbon

Hunter is an Oklahoma City native who graduated from the University of Tulsa with a B.S. in Mathematics. He has a penchant for analytics and views sports primarily through a statistical prism. He remains unbiased when analyzing and watching sports, but the Dallas Cowboys and OKC Thunder have a special place in his heart. Fantasy football has been a favorite pastime of his as long as he can remember, particularly the 16-team home league he commissions with his younger brother and DFS. Hunter is an avid writer, a professional wrestling fanatic, and a literature and television snob. If he isn't watching Better Call Saul or Jane the Virgin, reading a novel, or watching Roman Reigns spear someone into next week, he is spending time with his wife and his dog in Yukon, Oklahoma.

Eric Ludwig

Eric joined the Navy just before 9/11 and shipped off to boot camp as a Nuclear Engineer in January 2002. He was accepted into an officer program and became a Surface Warfare Officer driving big ships with lots of guns after graduating from The University of Memphis with a degree in Engineering. Eric played fantasy football for years before the Navy, but limited internet access and hectic schedules during multiple deployments made following football closely nearly impossible. Upon returning stateside, Eric started consuming fantasy strategies and analysis to catch back up on the NFL. Not only did Eric catch up, he got hooked and caught the fantasy sickness. Eric separated from the Navy and returned to his hometown of Buffalo, NY to resume his sadistic love of the Bills locally.
In addition to football, Eric loves poker and writing. The lessons Eric learned while reading well over 20 poker books and playing poker avidly often drives his approach to fantasy. As a family man, Eric doesn’t get away to the poker tables nearly enough, but he finds time to pursue his love of writing and fantasy football. Eric specializes in redraft league strategies and loves the complexity of auction drafts

Andrew Erickson

Andrew is a Roger Williams University graduate where he majored in Marketing. While there he interned at a sports marketing agency where he had the opportunity to work with many professional athletes like Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman.

After college, Andrew started to write his own fantasy blogs via Wordpress.com to show his friends why he calls himself the Fantasy Football Master. He calls himself this because back in '07 in his first ever fantasy football league he drafted the Bears defense in the 1st round. He then proceeded to win the entire league. #DefenseWinsChampionships

Ethan Lillard

Ethan Lillard

Ethan is a lifelong sports fan and has been involved in sports for as long as he can remember. He played football in high school and was a part of two Class 3A State Championship football teams in Illinois at Illini West High School. He is currently the sports editor at the Hancock County Journal-Pilot in Carthage, IL and is trying to get more involved in fantasy and professional sports journalism. Ethan has played fantasy football since he was 14 years old and considers himself an admitted fantasy addict, but sees no problem with this. He competes annually in fantasy football, basketball and baseball leagues with his friends and has even accomplished a three-peat in one of his football leagues, winning three-straight seasons. He nearly had another three-peat in the same span in another league, but got third in 2015. Writing about and covering sports is his passion. After entering the sports journalism field in 2015, Ethan knew covering sports was his calling and will never turn back.

Tanner Bollers

Tanner is a Colorado Native and 3rd generation Denver Broncos season ticket holder. He grew up on a Cattle Ranch in North East Colorado. He began playing Fantasy Football in '08 while attending College at the University of Northern Colorado, and has been a Dynasty player since 2012. Tanner resides in the Colorado Springs area where he is an avid fisherman/hiker and enjoys pretty much anything outdoors (like most Coloradans). He has been married to his wonderful wife, Nicole since June 2014. And they are expecting a beautiful baby girl January 2017. Tanner has recently taken up Home Brewing, and if he doesn't blow anything up, aspires to own his own Brewery someday.

Jonathan Barnett

Jonathan Barnett

Jonathan Barnett is a son of Wisconsin, born and raised. He grew up playing every sport he could. After High School he attended Seminary before moving on to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Jonathan went on to study History and Economics in undergraduate work before attending UW Law School. Jonathan is also a retired Army Combat Engineer officer. Jonathan uses his considerable training in research to manage his many fantasy teams. Jonathan writes for several different websites focusing on professional football and fantasy sports. Jonathan is a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA). Jonathan now practices law in Central Wisconsin.

Joe Hulbert

Joe Hulbert

Now residing in England, Joe lived in New York from 2008-2012, and it is there that he discovered his love for the Seattle Seahawks, as he wanted to be different to everyone he went to school with. Joe also writes about the NBA, the Premier League and MLB in his spare time, and has a deep love-hate relationship with Manchester City, the Ottawa Senators, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Tim Torch

I started playing redraft fantasy football in 2007. After winning my first championship in year one I was hooked immediately. The following season I finished in last place in both of my leagues, haha. After this epic failure I decided to always be one step ahead of my friends and family. I started studying the teams closer, watching the draft and learning more about the NFL as a whole instead of focusing on individual players. After two years of studying I realized I was often early on players to grab off the waiver wire and decided to try dynasty fantasy football. I have been playing dynasty for six years total and have been in more competitive leagues (myfantasyleague.com) for the past three. Over the past three years I have written about dynasty, DFS, redraft and scouting reports on upcoming rookies or unknown players.
I am one of the weekly co-hosts of the Under the Helmet podcast (available on iTunes and Podbean) and you can also find my written content at uthdynasty.com and dynastynerds.com.

Matthew Foreman

Matthew Foreman

Matt is a Pitt graduate whose home smells of rich mahogany. His life is filled with dogs, scotch, leather-bound books, and winning fantasy football teams. When he’s not writing or thinking about fantasy football, Matt does a fine impression of a lawyer. He holds grudges in fantasy football and real life, and his heroes include Charles Barkley, George Costanza, and Ric Flair, who often told opponents, “To be the man, you’ve got to beat the man! WOOO!”

Wes Anderson

After participating in fantasy football for over a decade and a half, Wes started to share from his experiences and began his fantasy football-writing career at TodaysPigskin.com in 2013. There he has provided draft strategies, a deep analysis inside the numbers of each week’s matchups as well as winning FanDuel lineups ever since.
While Wes is a big believer in the numbers, he also understands that the eye in the sky does not lie. So instead of just reading box scores, Wes also watches the tape of each NFL game that is played each week to help stay ahead of the pack in his quest to provide top-notch fantasy football information on a weekly basis.

Brad Castronovo

A former D1 College Wrestler at Boston University, Brad hails from Bridgewater, NJ. By day, Brad works in the corporate automotive world, but by night, he is an avid sports, football, and fantasy sports enthusiast with a passion for winning. Over the past decade, Brad has won dozens of fantasy league championships and was recently brought on as the co-host of the DFS Dive podcast. Brad is a diehard Tennessee Titans fan, and, accordingly has dumped a ton of money into NFL Sunday Ticket in his years! Please share your comments, critiques, and feedback-- as Brad loves it when his readers/listeners help stir the pot!

Kyle Holden

Kyle Holden

Kyle Holden graduated from Cal Poly SLO and currently resides in Sacramento, CA. He has enjoyed playing and watching sports his entire life. Although he never actually played organized football, he has loved watching it for as long as he can remember. Growing up in Los Angeles when there was no professional team there allowed him to focus on rooting for individual players instead of for a single team. His research of players quickly led him to participate in many fantasy leagues and even run a few of his own. He is excited to now be able to write articles to provide knowledge and advice on various football topics.

Andrew Roberto

Andrew Roberto

A New Jersey native, Andrew graduated from The College of New Jersey and currently spends his days as a Teacher, Coach, and Athletic Director for his school in central New Jersey. When he’s not molding the minds of America’s youth or spending time with his wife and baby girl, he is trying to gain an edge in fantasy sports. Whether it’s scouring the Internet for stats, info, and trends or just reading the fine work of other fantasy sports writers, Andrew appreciates the fine work that is being done in this industry.

Adam Cahill

Adam Cahill

Robert Kohnfelder

After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in 2016, Robert is certainly glad to be free from the classroom setting. Robert has been playing fantasy football for over half of his 23-year old existence, and his attentiveness to the NFL has grown exponentially over time. As a proud commissioner of the same fantasy league for almost a decade, Robert has always enjoyed putting in some extra time and effort to make football season as entertaining as possible. Aside from a trio of championships on his resumé, the highlight of Robert's fantasy football career may very well be a last-minute roster decision from the ‘09 season: Miles Austin, in his first career start, provided him with 250 yards + 2 TDs to kick off his relatively short-lived fantasy stardom. Of course, as we all know, fantasy can also be heartbreaking at times, like when you trade away rookie Doug Martin right before he goes off for 272 yards from scrimmage + 4 TDs. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Robert is a die-hard Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins fan.

Graham Hackney

Graham Hackney

Graham has a healthy obsession for sport - this obsession once saw him compete on BBC’s Sports Mastermind where he won his specialist subject round. He is a lifelong San Francisco 49ers fan, alongside a variety of other teams from a variety of other sports, and if a fantasy league exists he will play in it, enjoying regular success.
He has an MBA, can recite pretty much any Homer quote from the first eight seasons of The Simpsons, loves writing, and most significantly lives with his wife and daughter (and has another Hackney team member on the way).

Paul Maland

Paul is a native of North Idaho who spent many years in Southern California. He was a walk-on wide receiver and studied Exercise Science during his collegiate years. After hanging up the cleats he began working as a beat writer for a Chargers NFL blog site and quickly began to build upon his work. He now covers all 32 NFL teams as a news correspondent and fantasy football analyst. In fantasy terms he specializes in redraft and season-long formats. He believes in going against the trends and blowing through the media hype. Most importantly he is very happily engaged and the proud father of a beautiful baby girl.

Jacob Hamilton

Jacob Hamilton

Jake Hamilton is a senior at SUNY Geneseo where he is pursuing a degree in Business Administration. He has commissioned a very successful and fun fantasy league for the last seven years. His friends think he has an addiction to mock drafts and it's true. Recently, Jake finished up a 4-month internship with the Buffalo Bills where he contributed to their team blog and interviewed multiple players. Jake always enjoys good fantasy conversation so, feel free to reach out to him at anytime.

David Machado

David Machado

David is a University of California, Berkeley graduate with degrees in Communications, Psychology, and the Middle East. In order to put those degrees to good use, he now is writing about fantasy football. He's constantly willing to get in a debate about literally anything, especially football and the superiority of the Cal Bears. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife who is also an avid sports fan, just of the other football. She's teaching him to be a San Jose Earthquakes fan and he's teaching her to be a fan of the Patriots and Jaguars. Along with football and soccer they both also enjoy backpacking, mountain biking, and general outdoor mayhem. David has lived and travelled all over the world and would love to convince you to do the same. Hit him up on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram. Go Pats, Go Jags, Go Quakes, and Roll On You Bears

Nick Olson

Nick Olson

Nick is a 15-year fantasy football veteran with countless season-long fantasy titles and championship trophies. He is a high school football coach in the state of Wisconsin and has also coached Championship semi-pro football teams. He is an offensive playcaller that lives for film study. Not only does he study his opponents in Wisconsin, he studies NFL film and accompanies that with data, analytics, and his scouting knowledge to make his fantasy decisions. He co-hosts the acclaimed fantasy football podcast "The Coach and Cole Show" on Blog Talk Radio with his lifelong friend and sports fanatic Cole Fouts. Beyond football, he writes on the St. Louis Blues for St.Louis Gametime and is an NHL DFS analyst.

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