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Does your thirst for data and projections never satiate? Are you like me, and want to have every bit of data in your corner to form your opinions or project players and build your own rankings? If so, I am making my 2019 Fantasy Projection Sheet available to everyone this year. This sheet has taken well over 100 hours to build, and functions as a digital draft guide for this fantasy season. There are pieces of data that are not readily available anywhere else and can help you make informed decisions during your draft.


Team by Team Projections with historical Team and Offensive Coordinator Data

The sheet includes: player projections, player rankings, a draft matrix, an ADP matrix, the number of plays run by each team in 2018, the amount of fantasy points allowed by each team to each specific position, home and away TD allowed, team by team pages that have their Offensive Coordinators full history as a play-caller and notes about their tendencies. You can use this sheet to copy and paste data into your own excel or google sheet and adjust to your liking. The OC data will only need to be updated each year going forward, should you want to keep that going. There are even tibids of additional data on some of the team pages where I wanted to research something specific a little more thoroughly. If you want to learn how to re-project teams or players, I can explain how to do that for you as well.

This sheet is a living document and will be continually updated all the way up to the start of the season. Projections and rankings will be refreshed every time a significant injury or roster move takes place. Below are some screenshots of what you’ll find on the sheet. Gridiron Experts’ CEO Mike Rigz (@MikeRigz) has been so generous as to allow me a splash page for talking about this sheet on the Gridiron Experts website.

However, since the access is being sold directly through me, the best way to get access will be through Direct Message on Twitter.

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Recent additions to the spreadsheet include a season long WR/CB match-up chart as well and a RB Rushing Strength of Schedule Chart




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