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No Surprise: Trent Richardson to Start, Weeden Next?

Trent Richardson
Usually one of the biggest reasons why a player is not given a high set of responsibilities as an NFL rookie is due to a lack of maturity. NFL teams like to ease young talent onto the field only calling upon their name  if they’re ready, or unless a team is desperate.

Head coach Pat Shurmur said he wants to name a starting quarterback “sooner than later,” so you have to assume the pressure is on to pick wisely. While many think it’ll only take a week or two into training camp before a new Browns QB announcement is made, the decision to simply hand over the keys to the offense is more difficult than you may think.

28 year old quarterback Brandon Weeden is hardly a young rookie, yet he is still new to the NFL. Weeden’s maturity level is right where it needs to be, yet his skill-set is a work in progress. A quarterback needs to be a leader front of foremost and up until last April’s NFL draft Colt McCoy (and many fans) thought he was doing a decent job leading this team.

Trent RichardsonReports from the Browns minicamp suggest the race is closer than excepted. QB Colt McCoy has had a solid practice, where Weeden has struggled at times.

“I want to see a good body of work here through the offseason, and I’ll decide at some point who our starter is,” Shurmur said.

The quarterback competition is getting the most attention at Browns camp, yet whoever is named the starter may spend most of the season handing the ball off. The Browns got themselves what looks to be a full-time workhorse running back and his role this season is vital to Cleveland’s success. Shurmur may not be ready to formally name a starting QB, but he’s not hesitating to identify rookie Trent Richardson the 3rd overall pick as the teams No. 1 RB.

Some fantasy owners are reluctant to award this Adrian Peterson look-alike powerback high grades. The history of rookie RB busts is long and painful, yet so far so good from what many have seen. Check back on June 15th to see where he is ranked in our top 100 fantasy board.



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