Joe Theismann Backing New DFS Site: No Limit Fantasy Sports

No Limit Fantasy Sports is Looking To Change the Game

Daily Fantasy is a massive business that has changed how we watch sports. Millions of fans love playing in weekly DFS games against friends and co-workers or compete in mega tournaments for huge prizes.

The big dogs in the daily fantasy world are DraftKings and Fanduel who control 90% of the industry. Smaller Daily Fantasy sites have started up but many have failed to compete. Each new DFS site has tried offering unique wrinkles to the game or tried to create an alternative format to building a lineup in each sport, but none have focused on the user experience, until now.

No Limit Fantasy Sports is a new DFS site that wants to increase the prize pool for its users. Same game but with bigger payouts.

Backed by NFL QB Joe Theismann and Johnny Chan (world’s best poker player) as brand ambassadors, No Limit Fantasy Sports are looking to make their mark in the Daily Fantasy Sports world.

By controlling such a large stake in the DFS industry, DraftKings and FanDuel have the ability to set any price or fee. This factor significantly affects player returns. No Limit Fantasy Sports rake is half the standard, at 5%. Head to head games will be 2.5% and even as low as 1% for high stakes contests. Also, they limit the number of teams to reasonable levels so everyone playing has a fair opportunity to win based on their skill of selection. Feedback from the Slack community (which anybody can join and directly speak to the team and other members) has a direct influence on the structure and games.

Joe Theismann is a legendary professional football player and was the quarterback for the Washington Redskins for 12 seasons, where he was two-time All-Pro and led the team to consecutive Super Bowls, winning Super Bowl XVII. Johnny Chan is a poker legend, who has won 10 World Series of Poker bracelets. He also won the 1987 and 1988 World Series of Poker main events. hope to path the way for a new direction in the Daily Sports industry, one in favor of the player by introducing new features never seen before in fantasy sports.


But How Can They Offer Such Low Rates?

No Limit Fantasy Sports uses NoLimitCoin, which is like Bitcoin’s little brother.

It’s a currency rapidly appreciating in value, which cannot be said for many fiat currencies including the US dollar. No Limit Fantasy Sports cryptocurrency is almost instantly transferred, with just a few minutes required for transaction confirmation. NLFS rake is half the standard, at 5%. Head to head games (when launched – coming soon) will be 2.5% and even as low as 1% for high stakes contests. We limit team creation to reasonable levels so everyone playing has a fair opportunity to win based on their skill of selection.

  • The fees for all NoLimitCoin (NLC2) transactions are very low. Most transactions only cost 0.0001 NLC2, which is less than a tenth of a penny
  • No Limit Coin (NLC2) is a super fast transfer coin and take 60 seconds on average(because block time is 120 seconds)
  • It’s compounding 4% Staking reward per year on your holdings of NLC2 by just holding it in a desktop wallet

What are the Games Like?

Some DFS platforms, such as DraftKings allow you to enter up to 100 lineups in one contest. This allows people to use bots to effectively rig the competition in their favor while giving normal players almost no chance of competing. Betting in this way also results in emotional detachment from the outcome of any given game or any player’s performance.

No Limit Fantasy Sports is a platform for purists. They will only allow players to enter a maximum of 10 squad choices. This will make the use of bots largely redundant, giving the average competitor a fair chance of winning. It will also force competitors to form an emotional attachment to their players and their performances, creating a more organic fantasy sports betting experience for all involved.


Check out No Limit Fantasy Sports today.


5 thoughts on “Joe Theismann Backing New DFS Site: No Limit Fantasy Sports”

  1. Great article!
    Im a long-time DFS player both Fanduel & Draftkings. Even played at Draftstreet before it was acquired by Draftkings. Absolutely correct that contest fees (juice) is important for daily grinders. CFS have a great, user-friendly UI and a very good team behind it. Once there’s enough users (grinders call them “action”) they will flock and join d fun.

  2. GREAT summary of NoLimit! the NLC2 coin is powering the future of this industry and is one of the only alt coins that has a working product. No Limit Fantasy Sports haven’t even got all sports out on their website yet and its already turning heads. Bright future for this one.


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