Fantasy Player Rankings

NFL Wild Card Fantasy Rankings

Week 14 Fantasy Player Rankings

There are many fantasy football playoff pools going on this weekend, and Gridiron Experts has got you covered. We have decided to collaborate for the wildcard weekend to provide you with fantasy rankings and a quick blurb towards our thoughts on production for Saturday and Sunday’s action. Good Luck!

NFL Wildcard Fantasy Rankingsfantasy player rankings

There are many fantasy football playoff pools going on this weekend, and Gridiron Experts has got you covered. We have decided to collaborate for the wildcard weekend to provide you with fantasy rankings and a quick blurb towards our thoughts on production for Saturday and Sunday’s action. Good Luck!

Rankings: Jody Smith
Write up: Mike Rodriguez


1Aaron RodgersRodgers hasn’t thrown a INT in 4 weeks and is coming off a 4 TD game on the road against the Vikings.
2Robert Griffin IIIRookie battle edge goes to RG3 slightly. Griffin is facing a defense that is playing lights out football, but the added addition of rushing fantasy points should make Griffin a great start for your Playoff pool
3Russell WilsonWilson is ranked high based on the fact that many gurus are projecting the Seahawks to play spoiler. His fantasy stats many not shatter the record books Sunday, but his post season debut may not be short-lived
4Joe FlaccoFlacco is streaky, but he is a part of the hungriest team this weekend. The Ravens were one dropped pass away from going to the Super Bowl last season (thanks Lee Evans, where are you now?) and the team is geared to make a statement this Sunday
5Andrew LuckFootball Outsiders DVOA proclaims the Colts are the worst 11-5 team ever and the 4th worst team ever to make the playoffs, yet the Colts finds ways to win. Expectations should be modest this weekend.
6Matt SchaubThe Texans don’t want to put the game in Schaub’s hands, they want to re-establish the run game and rely on their defense.
7Andy DaltonDalton may be this weekend’s biggest gamble. If you guess right you will be thanking yourself come Monday, but we like the home team and Texans pass-rush in this contest.
8Christian PonderNo fantasy points for handing the ball off. Seriously though, his match-up is the toughest of all QB’s this weekend

Running Backs

1Adrian PetersonAP says he can play another 12 games and has offered to handle the kick returns. The guy needs to be tested, he may be a robot
2Ray RiceRay Rice is thankful for the OC change, his offensive role has increased and facing a young Colts team at home we expect solid production
3Marshawn LynchThe Redskins have one of the leagues best rushing defenses, yet allow an rushing average of 4.2 yards per carry. Teams that don’t get frustrated and continue to pound the rock usually have the most success.
4Alfred MorrisThe most underrated workhorse of the Redskins successful season.
5Arian FosterThe Bengals are going to force Houston to throw on early downs and rely on their pass rush for third and long. Foster will have his typical 85 yard day and score.
6B. Green-EllisThe Law firm was banged up much of the week, but looks to be ready to go Saturday against the Texans. Houston has been vulnerable against the run yet Dalton and Green are more likely to expose the struggling Texans defense. Read more in the Bengals-Texans preview
7Vick BallardDon’t expect much, especially if the Colts need to take to the air after trailing in the second half.
8DuJuan HarrisPossible sleeper this weekend. The Packers may use draw plays on early downs to set up better second and third-down positioning.
9Ben Tatebackup role 5 to 7 carries tops
10Ryan Grantbackup role 5 to 7 carries tops

Wide Receivers

1A.J. GreenThe Bengals have a chip on their shoulder from last year’s playoff game, expect big yardage and at least one score Saturday.
2Andre JohnsonAndre is an absolute beast, he will see double coverage for most of the game and still have solid production.
3Reggie WayneIf your fantasy playoff league is PPR, Reggie Wayne could be one of the more productive wide receivers of wildcard weekend.
4Pierre GarconGarcon has been one of the main reasons for Redskins winning streak, he’s the deep threat that helps stretch the field. Yet his fantasy value is usually all or nothing
5Randall CobbMany writers here at Gridiron Experts have a man-crush on Randall Cobb, we were preaching for you to start him all year, and were not about to stop now.
6Greg JenningsJennings may step into a role similar to previous playoff runs, or take a backseat to the new breed of talent. His production hinges on risk vs. reward
7Torrey SmithA deep threat that should be busy trying to exploit the Colts secondary Sunday
8Sidney RiceRice is a sleeper fantasy option that is more productive than many give him credit for.
9Golden TateSpectacular catches, yet streaky performances leave Golden Tate near the middle of our fantasy receiver rankings.
9Anquan BoldinPossession receiver should be very active against the Colts. Possibly a better start than Torrey Smith in PPR leagues
10Ty HiltonHilton is a deep threat and seems to be getting better every passing game. He’s technically the third wide receiver, but is usually surpassing Avery in targets and production
11James JonesJames Jones is a part of elite receiving corps, he is clutch in around the red zone and is becoming more and more of a reliable target.
13Marvin JonesStreaky player that could have a homerun hit or get blanked off the score sheet
14Santana Mossold veteran should make some key grabs on third down, but overall expect modest numbers.
15Donnie Averynot a reliable fantasy option this weekend
16Jarius Wrightnot a reliable fantasy option this weekend
16Doug Baldwinnot a reliable fantasy option this weekend
17Andrew Hawkinsnot a reliable fantasy option this weekend
18Kevin Walternot a reliable fantasy option this weekend
19Josh Morgannot a reliable fantasy option this weekend
20Jerome Simpsonnot a reliable fantasy option this weekend

Tight Ends

1Dennis PittaOne of the year’s biggest fantasy surprises, productive tight end that sees a high number of targets
2Owen DanielsTechnically the second wide receiver on the Houston Texans, He is more active as a wide receiver that he is as a blocker. Daniels should have strong game against the Bengals
3J. GreshamGresham doesn’t see as many targets as he should.¬†A tall sure-handed tight end that can take a hit while running up the seem. Possible breakout game against the Texans
4Jermichael FinleyFinley is either making a clutch grab or putting the ball on the ground. Extremely streaky and frustrating
5Kyle RudolphIf the Vikings want to have any hope of getting the Packers out of heavy run blitzing formations, Rudolph will have to get more involved. Expect decent numbers Read more in Vikings-Packers Preview
6Zach Millernot a reliable fantasy option this weekend

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