NFL Team Win Odds 2018

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NFL Team Win Odds 2018

The NFL’s gambling policy has received a lot of attention in recent days. From a league that once had a very strict policy against gambling, the NFL has now flipped its stance on sports betting and will embrace the concept moving forward. Some would say this is all thanks to fantasy football, as Daily Fantasy sites like DraftKings and Fanduel have become extremely popular in many states. You could argue that after failing to put up roadblocks to try and stop Daily sports betting, the NFL and gaming industry simply decided that if you can’t beat them, join them.

I have always tried to offer insight with betting odds here at Gridiron Experts as an alternative to the norm. Betting odds offer an outside perspective and help fantasy owners get a better grasp on what the betting community thinks about a team or upcoming game. I’m happy to say, that moving forward, these types of articles won’t have to be so risqué in relation to the rest of the content we produce. The following odds are NFL team win totals for 2018, along with my quick picks. If you want to back any of these teams for free, check out these latest free bets no deposit promotions.

NFL Team Win Odds 2018
New England Patriots
11.5 -115 -115
Pittsburgh Steelers
10.5 -115 -116
Philadelphia Eagles
10 -125 -105
Minnesota Vikings
10 -125 -105
Green Bay Packers
10 100 -135
New Orleans Saints
9.5 -135 105
Oakland Raiders
9.5 -130 100
Atlanta Falcons
9.5 -120 -115
Los Angeles Rams
9 -135 105
Los Angeles Chargers
9 -130 100
Houston Texans
9 -115 -115
Seattle Seahawks
9 -105 -125
San Francisco 49ers
8.5 -110 -120
Baltimore Ravens
8.5 100 -130
Tennessee Titans
8.5 110 -140
Carolina Panthers
8 -140 110
Dallas Cowboys
8 -135 105
Jacksonville Jaguars
8 -125 -105
Kansas City Chiefs
8 -105 -125
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
7.5 -130 100
Indianapolis Colts
7.5 -115 -115
Denver Broncos
7.5 110 -140
Miami Dolphins
7 -130 100
New York Giants
7 100 -130
Washington Redskins
6.5 -140 110
Detroit Lions
6.5 -140 110
New York Jets
6.5 -116 -114
Buffalo Bills
6 100 -130
Chicago Bears
5.5 -140 110
Arizona Cardinals
5.5 -110 -120
Cincinnati Bengals
5 110 -140
Cleveland Browns
5 110 -140

My Thoughts & Picks

One thing to keep in mind when looking at these NFL Team Win Total Odds is not the number of wins per say, but the odds in the over/under column. Sometimes a team win total can look attractive, but in actual fact, it’s a not a great wager. For examples, the New Orleans Saints to win 10 games seems like a great bet, but you’ll need to pay -135. For those of you that don’t understand these odds, just think of them in terms of a $100 wager. -135 means you would need to bet $135 to win $100. The sportsbook needs to take a cut to place the bet.

My Picks:

The Texans to win over 9 games for me seems like a great bet at -115. The Houston Chronicle considers Deshaun Watson (knee) “ahead of schedule” in his rehab and is throwing during individual drills at OTAs this week. From week three to week eight of last season, Deshaun Watson was having his way with the league. He had a 5 TD game against the Kansas City Chiefs and racked up 469 total yards (passing & rushing) on the road against the Seahawks at the end of October. I happened to attend the game in Seattle and was blown away by his poise and dominance in such a tough environment considering it was only his seventh game. I think the Texans should be able to build on last season as long as many of their key players can remain healthy.

The Giants winning more than 7 games seems like a strong bet. Last season the team was plagued by injuries and had a coach that lost the locker room very early into the year. With a healthy Odell Beckham Jr., and rookie stud running back Saquon Barkley added to the offense the team should be able to once again compete at a high level. The NFC East is notorious for having some of the best rivalry games in the league, and it’s rare not to steal at least a win or two against the division, even if you’re in a rebuild mode.

The Raiders offseason hasn’t seemed very organized, – that’s me putting it lightly. It seems the excitement of Jon Gruden has cooled off after some questionable offseason moves and an average at best 2018 draft class. 9.5 games seems high to me, and with only having to pay -100, I think taking the under on the Raiders to win less than 10 games is a good bet. Honestly, I don’t think most diehard Raider fans would predict more than a 9-7 season, most would be thrilled with that goal. Gruden will get them there, but it’s going to take a year.


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