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NFL Team Playoff Odds 2020: AFC

As we lead up to the start of NFL training camp, I wanted to take a look at some recent sports betting odds for NFL teams to make the playoffs. I decided to split this into two articles to help put things in perspective in terms of playoff spots available. What I mean by that is, when looking at a large list of NFL team odds to make the playoffs, it’s easy to get sidetracked on how many actual available spots there are in the postseason. Of the available AFC teams listed below, only six teams can make the postseason, four division winners and two wildcards. So keep that in mind before you throw too many wagers down. Remember as always to research the sportsbooks you deposit at, one tip is to try to look for Paypal bookmakers, as that means they’ve gone the extra mile and added multiple options for sportsbook deposit methods, PayPal is one of the more trusted sources for online transactions.

AFC Team Playoff Odds Teams Make Playoffs Miss Playoffs
Baltimore Ravens
-775 +450
Buffalo Bills
-210 +160
Cincinnati Bengals
+500 -1000
Cleveland Browns
+120 -160
Denver Broncos
Houston Texans
+140 -180
Indianapolis Colts
-165 +125
Jacksonville Jaguars
+600 -1400
Kansas City Chiefs
-1600 +700
LA Chargers
+170 -230
Las Vegas Raiders
+200 -275
Miami Dolphins
+330 -500
New England Patriots
-250 +175
New York Jets
+330 -500
Pittsburgh Steelers
-170 +130
Tennessee Titans
-135 -105

Avoid the Obvious

There are some obvious wagers to avoid here. The monster favorites of the Chiefs (-1600) and Ravens (-775) to make the playoffs are just foolish in terms of ROI. Also, The Jaguars (-1400), Bengals (-1000), and Dolphins (-500) to miss the playoffs are not great bets as you’d have to put up too much money for such a small return. There are a couple of bets in this list that are appealing, you just have to filter out the noise.

My Favorite Picks:

Houston Texans

Odds to make the Playoffs: +140

These odds aren’t going to make you do a backflip, but they are some of the best in the list above. Everyone is down on the Texans since they traded away DeAndre Hopkins, but they did replace him with talent. I understand the team would have been better off not trading one of the league’s best wide receivers, but Deshaun Watson has arguably more targets to throw to this season. Adding Brandin Cooks, Randal Cobb and David Johnson should be enough to fill the void lost from Nuk. The Texans also have Will Fuller, a very talented wide receiver that has a poor history with staying healthy, a full season out of Fuller would be huge for the Texans in 2020. Overall, I believe there is enough talent on offense to repeat their 23.6 points per game average from last season.

Where the Texans did struggle last year, and often a topic that is overlooked with this team, was on defense. For a team that has had a long history of being known as an elite shutdown defensive squad, the Texans ranked 19th in points per game allowed last season. They struggled against both the run and pass and were the only 2019 playoff team with a negative net points ratio (-7).

The defensive meltdown in the playoffs forced a change to the coaching staff in 2020. Anthony Weaver was promoted to defensive coordinator. Weaver is known for his ingenuity in the defensive line meeting room, but now he’ll bring his creativity to the Texans defense as a whole, after coaching the defensive line for four seasons. Former defensive coordinated Romeo Crennel will step into a new role as associate head coach. Crennel’s duties will include assisting O’Brien in various areas such as game planning, situational football, mentoring young coaches as well as other responsibilities. The Texans also focused on adding talent to their defensive front by adding Ross Blacklock in the 2nd round of the NFL draft. This pick should add much-needed depth.

Overall. I like the Texans to make the playoffs (+140) as I believe their defense will be improved this season, the offense will still put up points and the AFC South isn’t as strong as it could be. The Texans should at least lock up a wildcard spot if not win the AFC South.

Other Bets

  • To coincide with my Texan’s pick, I don’t mind matching that bet with the Colts missing the playoffs at +125. The Colts overpaid Philip Rivers to try to continue his career in Indianapolis, but I’m not sold the 38-year old will be able to get it done. The team has some great surrounding talent but I could see an 8-8 season in store for them.
  • My crazy longshot bet is the Bengals (+500) to make the playoffs. I’m a big Joe Burrow fan and think they will be better than a lot of people are expecting. The Bengals have a lot of great young talent and an easy schedule. It’s a longshot for sure, but turnarounds in the NFL can happen with the right QB change.



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