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NFL Super Bowl Odds 2022 (Post-NFL Preseason)


NFL Super Bowl Odds

The best time to bet on the Super Bowl is at the end of the season, or right before the season starts. You can get amazing odds if you bet on Super Bowl in the offseason, but there is still value in late August. What’s great about this prop bet is that it’s the ultimate fan bet. If this is your team’s year, well you get the ride that way from Week one, to the first playoff game to the final game of the season. Let’s take a look at some of the top teams favorited to win it in 2022

  • Bills +600
  • Bucs +700
  • Chiefs  +1000
  • Rams +1000
  • Packers +1200
  • Chargers +1400
  • Broncos +1800
  • 49ers +1500
  • Ravens +1800
  • Bengals +1800
  • Cowboys +2200
  • Eagles +2200
  • Colts +2500
  • Browns +2800
  • Titans +3000
  • Cardinals +3000

My Quick Thoughts

  • Buffalo Bills (+600) This is the safest bet of the year and I’m sure a ton of fans have already got their tickets clutched in their fists ready for the first game of the season against the LA Rams. As far as these odds go, in comparison to previous years, I gotta say the Bills are paying pretty well. Usually, you see favorites in the +350 to 400 range.
  • Tampa Bay Bucs (+700) I honestly don’t see it this year. I know Tom Bray is a machine, but I’m concerned about their offensive line. According to one of the most respected offensive line analysts in the business, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers shouldn’t be overly confident in the group that will be responsible for keeping Tom Brady out of harm’s way this season (link)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (+1000) It’ll be really interesting to see this team evolve. They spent time adding players to correct their OL issues, and they have added talent to replace Tyreek Hill. But overall this team will have to grow in all phases of the game if they want to win the Super Bowl this season. It can’t just be Mahomes slinging it 40 times a game. I am excited to see how Andy Reid and his coaching staff attack defenses this season.
  • LA Rams (+1000) Could the Rams repeat? possibly, but it’s very difficult to do so. The NFC West got worse in the offseason so I do think they’re easily playoff bound, but I doubt they can win back to back
  • Chargers + Ravens + Bengals + Eagles + 49ers – All of these teams have a talented young QB that I think could take their respected team to the Super Bowl, but defense will need to help them out every step of the way. I think one of these five teams has a real chance to do some damage. I would say all 5 are locks for the playoffs.
  • Dallas Cowboys (+2200) I wouldn’t bet on the Cowboys this season. Left tackle Tyron Smith suffered a torn left hamstring during practice last week that will keep him out indefinitely and could cost him multiple months of the 2022 season. This is terrible news. I feel the Cowboys will have a good season, but they have injuries and holes on the roster that may get exposed.
  • Browns (+2800) Why are the Browns ranked higher than the Titans or Cardinals? Even the Colts have a more complete team than the Browns.
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