NFL Schedule Grid 2019

The following is Gridiron Experts 2019 NFL Schedule Grid. This is a complete compact table of the entire NFL Season. There is no downloadable copy, however, you should be about to copy and paste our table for any spreadsheets or cheatsheet sheets you’re working on.

Gridiron Experts will also be publishing player projections this offseason, make sure you signup for our newsletter to catch them when they launch.

NFL Schedule Grid

NFL Bye Weeks

Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12

NFL Schedule:  Week 1

Thursday, September 5
Green Bay at Chicago 8:20pm
Sunday, September 8
LA Rams at Carolina 1:00pm
Tennessee at Cleveland 1:00pm
Kansas City at Jacksonville 1:00pm
Baltimore at Miami 1:00pm
Atlanta at Minnesota 1:00pm
Buffalo at NY Jets 1:00pm
Washington at Philadelphia 1:00pm
Indianapolis at LA Chargers 4:05pm
Cincinnati at Seattle 4:05pm
Detroit at Arizona 4:25pm
NY Giants at Dallas 4:25pm
San Francisco at Tampa Bay 4:25pm
Pittsburgh at New England 8:20pm
Monday, September 9
Houston at New Orleans 7:10pm
Denver at Oakland 10:20pm

NFL Schedule:  Week 2

Thursday, September 12
Tampa Bay at Carolina 8:20pm
Sunday, September 15
Arizona at Baltimore 1:00pm
San Francisco at Cincinnati 1:00pm
LA Chargers at Detroit 1:00pm
Minnesota at Green Bay 1:00pm
Jacksonville at Houston 1:00pm
New England at Miami 1:00pm
Buffalo at NY Giants 1:00pm
Seattle at Pittsburgh 1:00pm
Indianapolis at Tennessee 1:00pm
Dallas at Washington 1:00pm
Kansas City at Oakland 4:05pm
Chicago at Denver 4:25pm
New Orleans at LA Rams 4:25pm
Philadelphia at Atlanta 8:20pm
Monday, September 16
Cleveland at NY Jets 8:15pm

NFL Schedule:  Week 3

Thursday, September 19
Tennessee at Jacksonville 8:20pm
Sunday, September 22
Cincinnati at Buffalo 1:00pm
Miami at Dallas 1:00pm
Denver at Green Bay 1:00pm
Atlanta at Indianapolis 1:00pm
Baltimore at Kansas City 1:00pm
Oakland at Minnesota 1:00pm
NY Jets at New England 1:00pm
Detroit at Philadelphia 1:00pm
Carolina at Arizona 4:05pm
NY Giants at Tampa Bay 4:05pm
Houston at LA Chargers 4:25pm
New Orleans at Seattle 4:25pm
Pittsburgh at San Francisco 4:25pm
LA Rams at Cleveland 8:20pm
Monday, September 23
Chicago at Washington 8:15pm

NFL Schedule:  Week 4

Thursday, September 26
Philadelphia at Green Bay 8:20pm
Sunday, September 29
Tennessee at Atlanta 1:00pm
Cleveland at Baltimore 1:00pm
New England at Buffalo 1:00pm
Kansas City at Detroit 1:00pm
Carolina at Houston 1:00pm
Oakland at Indianapolis 1:00pm
LA Chargers at Miami 1:00pm
Washington at NY Giants 1:00pm
Seattle at Arizona 4:05pm
Tampa Bay at LA Rams 4:05pm
Minnesota at Chicago 4:25pm
Jacksonville at Denver 4:25pm
Dallas at New Orleans 8:20pm
Monday, September 30
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh 8:15pm

NFL Schedule:  Week 5

Thursday, October 3
LA Rams at Seattle 8:20pm
Sunday, October 6
Chicago at Oakland 1:00pm
Jacksonville at Carolina 1:00pm
Arizona at Cincinnati 1:00pm
Atlanta at Houston 1:00pm
Tampa Bay at New Orleans 1:00pm
Minnesota at NY Giants 1:00pm
NY Jets at Philadelphia 1:00pm
Baltimore at Pittsburgh 1:00pm
Buffalo at Tennessee 1:00pm
New England at Washington 1:00pm
Denver at LA Chargers 4:05pm
Green Bay at Dallas 4:25pm
Indianapolis at Kansas City 8:20pm
Monday, October 7
Cleveland at San Francisco 8:15pm


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NFL Schedule:  Week 6

Thursday, October 10
NY Giants at New England 8:20pm
Sunday, October 13
Carolina at Tampa Bay 9:30am
Cincinnati at Baltimore 1:00pm
Seattle at Cleveland 1:00pm
New Orleans at Jacksonville 1:00pm
Houston at Kansas City 1:00pm
Washington at Miami 1:00pm
Philadelphia at Minnesota 1:00pm
Atlanta at Arizona 4:05pm
San Francisco at LA Rams 4:05pm
Tennessee at Denver 4:25pm
Dallas at NY Jets 4:25pm
Pittsburgh at LA Chargers 8:20pm
Monday, October 14
Detroit at Green Bay 8:15pm

NFL Schedule:  Week 7

Thursday, October 17
Kansas City at Denver 8:20pm
Sunday, October 20
LA Rams at Atlanta 1:00pm
Miami at Buffalo 1:00pm
Jacksonville at Cincinnati 1:00pm
Minnesota at Detroit 1:00pm
Oakland at Green Bay 1:00pm
Houston at Indianapolis 1:00pm
Arizona at NY Giants 1:00pm
San Francisco at Washington 1:00pm
LA Chargers at Tennessee 4:05pm
New Orleans at Chicago 4:25pm
Baltimore at Seattle 4:25pm
Philadelphia at Dallas 8:20pm
Monday, October 21
New England at NY Jets 8:15pm

NFL Schedule:  Week 8

Thursday, October 24
Washington at Minnesota 8:20pm
Sunday, October 27
Cincinnati at LA Rams 1:00pm
Seattle at Atlanta 1:00pm
Philadelphia at Buffalo 1:00pm
LA Chargers at Chicago 1:00pm
NY Giants at Detroit 1:00pm
Oakland at Houston 1:00pm
NY Jets at Jacksonville 1:00pm
Arizona at New Orleans 1:00pm
Tampa Bay at Tennessee 1:00pm
Carolina at San Francisco 4:05pm
Denver at Indianapolis 4:25pm
Cleveland at New England 4:25pm
Green Bay at Kansas City 8:20pm
Monday, October 28
Miami at Pittsburgh 8:15pm

NFL Schedule:  Week 9

Thursday, October 31
San Francisco at Arizona 8:20pm
Sunday, November 3
Houston at Jacksonville 9:30am
Washington at Buffalo 1:00pm
Tennessee at Carolina 1:00pm
Minnesota at Kansas City 1:00pm
NY Jets at Miami 1:00pm
Chicago at Philadelphia 1:00pm
Indianapolis at Pittsburgh 1:00pm
Detroit at Oakland 4:05pm
Tampa Bay at Seattle 4:05pm
Cleveland at Denver 4:25pm
Green Bay at LA Chargers 4:25pm
New England at Baltimore 8:20pm
Monday, November 4
Dallas at NY Giants 8:15pm

NFL Schedule:  Week 10

Thursday, November 7
LA Chargers at Oakland 8:20pm
Sunday, November 10
Detroit at Chicago 1:00pm
Baltimore at Cincinnati 1:00pm
Buffalo at Cleveland 1:00pm
Carolina at Green Bay 1:00pm
Atlanta at New Orleans 1:00pm
NY Giants at NY Jets 1:00pm
Arizona at Tampa Bay 1:00pm
Kansas City at Tennessee 1:00pm
Miami at Indianapolis 4:05pm
LA Rams at Pittsburgh 4:25pm
Minnesota at Dallas 8:20pm
Monday, November 11
Seattle at San Francisco 8:15pm

NFL Schedule:  Week 11

Thursday, November 14
Pittsburgh at Cleveland 8:20pm
Sunday, November 17
Houston at Baltimore 1:00pm
Atlanta at Carolina 1:00pm
Dallas at Detroit 1:00pm
Jacksonville at Indianapolis 1:00pm
Buffalo at Miami 1:00pm
Denver at Minnesota 1:00pm
New Orleans at Tampa Bay 1:00pm
NY Jets at Washington 1:00pm
Arizona at San Francisco 4:05pm
Cincinnati at Oakland 4:25pm
New England at Philadelphia 4:25pm
Chicago at LA Rams 8:20pm
Monday, November 18
Kansas City at LA Chargers 8:15pm


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NFL Schedule:  Week 12

Thursday, November 21
Indianapolis at Houston 8:20pm
Sunday, November 24
Tampa Bay at Atlanta 1:00pm
Denver at Buffalo 1:00pm
NY Giants at Chicago 1:00pm
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati 1:00pm
Miami at Cleveland 1:00pm
Carolina at New Orleans 1:00pm
Oakland at NY Jets 1:00pm
Detroit at Washington 1:00pm
Jacksonville at Tennessee 4:05pm
Dallas at New England 4:25pm
Green Bay at San Francisco 4:25pm
Seattle at Philadelphia 8:20pm
Monday, November 25
Baltimore at LA Rams 8:15pm

NFL Schedule:  Week 13

Thursday, November 28
Chicago at Detroit 12:30pm
Buffalo at Dallas 4:30pm
New Orleans at Atlanta 8:20pm
Sunday, December 1
San Francisco at Baltimore 1:00pm
Washington at Carolina 1:00pm
NY Jets at Cincinnati 1:00pm
Tennessee at Indianapolis 1:00pm
Tampa Bay at Jacksonville 1:00pm
Oakland at Kansas City 1:00pm
Philadelphia at Miami 1:00pm
Green Bay at NY Giants 1:00pm
LA Rams at Arizona 4:05pm
LA Chargers at Denver 4:25pm
Cleveland at Pittsburgh 4:25pm
New England at Houston 8:20pm
Monday, December 2
Minnesota at Seattle 8:15pm

NFL Schedule:  Week 14

Thursday, December 5
Dallas at Chicago 8:20pm
Sunday, December 8
Carolina at Atlanta 1:00pm
Baltimore at Buffalo 1:00pm
Cincinnati at Cleveland 1:00pm
Washington at Green Bay 1:00pm
Denver at Houston 1:00pm
Detroit at Minnesota 1:00pm
San Francisco at New Orleans 1:00pm
Miami at NY Jets 1:00pm
Indianapolis at Tampa Bay 1:00pm
LA Chargers at Jacksonville 4:05pm
Pittsburgh at Arizona 4:25pm
Kansas City at New England 4:25pm
Tennessee at Oakland 4:25pm
Seattle at LA Rams 8:20pm
Monday, December 9
NY Giants at Philadelphia 8:15pm

NFL Schedule:  Week 15

Thursday, December 12
NY Jets at Baltimore 8:20pm
Sunday, December 15
Seattle at Carolina 1:00pm
New England at Cincinnati 1:00pm
Tampa Bay at Detroit 1:00pm
Chicago at Green Bay 1:00pm
Denver at Kansas City 1:00pm
Miami at NY Giants 1:00pm
Buffalo at Pittsburgh 1:00pm
Houston at Tennessee 1:00pm
Philadelphia at Washington 1:00pm
Cleveland at Arizona 4:05pm
Jacksonville at Oakland 4:05pm
LA Rams at Dallas 4:25pm
Atlanta at San Francisco 4:25pm
Minnesota at LA Chargers 8:20pm
Monday, December 16
Indianapolis at New Orleans 8:15pm

NFL Schedule:  Week 16

Saturday, December 21
Detroit at Denver TBA
Oakland at LA Chargers TBA
Buffalo at New England TBA
LA Rams at San Francisco TBA
Houston at Tampa Bay TBA
Sunday, December 22
Jacksonville at Atlanta 1:00pm
Baltimore at Cleveland 1:00pm
Carolina at Indianapolis 1:00pm
Cincinnati at Miami 1:00pm
Pittsburgh at NY Jets 1:00pm
New Orleans at Tennessee 1:00pm
NY Giants at Washington 1:00pm
Dallas at Philadelphia 4:25pm
Arizona at Seattle 4:25pm
Kansas City at Chicago 8:20pm
Monday, December 23
Green Bay at Minnesota 8:15pm

NFL Schedule:  Week 17

Sunday, December 29
Pittsburgh at Baltimore 1:00pm
NY Jets at Buffalo 1:00pm
New Orleans at Carolina 1:00pm
Cleveland at Cincinnati 1:00pm
Washington at Dallas 1:00pm
Green Bay at Detroit 1:00pm
Tennessee at Houston 1:00pm
Indianapolis at Jacksonville 1:00pm
LA Chargers at Kansas City 1:00pm
Chicago at Minnesota 1:00pm
Miami at New England 1:00pm
Philadelphia at NY Giants 1:00pm
Atlanta at Tampa Bay 1:00pm
Oakland at Denver 4:25pm
Arizona at LA Rams 4:25pm
San Francisco at Seattle 4:25pm


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