NFL Power Rankings Week 9

NFL Power Rankings

NFL Power Rankings Week 9

You could argue that Ty Montgomery is personally responsible for keeping the Rams unbeaten, and therefore at the top of this week’s rankings. The Packers wouldn’t argue with you. The top 4 remain rock-solid this week, and Week 9’s marquee matchups (LAR-NO, PIT-BAL, GB-NE) will determine how the top 10 shake out next week.

As always, these rankings loosely reflect my current Super Bowl odds.

Los Angeles Rams

Power Ranking: 1

  • Record: 8-0
  • Previous Rank: 1
  • Week 8: Win vs Packers, 29-27
  • Week 9: @ NO

After narrowly escaping with a win in Week 8, the Rams face perhaps their biggest threats to a potential undefeated season over the next two weeks (@ NO, vs KC).

New England Patriots

Power Ranking: 2

  • Record: 6-2
  • Previous Rank: 2
  • Week 8: Win @ Bills, 25-6
  • Week 9: Sunday Night Football vs GB

The Patriots barely showed up for the first 3 quarters and still beat the Bills by 19 points. Their SNF game against Green Bay in Week 9 will showcase two of the GOATs.

New Orleans Saints

Power Ranking: 3

  • Record: 6-1
  • Previous Rank: 3
  • Week 8: Win @ Vikings, 30-20
  • Week 9: vs LAR

After consecutive roads wins over quality opponents, the Saints’ reward is a return home to host the best team in the league.

Kansas City Chiefs

Power Ranking: 4

  • Record: 7-1
  • Previous Rank: 4
  • Week 8: Win vs Broncos, 30-23
  • Week 9: @ CLE

The Chiefs may surpass the over (52 points) on Sunday without any help from the Browns.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Power Ranking: 5

  • Record: 4-2-1
  • Previous Rank: 7
  • Week 8: Win vs Browns, 33-18
  • Week 9: @ BAL

The Steelers have gotten as many Browns coaches fired as they’ve won Super Bowls (6).

Los Angeles Chargers

Power Ranking: 6

  • Record: 5-2
  • Previous Rank: 8
  • Week 8: Bye
  • Week 9: @ SEA

The Chargers’ passing attack vs. Seattle’s no. 4 pass defense should be fun to watch this week.

Carolina Panthers

Power Ranking: 7

  • Record: 6-2
  • Previous Rank: 9
  • Week 8: Win vs Ravens, 36-21
  • Week 9: vs TB

After back-to-back signature wins, the Panthers offense is rolling. Sunday’s matchup with the Ryan Fitzpatrick-led Buccaneers should be high-scoring.



Baltimore Ravens

Power Ranking: 8

  • Record: 4-4
  • Previous Rank: 5
  • Week 8: Loss @ Panthers, 36-21
  • Week 9: vs PIT

This week’s rematch with the rival Steelers could make-or-break the Ravens’ playoff chances.

Minnesota Vikings

Power Ranking: 9

  • Record: 4-3-1
  • Previous Rank: 6
  • Week 8: Loss vs Saints, 30-20
  • Week 9: vs DET

Costly miscues by the normally reliable duo of Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs may have cost Minnesota a win against the Saints. They’ll need to rebound quickly for an NFC North matchup with the Lions.

Green Bay Packers

Power Ranking: 10

  • Record: 3-3-1
  • Previous Rank: 10
  • Week 8: Loss @ Rams, 29-27
  • Week 9: Sunday Night Football @ NE

Did Ty Montgomery going “rogue” cost the Packers the game against the Rams? It’s tough to argue otherwise, and given the return Green Bay received from Baltimore (7th round pick in 2020), the team clearly wanted to move on.

Philadelphia Eagles

Power Ranking: 11

  • Record: 4-4
  • Previous Rank: 11
  • Week 8: Win @ Jaguars, 24-18
  • Week 9: Bye

The Eagles were aggressive at the trade deadline, and now have their bye week to incorporate new WR Golden Tate. The Dallas secondary will have its hands full in Week 10.

Chicago Bears

Power Ranking: 12

  • Record: 4-3
  • Previous Rank: 12
  • Week 8: Win vs Jets, 24-10
  • Week 9: @ BUF

The defense responded nicely to criticism after Week 7, limiting the Jets to 207 total yards and 10 points. They have a chance to be even more dominant in Week 9:

Houston Texans

Power Ranking: 13

  • Record: 5-3
  • Previous Rank: 15
  • Week 8: Win vs Dolphins, 42-23
  • Week 9: @ DEN

Amid their dominating win over the Dolphins, the Texans lost play-making wide receiver Will Fuller for the season. They quickly rebounded by acquiring Demaryius Thomas at the trade deadline…just in time for him to face his former team on Sunday.

Cincinnati Bengals

Power Ranking: 14

  • Record: 5-3
  • Previous Rank: 13
  • Week 8: Win vs Buccaneers, 37-34
  • Week 9: Bye

The Bengals were nearly victims of a great comeback by backup-turned-starter-turned-backup-turned-starter Ryan Fitzpatrick. Instead, they escaped with a win on a last-second Randy Bullock field goal, and head into their bye in the thick of the AFC North race.


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Atlanta Falcons

Power Ranking: 15

  • Record: 3-4
  • Previous Rank: 14
  • Week 8: Bye
  • Week 9: @ WAS

If the offense can pick up where it left off before their bye week, the Falcons’ run defense will be the key to victory against Washington in Week 9.

Washington Redskins

Power Ranking: 16

  • Record: 5-2
  • Previous Rank: 17
  • Week 8: Win @ Giants, 20-13
  • Week 9: vs ATL

The story of the 2018 Redskins thus far has been the resurgence of RB Adrian Peterson, who is averaging 4.6 yards per carry in his age 33 season.

Seattle Seahawks

Power Ranking: 17

  • Record: 4-3
  • Previous Rank: 18
  • Week 8: Win @ Lions, 28-14
  • Week 9: vs LAC

The young Seattle secondary must continue its strong play for the team to have a chance against the prolific Charger offense in Week 9.

Tennessee Titans

Power Ranking: 18

  • Record: 3-4
  • Previous Rank: 19
  • Week 8: Bye
  • Week 9: Monday Night Football @ DAL

Their Week 9 trip to Jerry World is arguably a must-win game for the Titans if they want to remain in the playoff conversation.

Indianapolis Colts

Power Ranking: 19

  • Record: 3-5
  • Previous Rank: 24
  • Week 8: Win @ Raiders, 42-28
  • Week 9: Bye

Though the Colts were agonizingly close to winning several more games, they should feel good about their recent play entering the bye week.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Power Ranking: 20

  • Record: 3-5
  • Previous Rank: 16
  • Week 8: Loss vs Eagles, 24-18
  • Week 9: Bye

The Jaguars signed longtime Steelers backup QB Landry Jones mid-week due to alleged concern about the health of Blake Bortles. Due to actual concern over the shitty play of Blake Bortles, Jones is likely to see the field sooner rather than later.

Detroit Lions

Power Ranking: 21

  • Record: 3-4
  • Previous Rank: 20
  • Week 8: Loss vs Seahawks, 28-14
  • Week 9: @ MIN

The Lions came out flat against Seattle and missed their shot at a winning record after 7 games. With an incredibly difficult upcoming 5-game stretch, they may be hard-pressed to get back to .500 this season.

Denver Broncos

Power Ranking: 22

  • Record: 3-5
  • Previous Rank: 22
  • Week 8: Loss @ Chiefs, 30-23
  • Week 9: vs HOU

Despite not being totally out of the playoff race, and after playing the Chiefs close (again), the Demaryius Thomas trade seems to indicate that John Elway is waving the white flag on 2018.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Power Ranking: 23

  • Record: 3-4
  • Previous Rank: 21
  • Week 8: Loss @ Bengals, 37-34
  • Week 9: @ CAR

The Buccaneers are facing a strange, harsh reality: former no. 1 overall pick Jameis Winston may have played his last snap for the team. Backup (starter) Ryan Fitzpatrick has been significantly better this season, and Winston isn’t owed any guaranteed money beyond 2018.

Dallas Cowboys

Power Ranking: 24

  • Record: 3-4
  • Previous Rank: 25
  • Week 8: Bye
  • Week 9: Monday Night Football vs TEN

It will be interesting to see how the Cowboys incorporate new WR Amari Cooper into their offense following his acquisition during the bye week.

Cleveland Browns

Power Ranking: 25

  • Record: 2-5-1
  • Previous Rank: 23
  • Week 8: Loss @ Steelers, 33-18
  • Week 9: vs KC

The Browns are now coach-less, offensive coordinator-less, and directionless. Incredibly, Hue Jackson is the 6th consecutive Browns’ coach to be fired following the second game of the season against the Steelers.

Image result for hue jackson memes

Miami Dolphins

Power Ranking: 26

  • Record: 4-4
  • Previous Rank: 26
  • Week 8: Loss @ Texans, 42-23
  • Week 9: vs NYJ

The annual battle for 2nd place in the AFC East heats up this weekend in south Florida. By “heats up,” I mean, “take the under.”

New York Jets

Power Ranking: 27

  • Record: 3-5
  • Previous Rank: 27
  • Week 8: Loss @ Bears, 24-10
  • Week 9: @ MIA

After a pathetic offensive showing in Chicago, things can seemingly only get better in Miami this week.

Buffalo Bills

Power Ranking: 28

  • Record: 2-6
  • Previous Rank: 29
  • Week 8: Loss vs Patriots, 25-6
  • Week 9: vs CHI

QB Derek Anderson played well enough to keep the game mostly close against the Patriots, but the Bills cannot seem to escape The Peterman.

Arizona Cardinals

Power Ranking: 29

  • Record: 2-6
  • Previous Rank: 32
  • Week 8: Win vs 49ers, 18-15
  • Week 9: Bye

QB Josh Rosen led a nice game-winning FG drive to finish off the 49ers in Week 8, and the Cardinals are guaranteed not to lose in Week 9.

San Francisco 49ers

Power Ranking: 30

  • Record: 1-7
  • Previous Rank: 28
  • Week 8: Loss @ Cardinals, 18-15
  • Week 9: Thursday Night Football vs OAK

Already without their franchise quarterback, the 49ers may have to enter the Battle of the Bay on Thursday night without backup QB C.J. Beathard. Get psyched for Nick Mullens, Niner fans!

New York Giants

Power Ranking: 31

  • Record: 1-7
  • Previous Rank: 30
  • Week 8: Loss vs Redskins, 20-13
  • Week 9: Bye

This week’s silver lining: the Giants got to be a part of history (Adrian Peterson passing Tony Dorsett on the all-time rushing list) and they cannot lose again until at least Week 10.

Oakland Raiders

Power Ranking: 32

  • Record: 1-6
  • Previous Rank: 31
  • Week 8: Loss vs Colts, 42-28
  • Week 9: Thursday Night Football @ SF

The Battle of the Bay could be one of the least interesting TNF games ever. Fortunately (unfortunately?) for Raiders’ fans, the trade deadline has passed, so Jon Gruden can’t jettison anyone else until the offseason.


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