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NFL Power Rankings Week 6

Power Rankings

NFL Power Rankings after 5 full weeks of NFL Action. The Broncos have clearly claimed the top spot, but where does your team sit in Gridiron Experts Power Rankings

Power Rankings Week 6

NFL Power Rankings Week 6Yep, Week 5 of the NFL Season was quite memorable. There were several blowouts and many exciting games electrified and the action never let up.

The Cincinnati Bengals shut down Tom Brady, Indy and Seattle battled till the bitter end in a match-up of Luck versus Wilson, the Broncos and Cowboys lit up the scoreboard and San Francisco pounded the Houston Texans into the turf.

Week 5 is gone, but here are the NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 6.

1. Denver Broncos

Record: 5-0

There is just no stopping the Denver Broncos. Is there any NFL contender that has a chance of beating this juggernaut of a team? Peyton Manning put on another passing clinic on Sunday and the Broncos matched the Cowboys beat for beat.

2.New Orleans Saints

Record: 5-0

What a turnaround from a year ago. There’s no second guessing how good this team is… especially after rolling into the Windy City and claiming a victory from the Bears. It has to be so nice having Sean Payton back on the sidelines.

3.Kansas City Chiefs

Record: 5-0

KC is another team that has undergone an incredible turnaround. Andy Reid has brought new life to Kansas City and Alex Smith has shown poise and patience in the pocket. I wonder if San Francisco has any regrets about giving him up?

4.Indianapolis Colts

Record: 4-1

In a heated battle of second year starting QB’s, Andrew Luck out shined Russell Wilson in an action packed 60 minutes that had the feels of a playoff game. Indy is rolling and Luck looks more and more like a mature veteran every week.

5. Seattle Seahawks

Record: 4-1

The Seahawks are a sure fire talented team, but they obviously they couldn’t muster up enough energy to overcome the Colts on Sunday. Hey, sometimes Seattle has its rainy days.

6. San Francisco 49ers

Record: 3-2

Where to begin? What a trouncing the 49ers put on the Texans. San Fran had every aspect of their game covered on Sunday night, besting the Texans offensively and defensively. The Niners just grabbed the Texans by the horns and never let go.

7. Baltimore Ravens

Record: 3-2

It’s always nice to win on the road and that’s exactly what the Baltimore Ravens did. After a devastating loss last week against the Bills, the Ravens bounced back and gave the Miami Dolphins a run for their money. A missed field goal with 33 seconds left lifted the Ravens to 3-2… Mighty Wings on Joe Flacco after the game?

8. Cincinnati Bengals

Record: 3-2

They say defense wins championships… if that’s the case the Bengals are on the right course. The Patriots offense was no match for the Cats D, making Tom Brady and the offense look incapable of putting points on the board. After this win, the Bengals are looking solid in the AFC North.

9. New England Patriots

Record: 4-1

The Pats were finally exposed this weekend, taking a nose dive against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Patriots offense needs some help and Rob Gronkowski’s return is much anticipated.

Record: 2-3

10. Green Bay Packers

Record: 2-2

The Green Bay Packers took care of business against the explosive Lions, effectively shutting down the high powered offense. Eddie Lacy’s return to the gridiron was a welcome sight and the Packers defense looked a little more spiffier on Sunday. The battle in the NFC North is effectively heating up.

11. Cleveland Browns

Record: 3-2

Thursday night marked the return of Brandon Weeden, after Browns starter Brian Hoyer went down with an injury. It was Weeden who stole the show and helped push the Browns past the Bills. This victory marks Cleveland’s third straight win this season. An unexpected battle is brewing in the AFC North…

12. Chicago Bears

Record: 3-2

Two straight losses have taken the wind out of the Bears’ sails. Nothing hurts more than losing at home and now the Bears are searching for answers for some of the struggles they had on both sides of the ball against the Saints on Sunday.

13. Arizona Cardinals

Record: 3-2

The defense in Arizona prevailed again, saving the sorrowful offense and keeping the Cardinals on pace in the West. Arizona needs to improve offensively and in due time because the defense can’t carry the team forever.

14. Miami Dolphins

Record: 3-2

The Phins have lost a bit in their swagger this season. This loss marked their second straight. Even with a late rally in the fourth quarter, Miami just couldn’t outlast the Ravens… I wonder if LeBron James could kick a 57-yard field goal?

15. St. Louis Rams

Record: 2-3

You can’t knock this rag-tag group of guys around without a fight and the Rams effectively brought their A-game on Sunday. Sam Bradford was a superstar and St. Louis had a spectacularly easy time defeating the Jags.

16. Philadelphia Eagles

Record: 2-3

Philly found its offense again and trampled the Giants on Sunday, yet it didn’t come without a cost… Michael Vick sustained a leg injury and could potentially miss some time. It’s up to Nick Foles to pick up where Vick left off.

17. Houston Texans

Record: 2-3

Hopefully, the Texans can suffer a case of amnesia after getting lambasted by the Niners. Nothing was clicking for Houston on Sunday night as Matt Schaub’s struggles continued to haunt the Texans. Sometimes it’s just easier to forget things.

18. Detroit Lions

Record: 3-2

Calvin Johnson was sorely missed on Sunday as the Lions had trouble finding the end zone against the Packers. The usually high-powered offense lost all momentum, having a hard time deciphering the Green and Gold D. The Lions are revamped squad this year, but need to keep pace in such a rough and tough division.

19. Tennessee Titans

Record: 3-2

Jake Locker’s absence has seriously affected the Titans. Ryan Fitzpatrick filled in for the injured QB and started very slow, suffering five three and outs to begin the game. When he finally found his groove, it was too late . Tennessee needs to work with Fitzpatrick this week so he can guide the Titans to victory.

20. New York Jets

Record: 3-2

The Jets have hung in all season and adversity pays off. Geno Smith led the Jets down the field with less than two minutes to set-up a game winning field goal to lift the Jets to 3-2. Rex Ryan has to be all smiles this week.

21. Oakland Raiders

Record: 2-3

Terrelle Pryor’s fast start helped lift the Raiders over the Chargers. Charles Woodson tied an NFL record with his 13th career defensive touchdown and Oakland soared to a relatively easy victory over their AFC cohort. As Chris Berman would say, “theeee Raaaiidddeerrrsss!”

22. Buffalo Bills

Record: 2-3

With EJ Manuel potentially out for some time, the Bills once promising season may be in jeopardy. One can only hope Buffalo bounces back in more ways than one.

23. San Diego Chargers

Record: 2-3

The Bolts got into a groove a little too late. Scoring in the second half alone won’t win ball games. Philip Rivers had a 400 yard game, but with 3 interceptions. The Bolts need to recharge and find ways to win… soon.

24.Dallas Cowboys

Record: 2-3

The Dallas Cowboys effectively played one of the greatest football games of their lives on Sunday, only to be bested by Mr. Peyton Manning. Tony Romo had a career game, but a costly interception sealed the Cowboys’ fate and they suffered their third loss this season.

25. Washington Redskins

Record: 1-3

The bye week couldn’t have come any sooner for the Washington Redskins. A much needed break may help this team get back on track.

26. Minnesota Vikings

Record: 1-3

Christian Ponder may be on thin ice in Minnesota. This week the Vikings picked up former Bucs QB Josh Freeman and may now have a new lease on life.

27. Carolina Panthers

Record: 1-3

It can’t feel good to be sacked seven times in one game, but ask Cam Newton because the Arizona Cardinals defense effectively shut him down on Sunday. Newton needs to have a big year if he wishes to prove himself to the Carolina faithful… and remain his mom’s favorite player.

28. Atlanta Falcons

Record: 1-4

It’s too bad Tony Gonzalez signed on for another season just for a shot at the Super Bowl. At this point, the Falcons might not even make the playoffs.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: 0-4

There is a lot of drama surrounding the Bucs these days. With the departure of Josh Freeman, the Tampa is still trying to find ways to salvage its season.

30. New York Giants

Record: 0-5

This season has already turned into a nightmare for Giants fans. This team has still yet to find its groove and things just haven’t clicked for this once dominating force. You have to wonder what the heck has happened to the G-Men?

31. Pittsburgh Steelers

Record: 0-4

The Pittsburgh Steelers need time to figure out how they can save the rest of their season. Steel City has not been the same explosive force they once were, but maybe with a little time perhaps Pittsburgh can drag itself out of its current funk.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars

Record: 0-5

There are no words. Jacksonville sits at the bottom yet again. Surprised? I don’t think anyone is…

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