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NFL Power Rankings Week 5

Power Rankings

Week 4 is in the books and the surprises keep on coming. This lopsided NFL season continues to shock and awe… and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to let up anytime soon.

Power Rankings Week 5

Denver BroncosWeek 4 is in the books and the surprises keep on coming. This lopsided NFL season continues to shock and awe… and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to let up anytime soon.

The Bills and the Browns surprised two of the AFC North’s best. The Seahawks overcame a twenty point deficit to defeat the Texans and the Kansas City Chiefs took care of business against the Giants. Also, MVP watch should be spotlighted on Mr. Peyton Manning, who is making an early case already this season.

Let’s check out the Power Rankings heading into Week 5.

Denver Broncos

Record: 4-0

There is an unstoppable force gathering at Mile High. The Denver Broncos are stampeding the competition and will be a force to be reckoned with down the line. Peyton Manning has been flawless and is making an early case for MVP. The AFC better prepare themselves for this invincible squad.

Seattle Seahawks

Record: 4-0

Don’t call it a comeback… oh wait… it was. Seattle continues to show why they are the NFC’s best. Yet again, they showed their prowess against a tough Texans team, by rallying from a 17 point deficit to kick a game winning field goal in overtime. Seattle is shining brighter than ever.

New England Patriots

Record: 4-0

This team seems to win effortlessly. The unstoppable duo of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick is simply magical. New England is on course for another record breaking season.

New Orleans Saints

Record: 4-0

On Monday Night Football and at home, the Saints  put on a fantastic show. Mardi Gras yet again reins supreme and the Saints are dominating. The NFC better be prepared for the resurgence of the Saints.

Kansas City Chiefs

Record: 4-0

Who knew Andy Reid could turn this team around so quickly. The Kansas City Chiefs are a completely revitalized squad this season. The Arrowhead faithful deserve at least this much after such a devastating 2012 campaign.

San Francisco 49ers

Record: 2-2

After two sloppy performances, the 49ers finally got back on track with an easy win over the St. Louis Rams. Colin Kaepernick looked like his usual self. Jim Harbaugh seems to be an expert at getting his team focused.

Indianapolis Colts

Record: 3-1

It was an all too easy win this weekend, but Chuck Pagano’s team is rolling. Indy is soaring above the clouds this season while Andrew Luck’s leadership is proving to be worth while. The Colts will be a tough team to go up against this year.

Chicago Bears

Record: 3-1

The Marc Trestman magic couldn’t last forever, but at least the Chicago Bears didn’t give up without a fight. In a struggling effort against the Lions, the Bears rallied in the 4th quarter, but just couldn’t overcome a very large deficit. In all honesty, this loss will probably be helpful to the Monsters of the Midway down the line.

Baltimore Ravens

Record: 2-2

The Ravens have had a seesaw season thus far and the struggles continued on Sunday as Baltimore let themselves fall into a funk that they couldn’t get out of. Fortunately, this team is still at the top of the pack in the AFC North.

Cincinnati Bengals

Record: 2-2

One week removed from putting a stomping on the Green Bay Packers, the Bengals got shocked by the surprising Browns. Cincinnati struggled to put points on the board and couldn’t find any rhythm whatsoever. Hopefully, Cincy bounces back from this debacle.

Miami Dolphins

Record: 3-1

Greatness can’t last forever, yet the Dolphins performed admirably against a tough New Orleans Saints squad. Miami is a whole new ball club this season and they can only learn more from this game. Miami is still set to have a record year.

Atlanta Falcons

Record: 1-3

Mike Smith’s squad is suffering from a case of questionable play calling. The Atlanta Falcons haven’t started this bad since before Matt Ryan’s time. They’ve played quite a few good teams, but this once elite squad needs to find it’s groove again… otherwise Atlanta could be in for one long season.

Houston Texans

Record: 2-2

There should be no excuse for letting the Seahawks back into a game Houston had in their control. Too much dilly dallying cost the Texans a sure fire win and now Gary Kubiak needs to figure out how to score points in the second half of football games.

Green Bay Packers

Gridiron Experts MembershipRecord: 1-2

After a week off, the Packers have hopefully put together a game plan to get back on track… otherwise the Green and Gold could be in for a disappointing season.

Detroit Lions

Record: 3-1

The Detroit Lions’ offense is an explosive bomb going off every 5 seconds. The Lions are revamped this season and they showed distinguished play this weekend against the Bears. The NFC North race is heating up in rare ways this season.

Tennessee Titans

Record: 3-1

What a turnaround… The Titans have put together a solid puzzle of a football team and have managed to garner some wins. They keep this up and Tennessee won’t be singing the blues any longer. Now the concern lies with the hits on QB Jake Locker.

Cleveland Browns

Record: 2-2

The Dog Pound showed up with ferocity on Sunday to hand a tough Bengals team a big loss. Brian Hoyer has been a welcome addition and now the Brownies are making some very interesting moves. Let’s see what they have up their sleeve for the remainder of the season.

Buffalo Bills

Record: 2-2

This town has been hurting for some time, but 2013 seems to have an answer to the problems of the Buffalo faithful. E.J. Manuel has given the Bills new life and they could be forever changed after this season. Here’s to hoping the Bills continue to pile on the wins.

San Diego Chargers

Record: 2-2

The Bolts are recharged and ready for action. Philip Rivers seems like a new quarterback and San Diego may be in for a surprising season. Only time will tell.

Dallas Cowboys

Record: 2-2

Tony Romo has been the MVP of the Cowboys this season… tho scoring all of your points in only the second quarter of action won’t get you the W. The Boys are a solid team this year, but just need to learn the definition of ball control.

Carolina Panthers

Record: 1-2

After the bye week, the Panthers look to set the rest of their season ablaze… especially after stomping the Giants back in Week 3. Hopefully their momentum continues.

Arizona Cardinals

Record: 2-2

It wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win no matter who says otherwise. The Cards were able to outlast the struggling Bucs and move up in the West. Carson Palmer’s performance wasn’t anything to rave about, but it was just enough to give Arizona the W.

New York Jets

Record: 2-2

The New York Jets sloppy play put them in the hole early that was much too deep to dig out of. It’s a shame that Geno Smith couldn’t perform better, but the young rookie is quickly learning what it’s like to be an NFL quarterback.

Washington Redskins

Record: 1-3

Hallelujah! RGIII and the Redskins finally tacked up their first win of the season. Now it’s time to forget the past and move on to the future.

Minnesota Vikings

Record: 1-3

London’s charms helped the ailing Minnesota Vikings secure their first win of the season. Adrian Peterson was lethal in the ground game, while an injured Christian Ponder sat out to watch. It looks like Matt Cassel may take the reins now. The Vikings had their best performance of the year thus far, but now they need to prepare for a heated battle in the NFC North race.

St. Louis Rams

Record: 1-3

Thursday night was a disaster for a Rams team looking to make a splash this year. It doesn’t help when you get lambasted by one of your division foes. Time to batten down the hatches St. Louis… this season isn’t going to get any easier.

Philadelphia Eagles

Record: 1-3

It’s always difficult playing the best team in the league, but it’s never fun been being on the bottom of a shoe. The Eagles were manhandled on Sunday by the Denver Broncos and now need to find stability here in the early parts of 2013. What happened to the Week 1 Eagles?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: 0-4

Josh Freeman disappears and essentially so did the the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This team is struggling to find meaning in the league so far this season and needs to rebound quickly if they hope to salvage anything that may be left of their 2013 campaign.

New York Giants

Record: 0-4

The New York Giants’ season is crumbling faster than a store bought pie crust. The G-Men haven’t seen misfortune like this in a while and hopefully Tom Coughlin can turn things around quickly, otherwise “The City that Never Sleeps” will be kept up even later due to haunting football nightmares.

Oakland Raiders

Record: 1-3

Matt Flynn got the start this week instead of the concussed Terrelle Pryor and things didn’t turn out much better. The Raiders suffered yet another heartbreaker and Oakland still finds themselves in the gutter.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Record: 0-4

Steel City is struggling this season. Without the talent and the weapons to perform for Big Ben, the Steelers are in for a long, dreadful season. Maybe things will improve down the line.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Record: 0-4

Nothing less than typical. Jacksonville needs to improve drastically to even think about moving up the charts.

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