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NFL Power Rankings Week 2

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Gridiron Experts Power Rankings2013 Power Rankings Week 2

It’s official, we’re back to football! The 2013 season has begun with a bang. Week 1 is always tricky, but this season more teams than not seemed unprepared and disorganized in their first regular season outing. The Broncos thumped the Ravens to open the season, the Jets had an amazing final second field goal conversion, the 49ers looked prime for another playoff run already, and the Cowboys made the Giants look foolish on Sunday Night Football.

Welcome to the 2013 NFL season, and with that, here are the Power Rankings after the first week of action.

1. Denver Broncos

Record: 1-0

Denver BroncosRevenge is a dish best served cold and Peyton Manning sure made the defending Super Bowl Champs pay for the Broncos demise in last year’s postseason. Manning tacked up 462 yards and 7 TD’s through the air as the Broncos trounced the Ravens to open the 2013 season. Right out of the gates and John Fox already has his sights set on making the postseason yet again this year.

2. Seattle Seahawks

Record: 1-0

The Seattle Seahawks continued to utilize that powerful defense they displayed last year by holding Panthers quarterback Cam Newton to just 125 yards passing, while a late rally from Russell Wilson and the offense helped the team out west get the opening day win. Wilson threw for over 300 yards, and maintained his composure in what was a frustrating win for such a high powered Seattle squad. Hey, a win is a win.

3. San Francisco 49ers

Record: 1-0

49er'sColin Kaepernick yet again put on a stunning performance against the Green Bay Packers, throwing for over 400 yards and 3 scores, lighting up the defense and out performing Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. It was a battle royale between two of the NFL’s elite, but a late touchdown sealed the deal for the Gold Diggers and gave them an opening day win in the final season at Candlestick Park. Jim Harbaugh can certainly rest easy tonight.

4. New England Patriots

Record: 1-0

PatriotsWinning is never easy, especially when your team seems so disorganized, yet the New England Patriots prevailed in a nail biter against their division rival Buffalo. Tom Brady had 288 yards through the air and 2 scores in his Sunday season premiere, managing the game well by getting the Pats downfield in time for a Stephen Gostkowski game winning field goal. Though the Bills gave the Pats a run for their money on Sunday, I wouldn’t necessarily say New England has a lock on the AFC East title just yet.

5. Houston Texans

Record: 1-0

There’s nothing much more to say than what an incredible come from behind victory on Monday Night Football for the Houston Texans. In a game that was all but over, the Texans prevailed and showed what a dominant powerhouse they really are. Matt Schaub threw for 346 yards and three scores while Andre Johnson had 12 catches for 146 yards. The game winning field goal was drilled with 5 seconds on the clock, as the Texans overcame a three touchdown deficit. The Texans proved yet again they are the dominant team to beat in the AFC South.

6. Atlanta Falcons

Record: 0-1

Atlanta FalconsOutmatched and outplayed, the Atlanta Falcons couldn’t hold a candle to the unstoppable duo of Sean Payton and Drew Brees. Matt Ryan and company had a wonderful 2012 campaign, and even with Tony Gonzalez back for another season, the Falcons are looking to climb even higher this season.

7. Green Bay Packers

Record: 0-1

PackersRedemption had and redemption lost in the Bay Area this weekend for the Green and Gold, who failed yet again to compete with a new and budding rival in the San Francisco 49ers. Aaron Rodgers was yet again a dominant force on the offensive side, but the Green defense had much difficulty in containing Colin Kaepernick. One blown call from the referees might have cost the “Cheeseheads” a win this weekend however.

8. Chicago Bears

Record: 1-0

Chicago BearsMark Trestman’s first outing in Chicago was a major success. Though the Monsters of the Midway had to battle back in the second half against a formidable Cincinnati Bengals defense. They were able to make strides that this Bears team has been missing for quite some time. It also appears Brian Urlacher’s absence on the defense didn’t seem to affect them at all.

9. Baltimore Ravens

Record: 0-1

Baltimore RavensThe Baltimore Ravens seem to have a severe case of Superbowl hangover as they merely showed up to play against a raging Denver Broncos team who were hell-bent on revenge. A very lackluster performance from the boys from Baltimore, but things could be worse. I wonder if they miss Ray Lewis yet?

10. New Orleans Saints

Record: 1-0

SaintsWelcome back to the NFL Sean Payton. The sorely missed head coach returned to the Saints sideline after sitting out the previous season due to the “Bounty Gate” scandal. His return welcomed a major win for the Saints who battled with heavy division rival Atlanta. Drew Brees yet again had a stellar performance as the Saints now look to put the past behind them and look to a bright new future.

11. Cincinnati Bengals

Record: 0-1

Cincinnati BengalsThe Cincinnati Bengals are a hungry football team with a lot to prove in the 2013 season. After back to back seasons of being eliminated in the wild card rounds the playoffs…the Cats need to make bigger strides if they hope to win a playoff game this year, granted they get in. A loss in Week 1 to the Chicago Bears will not help them in any way. Andy Dalton needs to have a big year and is it a surprise to anyone else why Marvin Lewis is still the head coach in Cincy?

12. St. Louis Rams

Record: 1-0

RamsThe resurgent Rams appear to have risen from the grave this year, playing lights out football against the rising Arizona Cardinals this weekend. Sam Bradford rose to the occasion as the signal caller and helped Jeff Fischer look like a hero in Sunday’s showdown. Now, if the Rams want to remain relevant, they need to keep pace with the Seahawks and Niners in the West.

13. Indianapolis Colts

Record: 1-0

ColtsThe lucky man himself, Andrew Luck is continuing to make himself a known threat amongst the NFL’s most elite QB’s. Luck’s 19 yard touchdown run that gave the Colts a late lead in a struggling performance against the Raiders helped them achieve 1-0. After the Colts work out a few kinks in their game plan, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them back in the playoffs in Luck’s second season.

14. Dallas Cowboys

Record: 1-0

Dallas CowboysThe curse has been lifted and the Dallas Cowboys finally managed to win against the pesky New York Giants at home, now renamed AT&T stadium this season. Tony Romo emerged as the leader for the Boys, trying to live up to the huge contract he was offered in the off-season, and boy did he. Dallas seems like a different team this year, possibly a force to be reckoned with…I guess only time will tell.

15. New York Giants

Record: 0-1

Six turnovers and a slew of mistakes buried the Giants on Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys. Eli Manning had trouble finding receivers, and running back David Wilson fumbled twice, both of which were lost. Tom Coughlin will have some rough questions regarding his team this week and I’m sure the G-Men aren’t looking forward to this week’s practice.

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: 0-1

Tampa Bay Buc'sIn an all out stunning miracle, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a sure victory stolen from them by Geno Smith and the New York Jets. Josh Freeman could be seen on the sidelines in utter shock as Nick Folk’s 48 yard game winning field goal went between the uprights. It honestly was a matter of all the little things falling into place for the the Jets to come out on top. Too bad the Bucs had to suffer in Week 1. Chins up boys, there’s always next week.

17. Miami Dolphins

Record: 1-0

Miami DolphinsWhat more can you say about a team that is rising to the occasion? The Dolphins had a swimmingly sweet 2012 season and are poised to have yet another fantastic season here in 2013. Ryan Tannehill looked poised and patient in the pocket while the Dolphins defense really made a mockery of the unorganized Cleveland Browns. Just keep swimming Miami.

18. Philadelphia Eagles

Record: 1-0

EaglesChip Kelly’s mysterious offense was unveiled Monday night and what a marvel it was to watch. The Philadelphia Eagles came prepared to play, Michael Vick looked like a completely different athlete while LeSean McCoy exploded out of the backfield. The Eagles almost let a sure victory escape them as the Washington Redskins nearly made the improbable comeback, but the Birds were able to hold to secure a Week 1 victory. Welcome to Philly Chip.

19. Kansas City Chiefs

Record: 1-0

ChiefsThey’re back! Well, at least for the time being, but at least the Chiefs are already looking like a completely reformed team from what they were a year ago. Alex Smith managed the game well (in a slightly different colored red hue jersey) while the presence of Andy Reid back on the sidelines (also in red) had to put a smile on at least a few faces out there. Kansas City looks like a team ready for action. Bring it on.

20. Washington Redskins

Record: 0-1

RedskinsThe welcomed return of RGIII began with a laundry list of mistakes that the Washington Redskins became completely overwhelmed in the first 15 minutes against the Eagles, ultimately giving up 33 unanswered points, but late the game, the Skins finally found a groove and almost mastered an unbelievable comeback, just to wind up falling short. It was nice to see RGIII again, maybe next week the Skins will be prepared for the entire 60 minutes of football.

21. Pittsburgh Steelers

Record: 0-1

Pittsburgh SteelersThe air has gone sour in Steel City. Something is amiss and the million dollar question is what has happened to the Pittsburgh Steelers? Sunday’s performance from the “Black and Yellow” was something of a farce. Ben Roethlisberger looked un-fit to play the quarterback role while the rest of the team looked sloppy and unprepared for a newly stocked Titans team. I believe Mike Tomlin is having a hard time figuring out what is going on as well.

22. Detroit Lions

Record: 1-0

Detroit LionsAfter a dismal and disappointing 2012 season, the Detroit Lions are now back on the prowl and in the hunt once again. Reggie Bush’s addition to the offensive system seem to be one of the biggest acquistions’ of the year for a team with such a high powered offense, who has failed to put up many points. Matthew Stafford seems to be back to his old self, and still nothing has changed with good ‘ol Megatron.

23. Minnesota Vikings

Record: 0-1

VikingsWell at least AP had an amazing game. The shining gem in Minneapolis once again proved why he is the league’s MVP, tacking up yards and even rushing for a 70 plus yard TD. The Vikes still lack an elite quarterback, even though Christian Ponder is a manageable one. but the defense is where things get a little uneven for Minnesota. Hopefully, they begin winning in time before the new Metrodome is completed.

24. Tennessee Titans

Record: 1-0

TitansIt wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win. Even with one of the biggest goofs in NFL history, the Titans managed to man-handle the Steelers in a way we haven’t seen in a long time. Terry Bradshaw must have been beside himself after seeing the final score between his Steelers and the Titans on Sunday. This team, however is looking to have a big year, both from Chris Johnson and the man who desperately needs to prove himself, Jake Locker.

25. New York Jets

Record: 1-0


Well what do you know…another miracle in the Meadowlands(in the AFC this time around) but the Jets served up an exciting finish as Geno Smith led the Jets downfield in a heart beat to shock the Bucs. Rex Ryan’s ecstatic post game press conference just said it all. In those few moments, Ryan was happier than a kid on Christmas morning. It’s probably the most fun he’s had compared to all of last season.

26. Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers Record: 0-1

The Panthers appear to be on the backslide. Cam Newton had his worst NFL performance, managing only 125 yards through the air, as they struggled to put points on the board against a tough Seattle defense. Carolina may want to rethink their offensive scheme going into next week.

27. Buffalo Bills

Record: 0-1

Buffalo Bills

So close yet so far…as the Buffalo Bills came within mere seconds of defeating their heated division rival New England. The rookie quarterback EJ Manuel took the reins for the Bills and he proved to be worth quite the draft choice. His performance has probably etched him into that role for quite some time. Although the Bills chalked up a loss, they look much improved witout Ryan Fitzpatrick as their quarterback.

28. San Diego Chargers

Record: 0-1

San Diego Chargers

There’s no surprise here that even with Philip Rivers having a career night, the San Diego Chargers are unable to hold a lead and secure a sure victory. San Diego squandered many opportunities, even a three touchdown lead that surely they couldn’t hold on to. Hopefully, this team learns from this dire mistake moving forward.

29. Arizona Cardinals

Record: 0-1

Arizona CardinalsThis team has finally found a quarterback who can throw to Larry Fitzgerald again. Since Kurt Warner’s departure, the Desert Birds have been searching for the right fit under center again, and finally they have found a gem with ex Bengal and Raider Carson Palmer. Though the Birds couldn’t defeat the raging Rams over the weekend, they looked much improved. We’ll see how they fair further down the line.

30. Cleveland Browns

Record: 0-1

Cleveland BrownsIt’s possible the Browns might have made a mistake to stick with Brandon Weeden as their guy under center, but every dog has his day, and Sunday was not Weeden’s, nor was it the Browns. Sloppy play and several turnovers really hurt Cleveland in crucial moments. A new game plan for next week will be absolutely vital for a Browns team looking to keep the loyal Cleveland fans around for another year.

31. Oakland Raiders

Record: 0-1

Oakland RaidersWe haven’t seen the likes of Terrelle Pryor in a long time, but his presence as the Raiders new guy was sure a favorable one. The Raiders made a mediocre match look intense as Indianapolis struggled to keep up with them for a majority of the game. Maybe, just maybe, the Raiders are set for a year of majoring plundering and looting.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars

Record: 0-1

Jacksonville Jaguars2 points is all there really is to say to sum up the Jags weekend. This team has been searching to become relevant for some time, but has yet to find their niche. This will require loads of patience and miles and miles of heart from the Jacksonville faithful.

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