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NFL Power Rankings Week 14

NFL Power Rankings
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Power Rankings Week 14

Playoff implications now lay on the line as we approach the final three weeks of the season as the race for the postseason is heating up in fine fashion. It’s do or die time and if you’re hoping to see your team in the playoffs, I’d start really relying on your superstitions to aid your team in any which way possible.

We witnessed two massive blowouts over the weekend, one coming from the New York Giants, the other from the Seattle Seahawks. The Patriots trumped the best team in the league in the Houston Texans on Monday Night Football, while a snow globe effect took place on Sunday night at the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field as the Packers battled the Lions.

Just remember what implications are on the line going forward. With that, let’s look at the Power Rankings heading into Week 15 of the 2012 season.

1. New England Patriots Patriots

Record: 10-3 Rank Last Week: 4

You beat the best…you become the best. The Patriots are playing lights out football…looking for redemption on the path to this year’s Super Bowl. You can bet Tom Brady is already waiting for his chance to shine again. Next Week vs. 49ers (Sunday Night Football)

2. Houston Texans 

Record: 11-2 Rank Last Week: 1

With only 2 losses on the season the Texans are still elite right? How about getting destroyed in those two losses? Maybe Wade Phillips’ defense isn’t so solid anymore? Or maybe the Matt Schaub led offense isn’t getting the job done? Whatever the reason…time to work those kinks out in time for the playoffs. Next Week vs. Colts

3. Denver BroncosBroncos

Record: 10-3 Rank Last Week: 3

The Comeback Player of the Year is leading this fierce squad in a relentless effort towards the playoffs. Peyton Manning is now aiming to match his brother in Super Bowl victories, but more importantly Super Bowl MVP honors. Next Week @ Ravens 

4. Atlanta FalconsAtlanta Falcons

Record: 11-2 Rank Last Week: 2

The silver lining to this loss is that it’s better to come now rather than in the playoffs. Matty Ice was ice cold this weekend…but a heat wave may be right around the corner for these dirty birds. Next Week vs. Giants

5. Indianapolis ColtsColts

Record: 9-4 Rank Last Week: 5

The new Peyton Manning became the first NFL rookie drafted number one overall to record 8 or more wins in a season. Chuck Pagano is all smiles from here to the postseason, while Andrew Luck is beaming with pride. Next Week @ Texans

6. Green Bay PackersPackers

Record: 9-4 Rank Last Week: 7

They survived a snowstorm and the Lions wrath as Aaron Rodgers performed the Discount Double Check for the first time in nearly 2 seasons, rushing for a 27 yard touchdown. Green Bay is in good shape to lock up the NFC North. Next Week @ Bears

7. San Francisco 49ers49er's

Record: 9-3-1 Rank Last Week: 8

This team is now in the good hands of Mr. Colin Kaepernick who again showed how a real 49er Gold Rush happens by manhandling the Fins. How much do you think Jim Harbaugh wants to meet his brother in the playoffs? Next Week @ Patriots (Sunday Night Football)

8. Seattle Seahawks

Record: 8-5 Rank Last Week: 12

Score 8 touchdowns with a rookie quarterback at the helm…challenged accepted and completed. This blowout victory shows just how dangerous the Seahawks are moving ahead…NFC foes beware…especially of Russell WilsonNext Week @ Bills

9. Washington RedskinsRedskins

Record: 7-6 Rank Last Week: 13

Even when the stellar RGIII goes down with an injury…it’s no problem to call upon their 4th round draft pick Kirk Cousins to make the plays necessary to keep the hopes and dreams of the postseason alive. Mike Shanahan has his team in a prime position for the playoffs, but really how good is this team without Griffin? Next Week @ Browns

10. New York Giants

Record: 8-5 Rank Last Week: 14

It’s hard to keep up with a team that goes from blowouts to losses from week to week. I guess next week we could see this team tumble? Not if Tom Coughlin has a say in it and plus Eli is definitely out to trump his brother yet again this year. Next Week @ Falcons

11. Baltimore RavensBaltimore Ravens

Record: 9-4 Rank Last Week: 6

Cam Cameron had a nice run, but now the Ravens will rely on former Colts head coach Jim Caldwell to lead the offense, a duty he hasn’t overseen since his college coaching days…hopefully this doesn’t hinder the Ravens offense any more than it already has been. Next Week vs. Broncos

12. Chicago BearsChicago Bears

Record: 8-5 Rank Last Week: 9

Jay Cutler seems to like getting hit hard, then watching the rest of the game from the bench in close contests. The loss to the Vikings over the weekend hurt more than Cutler’s concussion because the Bears now sit a game and half back behind the Green and Gold in the North. Next Week vs. Packers

13. Dallas CowboysDallas Cowboys

Record: 7-6 Rank Last Week: 15

Jerry Jones is praying for more than a playoff berth this year, desperately in search of a Super Bowl victory, and honestly his wish may come true if his Dallas Cowboys keep up their winning ways. I guess Tony Romo is out of distractions. Next Week vs. Steelers

14. Cincinnati BengalsCincinnati Bengals

Record: 7-6 Rank Last Week: 10

You can’t win ’em all considering the Bengals fell by 1 off a Dan Bailey winning field goal. This team is poised to make the playoffs, yet they continue to stumble when they have their prey cornered each and every week. Next Week @ Eagles (Thursday Night Football)

15. Pittsburgh SteelersPittsburgh Steelers

Record: 7-6 Rank Last Week: 11

Steel City could be seeing a meltdown to close out the season considering they’ve been lucky enough so far this year to have a winning record. This season may just see that “days since last accident” meter drop to zero, even with Big Ben back in the lineup. Next Week @ Cowboys

16. Cleveland BrownsCleveland Browns

Record: 5-8 Rank Last Week: 20

The Dog Pound has been unleashed because the Brownies are playing better football than they’ve ever had this season. Brandon Weeden is maturing into a solid quarterback…hey who knows maybe in the next few years we’ll see this team earn a playoff berth…gasp! Next Week vs. Redskins

17. St. Louis RamsRams

Record: 6-6-1 Rank Last Week: 21

Oh Jeff Fischer you have done it again. The continuing saga of the Rams back and forth season has yet to see it’s epic conclusion…one can only guess where it will all culminate. Next Week vs. Vikings

18. Minnesota VikingsVikings

Record: 7-6 Rank Last Week: 22

The city of Minnesota owes a big thank you to Adrian Peterson because without him the Vikes would be sunk in the water at this point. Leslie Frazier better put his best playoff game face on. Next Week @ Rams

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buc's

Record: 6-7 Rank Last Week: 16

These pirates are sinking with their ship. It might be too late for Josh Freeman and his crew to issue the terms of parlay. Next Week @ Saints

20. New York JetsJets

Record: 6-7 Rank Last Week: 23

What happened to quarterback controversy? I guess it’s been resolved because now Rex Ryan has his Jets poised to make a monumental comeback…we’ll see if Mark Sanchez has what it takes to hang with the big boys. Next Week @ Titans (Monday Night Football)

21. Buffalo BillsBuffalo Bills

Record: 5-8 Rank Last Week: 17

Hey at least the city of Buffalo loves their team no matter what. In Chan Gailey’s case, I can’t really say. Ryan Fitzpatrick can be thrown into that mix too. Next Week vs. Seahawks

22. Carolina PanthersCarolina Panthers

Record: 4-9 Rank Last Week: 25

Just when you thought Cam Newton was the Panthers next afterthought, he comes through in stunning fashion to upset the rolling Falcons. Confidence equals wins for this Carolina team moving forward. Next Week @ Chargers

23. San Diego ChargersChargers

Record: 5-8 Rank Last Week: 27

From good to bad back to good again, this team has had a roller coaster season, but even a win this weekend might not have saved Norv Turner his job next year. Philip Rivers might be able to breathe again in 2013. Next Week vs. Panthers

24. Philadelphia EaglesEagles

Record: 4-9 Rank Last Week: 30

Andy Reid finally made one of the best calls he has made all season…naming Nick Foles his starting quarterback. This win might ease the tension a little concerning Reid’s future in Philly…maybe. Next Week vs. Bengals (Thursday Night Football)

25. New Orleans SaintsSaints

Record: 5-8 Rank Last Week: 18

Mardi Gras ended way too soon for the Saints this season…when is Sean Payton expected to return? Next Week vs. Buccaneers

26. Miami DolphinsMiami Dolphins

Record: 5-8 Rank Last Week: 19

They don’t give you medals for swimming too slow and now the Dolphins are slowing to a molasses-esque speed right around playoff time. Sorry Ryan Tannehill looks like you won’t be joining Andrew Luck in the playoffs. Next Week vs. Jaguars

27. Tennessee TitansTitans

Record: 4-9 Rank Last Week: 24

At least Tennessee still has Nashville…both the city and the show, but this team is something of a work in progress moving forward. Jake Locker could use a trip to QB school. Next Week vs. Jets (Monday Night Football)

28. Detroit LionsDetroit Lions

Record: 4-9 Rank Last Week: 26

Even with one of the league’s most high-powered offenses, the Lions still can’t put together wins. Jim Schwartz suffered the cold winds of Lambeau Field harder than anyone out on the field on Sunday night. Next Week @ Cardinals

29. Oakland RaidersOakland Raiders

Record: 3-10 Rank Last Week: 28

It’s time for the Raiders to re-think their game day plans…starting with drafting smart next April…hopefully they don’t repeat the same mistakes like they do every year. I’d start with Carson PalmerNext Week vs. Chiefs

30. Kansas City ChiefsChiefs

Record: 2-11 Rank Last Week: 29

What hope is left for this franchise? Romeo Crennel is all but finished in Kansas City as well as Brady Quinn’s future as a starting quarterback. Cleaning house might not be a bad idea…Jamaal Charles can stay. Next Week @ Raiders

31. Arizona CardinalsArizona Cardinals

Record: 4-9 Rank Last Week: 31

It’s okay to lose by more than 8 touchdowns and be lambasted by a rookie quarterback, right? Larry Fitzgerald is likely more than fed up with his current team. Next Week vs. Lions

32. Jacksonville JaguarsJacksonville Jaguars

Record: 2-11 Rank Last Week: 32

The most irrelevant team in the NFL needs more than just a win to boost their status. Shahid Khan is wondering why he made one of the world’s worst investments yet again. Next Week @ Dolphins


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