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7 Interesting NFL Player Off-Season Hobbies

The following 7 NFL players have some pretty amazing offseason past times.

Interesting NFL Player Off-Season Hobbies

Black Monday in the NFL is when teams fire coaches and general managers that didn’t make the cut. In a must-win league that is all about “what have you done for me lately,” an NFL head coaching position is as cut-throat as it gets. But for the players, in particular for those who aren’t in a contract year, it’s vacation time.

As much as we the fans can empathize about what it must feel like to miss the NFL post-season or loose of a playoff game, eventually players get over it and begin planning their offseason activities.

richard seymourOver 1,000 wealthy NFL players (not counting playoff teams) are free to relax or go on a vacation. With so many multi-millionaire athletes about to throw a little money around, there is a definite spike in revenue to holiday resorts coming this time of year. While I’m sure a lot of NFL players are planning massive trips to exotic locations with their friends and families, many choose the bright lights and sounds of Las Vegas for a different kind of fun. Of course, some might prefer playing from the comfort of their own home on a site like this one, yet the new year through the eyes of an NFL athlete is so much different than a how we kick off a new year.

What’s even more fascinating is the weird off-season hobbies some NFL players have. The following 7 NFL players have some pretty amazing offseason past times.

Von Miller

Chicken Farmer

Von Miller’s ability to track down quarterbacks as one of the league’s most fierce pass rushers may all be thanks to his love of chicken farming. Miller majored in poultry science at Texas A&M and plans on becoming a chicken farmer after his NFL days are over. Miller currently runs 3,000 square-foot poultry farm with 40 chickens.

How did you get into the poultry game?

MILLER: I’m not even gonna lie, man, it started off by taking an easy class in college. [Laughs.] My professor, Dr. [Morgan] Farnell, he wouldn’t let it be an easy class — you know how these electives can be, you just go in there and sleep through it. But he made it a point to make sure I knew my information. And then I learned about it and really enjoyed it. Before you know it, it’s my major –Read More Here

Jimmy Graham

Loves to Fly

Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham will have to wait at least one more week before he can think about any offseason activities. The Seattle Seahawks are taking on the Atlanta Falcons this weekend in the second round of the playoffs, but when Graham is not focused on football, he likes to take to the sky. The 3-time Pro Bowl Tight End spends his offseason as a stunt pilot and posts videos of his aerial escapades on Instagram. His dream is to fly in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship.–/

Matt Elam

Entrepreneur: Sports Merchandising

Ravens safety Matt Elam decided to got hired at a Finish Line in a shopping mall in Gainesville, Fla. He took the part-time position of selling shoes because he wants to increase his knowledge in retail. The Ravens defensive back plans to open his own sports merchandising company when he retires from the NFL. Read Full Story Here

George Johnson

Dog Shows

29-year old Buc’s Defensive End, George Johnson, loves his pets so much that his two canines compete on the dog show circuit. Johnson’s American Bulldog, Pepper, has won a handful of dog show competitions.

Vernon Davis

Owns an Art Gallery

Redskins Tight End, Vernon Davis owns Gallery 85, an art gallery in Northern California. He opened the gallery to raise funds for The Vernon Davis Foundation for the Arts. The veteran Pro Bowler also owns two Jamba Juices.

Bernard Pollard


Bernard Pollard likes to spend his time inventing. The Ravens defensive back invented Style Pro 31, a handy bathroom gadget that creates more counter space.

Justin Tucker

Opera singer

Ravens kicker Justin Tucker is a classically trained singer, and in the past has been asked by both the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and New York Opera for performances. Amazingly enough, Tucker can sing in seven different languages.

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