NFL Picks Week 3

NFL Pigskin Picks Week 3

I’m pretty sure even people living in Arizona were surprised by the Patriots loss to the Cardinals. Week 2 had it’s fair share of upsets, yet some of our experts did quite well in week 2. Matt Lechnar won the week with a 12-4 record, while Mike Rodriguez held strong with an 11-5 record. Against the spread Jody Smith had a solid list of predictions and finished the week with a respectful 10-6 record.

Check out all our picks here for Week 3 in the NFL and read the thoughts of some of our writers on the games below:

What’s your own Upset of the week and why?

Resize of 55b2470c9c1b6a37c168758c8b014d92Zhan Mourning: cardinalscheerleaderCardinals over the Eagles. The Eagles have barely won the last 2 weeks. Maclin is out which hurts the passing game.Their starting center is out for the year as well. The Cardinals should carry the momentum of the win over the Patriots in week 2 not to mention they will be playing the Eagles at home.It’s a gutsy call but very possible
Brian JerzakBrian Jerzak: I agree with Zhan, but to be different I am going with Seattle over Green Bay. Something is not right with the Pack early on. Seattle’s defense is really good and that offense and home field advantage might be just enough to pull the upset.
Shawn LiShawn Li: Cleveland over the Bills. I am going to pick these guys again and again until they finally win a game! Then I’ll look smart. Cleveland has looked OK each game, especially their D. The (Fitz) magic runs out on Sunday!
Ken ReiserKen Reiser: Rams and Bears. Bears won’t cover the spread. After what they did to Washington I like the Rams to make this a closer game.
Jody SmithJody Smith: Going with the Browns to get their first win of the season at home vs. a Buffalo defense that has under-achieved.
RyanRyan Miller: I really like Cardinals over the Eagles. Like Zhan said the Eagles have barely made it by and are really not playing great. I love the Cardinals defense and their ability to put pressure on the quarterback. And home field never hurts your chances.
Mike RodriguezMike Rodriguez: I like the Raiders over the Steelers. Oakland is 2-1 against the Steelers since 2006 and has been on a losing streak at home for far too long. The last win on home turf for the Raiders was week 12 of last year (not counting pre-season). The team has to travel to Denver in Week 4, a bye in Week 5 and on the road again in week 6 against the Atlanta Falcons. The season could very well hinge on winning this home game and regaining a sense of confidence after their Monday night long-snapper meltdown. The Steelers are banged up and going to be in a hostel environment. The Raiders need to go for the jugular.


Which game this Sunday has the toughest Point spread to predict?

Resize of 55b2470c9c1b6a37c168758c8b014d92Zhan Mourning: cowboys cheerleader15 e1348296053376Bears vs Rams. Bears are favored by 7.5 and I can easily see the Rams covering that if not winning from what we have seen from both teams the past 2 weeks.
Ken ReiserKen Reiser: New Orleans and Kansas City. The automatic assumption is that the Saints will run over the Chiefs, but that might not be the case. I think this is a closer one than the spread indicates.
Brian JerzakBrian Jerzak: San Diego and Atlanta, two pretty solid teams, but I think Atlanta is better. The Falcons are on the road however and will be dealing with the Michael Turner distraction. On the Charger side of things, Ryan Matthews sounds like he will be back, but how effective will he be. 
Shawn Li
Shawn Li: Cowboys at -7.5. They are at home, but the Cowboys are so inconsistent. I think the Boys weither cover or lose the game, but nothing in between. Garrett cannot coach a close game, he has no idea what to do, so if Dallas is up, they will try to keep pouring it on to make sure they don’t have to manage a 3 point lead with a minute to go, because that is a stone cold lead pipe lock that the Cowboys will lose.
Jody SmithJody Smith The toughest spread for me was the Baltimore/New England game. Hard to think that either of these two powerhouses could be 1-2. The New England offense is in a stat of flux right now and the Ravens will be thirsting for revenge from the AFC Championship. Taking the Patriots.
RyanRyan Miller: I had a hard time picking the Bears Rams. The Rams have been decent this year and to say a team that runs the ball alot will win by 8 or more is very tough. That being said I think the Rams cover.


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