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NFL MVP Race: Latest Odds and Debate

Jalen Hurts

The NFL MVP odds have taken an interesting turn over the last few weeks. Before the holidays, the talk around the league was Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons voicing his opinion on whether Jalen Hurts is deserving of the MVP award and has even said Hurts is a “system QB.”

At the time, Hurts was heavily leading the pack in football odds for the MVP award. And despite throwing two interceptions in the week 15 game against the Bears, Hurts dominated the stat sheet with 315 passing yards, rushing for 61 yards, and punching in three touchdowns on the ground. The game was played in frigid temperatures which made his performance even that much more impressive.

However, Hurts took a hit in the 3rd quarter that had him feeling a little banged up the following week, and as a result, missed the next two games. The Eagles were 13-1 at the time and just needed one win to clinch the first overall seed and a first-round bye in the playoffs. With three games remaining, the Eagles felt the smart thing to do was rest Hurts and allow Minshew to play against the Cowboys and Saints. The result is two straight losses.

The news of Hurts’ injury and status of missing the last two games has surprisingly shaken up the NFL MVP odds considerably. Hurts went from a near lock at -150 to now +1400 in the MVP odds race.

At first, this seemed like a knee-jerk overreaction, but then a decent performance from Gardner Minshew against the Cowboys actually played into the theory that Hurts was a system QB. That theory, however, didn’t last long. Minshew and the team played horribly at home against a desperate Saints team to drop their second game in a row.

The drop-off in production and high number of turnovers and mistakes from the backup quarterback has, in my opinion, has proven that Hurts is valuable to this team. I believe this actually strengthens his case for MVP.

Honestly, at +1400, betting on Jalen Hurts to win the MVP award seems risky with one week to go in the season, however, there’s an opportunity to get in on some great odds if Hurts plays this week and ends the season on a strong note. Remember the MVP award is a vote, so some may have already made up their mind on who have voted for. Seeing this Eagles offense without Jalen Hurts may actually have boosted his stock.

NFL MVP Odds (JAN 4th)

  • Patrick Mahomes -800
  • Joe Burrow +750
  • Josh Allen +1200
  • Jalen Hurts +1400
  • Justin Jefferson +15000

NFL MVP Odds (DEC 15th)

  • Jalen Hurts -150
  • Patrick Mahomes +175
  • Joe Burrow +750
  • Josh Allen +1800
  • Tua Tagovailoa +5000


What Does It Take To Become The NFL MVP? 

In my opinion, a player must not only possess exceptional physical talent and technical skill, but also have the mental toughness and leadership qualities to thrive under the intense pressure of professional football. This prestigious award is given annually to the most valuable player in the National Football League, as voted on by a panel of sports journalists and analysts. Here are some key factors that can help a player become the NFL MVP.

  1. Physical talent: The NFL is a physically demanding sport, and MVP candidates must have the strength, speed, agility, and endurance to perform at a high level on the field. This means regularly training and conditioning the body to handle the rigors of the game, as well as honing specific skills such as throwing, catching, tackling, and blocking.
  2. Technical skill: In addition to physical talent, MVP candidates must have a high level of technical proficiency in their specific position. This means mastering the intricacies of the game, such as route running for receivers, pass blocking for linemen, and blitz recognition for quarterbacks. It also involves understanding the strategies and schemes of the team, and being able to execute them effectively on the field.
  3. Mental toughness: The NFL is a mentally challenging sport, and MVP candidates must have the mental fortitude to overcome adversity and stay focused under pressure. This means being able to bounce back from setbacks and mistakes, as well as staying composed in high-stakes situations. It also involves being able to handle the intense media scrutiny and fan attention that comes with being an MVP candidate.
  4. Leadership: In order to be named the NFL MVP, a player must also be a leader on and off the field. This means setting a positive example for teammates, and being a vocal and supportive presence in the locker room. It also involves being a playmaker on the field, making key plays and big plays in critical moments to help the team win.
  5. Consistency: Finally, MVP candidates must be consistently dominant throughout the season. This means putting up impressive stats and making impactful plays on a weekly basis, and helping to lead the team to victories. It also involves staying healthy and avoiding injuries, which can derail a player’s MVP campaign.

Becoming the NFL MVP requires a unique combination of physical talent, technical skill, mental toughness, leadership, and consistency. I feel Hurts has displayed all of that. It is a difficult and demanding accolade to earn, but for those who are able to rise to the challenge, it is a career-defining achievement that cements their place among the greatest players in the history of the game.

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