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NFL MVP Odds 2022

Justin Herbert

NFL MVP Award Winner Betting Odds

The MVP award is one of the most prestigious individual achievements a player can have in the NFL, and it also offers some of the most popular betting lines in all of sports. There are a dozen or so players every year that are in real contention to win it, but only one player can bring it home. Thus making a fun and exciting Future bet to add to your NFL picks. Today we will look at the current betting odds, and discuss who I think is a good player to take a shot on for this year.

NFL MVP Award Odds

  • Josh Allen +650
  • Patrick Mahomes +750
  • Tom Brady +800
  • Aaron Rodgers +850
  • Justin Herbert +900
  • Joe Burrow  +1200
  • Dak Prescott +1300
  • Matthew Stafford +1400
  • Russell Wilson +1400
  • Kyler Murray +2000
  • Lamar Jackson +2000
  • Jalen Hurts +2500

It’s hard to argue with the top five players on this list. All of them are proven superstars and almost all of them are in elite situations, with the exception of Aaron Rodgers due to his subpar receiving core. 

As you get further down this list, however, that’s where you begin to find some interesting lines.

Russell Wilson seems due for a bounce-back season in Denver after an injury-riddled season with Seattle last season, and he could be a great bet at his current odds. He has had troubles with his offensive line and system in Seattle over the past few seasons, but those situations look to improve in Denver. 

Nathaniel Hackett let Aaron Rodgers take charge of the offense when he was the coordinator in Green Bay, and with the elite talent he possesses, Russell Wilson is primed to do the same.

With a proven track record of elite production and a massively improved situation, it’s hard for me to not target Wilson at +1400 for a season props bet. 

Closer to the top of the list, you’ll find some safer bets that still could pay off massively.

Specifically, I’m talking about Justin Herbert, who has been one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL since entering the league. 

He has already found a lot of success in the Chargers’ system, and as he and his situation both continue to improve year after year, he seems bound to take that next step into a very exclusive group of players. He will have one of the best-receiving cores in the league this year, led by a proven veteran Keenan Allen, and followed by an elite playmaker in Mike Williams. 

He will also have Austin Ekeler to check down to out of the backfield, and a defense that continues to improve on top of all of that. At +900 odds, Herbert is one of the safest bets on the list that has a reasonably high chance to win the award. 

To round out my picks, I would like to talk about Lamar Jackson, who is currently sitting at +2000 odds. The Ravens’ young quarterback is one of just a handful of people on this list that have actually gone and won the award, and his current odds don’t reflect that, having him 11th on this list. 

He doesn’t have the elite receiving core that the other players on this list do, but he makes his hay on the ground and continues to be the best mobile quarterback in the NFL. He very well could rush for 1,000 yards in 2022, and with Mark Andrews and Rashod Bateman leading the way for the pass catchers, he may also have a productive year through the air. The Ravens are a team that always finds a way to win, and that could also help his case for the award. Jackson is my favorite long-shot bet for MVP this season.

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