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As we lead up to training camp, most NFL and Fantasy Football sites are preparing draft kits and content for the upcoming season. While the Gridiron Experts team is working hard on a few big features for the 2019 fantasy season, this morning, I found myself researching some future rookie bets. With more and more sportsbooks emerging I’m finding myself window shopping different odds and online promo codes. Today I came across a series of rookie betting odds that seemed flawed. When I say flawed, I mean I don’t think the SportsBook thought things through.

Rookie With First TD Pass (Regular Season)

  • DREW LOCK +300
  • WILL GRIER + 2000
  • RYAN FINLEY +2000

At first glace, this rookie NFL Future bet seems obvious, as we all know Kyler Murray was the top QB of the NFL Draft and is projected to start right away. However, despite Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden saying QB Dwayne Haskins still has ‘a long way to go,’ many believe he could be starting week one. The team is in rebuild mode and the Redskins current starting QB is Case Keenum is on his 5th team in 5 years. The coaching staff might decide to let their first-round pick Haskins get in some valuable playing time and learn on the go.

“There is a lot to learn for the kid, but we want to get it all out there for him so he has an understanding of what it is going to be like come training camp,” head coach Jay Gruden said, via “A long way to go, but I like where he is at.”

According to ESPN’s John Keim, there have been flashes of brilliance from Haskins that solicit waves of joy that spread throughout the Washington coaching staff. “Throws punctuated by high-fives from the coach or fist bumps from his offensive coordinator,” said Keim.

That all being said, the biggest reason why I might choose Haskins at +100 over Murry at -250 is because the bet says “first QB to throw a TD pass” and the Redskins are in Philly Week one with a 1 pm ET start time, while Kyler Murray and the Cardinals host the Lions with a 4:25 PM start time.

If you believe Haskins will win the job, this bet could be decided by the schedule of the games for week one, not by the talent level between quarterbacks.

Betting Tip

Make sure you take a look at scheduling before placing any future bet. Whether it’s a number of towndowns, wins or yards that you’re betting on, you should always factor in the teams their playing and when their playing. You might get lucky and find an edge





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