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NFL Draft Quarterback Odds Shuffle After 49ers Trade

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NFL Draft: Questions Remain With The 3rd Overall Pick

The NFL Draft is still a month away, but we have already seen two first-round trades go down. The 49ers wasted little time moving up the board trading with the Dolphins to obtain the 3rd overall pick, which created a ripple effect as the Dolphins then moved back into the top 6, trading with the Eagles. However, the big question is who are the 49ers going to pick with the 3rd overall pick?

So according to the football whispers, the 49ers coaching staff are showing signs that they aren’t interested in who most people think. Many NFL Mock Drafts have projected Justin Fields as the 3rd best quarterback in this year’s NFL draft, but according to Peter King, the team will divide and conquer on Tuesday as Alabama Matt Jones and Ohio State’s Justin Feilds will hold their pro day on the same day.

Sports betting odds makers have now tweaked the numbers more towards Alabama QB Matt Jones becoming a real candidate to go third overall to the San Francisco 49ers. Matt Jones completed 77.4% of his passes at a phenomenal 11.2 yards-per-attempt average with 41 touchdowns, four interceptions and just 10 sacks all season in Alabama’s perfect 13-0 campaign. Jones looks the part and has natural leadership skills. However, some would argue he was dealt a winning hand playing with Bama, with an elite wide receiver group, with a few Bama WR’s potential going high in the first round in this years draft.

Let’s not forget Trey Lance, a small school gem who some teams seem to have very high on their boards. Lance is a rare dual-threat quarterback in that he’s tasked with setting his own protections and reading the full field. Coaches rave about his football IQ and film work. He’s an interesting prospect but playing for North Dakota State I wonder if he appears better on film playing against average defenders. The tape does show a very average arm strength but velocity should improve with training and coaching.

This reminds me of the 2018 NFL Draft where the debate was guessing the correct order between Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and dud pick Josh Rosen. Every QB prospect is different and you won’t know how they’ll preform at the next level. If I had to make a pick, I would want Jones and would think his experience playing against some of the best college defences would help him pre-snap and read coverages better in the pros.

Here are the current NFL Draft odds for the 3rd overall pick as of 3/29

  • Justin Feilds +150
  • Matt Jones +175
  • Trey Lance +175

The 2021 NFL season is still so far away, but if there is one thing that is clear, this is the year of the Quarterback. That sounds like an understatement, but with all of the news going on this year from Bree’s retirement, the Stafford/Goff trade, the Wentz trade, and Deshaun Watson’s drama, the aggressive nature of teams to move up the draft board for the next breed of gun-slingers is fitting with everything we’ve seen so far.



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