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NFL Draft Prop Bets: Predict the Picks

NFL Draft Prop Bets

If you’re not excited for the NFL Draft, maybe a few side wagers will make things more exciting tonight. I know a few sites are creating fun party games, but if you’re like me, you want a little action on the NFL Draft. Luckily, things couldn’t be better in terms of sports betting odds. For starters, nobody has an edge tonight. There were no rookie Pro Days, so it’s hard to get a read on what’s about to go down. This creates an uneven playing field for sportsbooks, and surprisingly, there is a huge amount of NFL Draft Prop available bets online. It’s obvious the gambling community is overcompensating for the lack of sports these days. Normally, you would see a large array of play props on whether a rookie would be drafted over or under a set draft position, but this year I’m seeing a ton of combo bets that are very exciting.

Before we dive into some of these bets if you’re new to sports betting I recommend educating yourself a little on how to make bets, how bonuses work, and which sportsbook is best for you. If you don’t already have an account with a legal sportsbook, register using this DraftKings sportsbook promo code and receive a risk-free bet when you sign up.

NFL Draft Prop Bets

Exact Order or First Three WR’s

Predict the order of the first three wide receivers is a very interesting NFL Draft prop bet. Most Mock Drafts have Jeudy, Lamb, and Ruggs going 1-2-3 in that order, and if you agree with the favorites you get some great odds to take the safe bet. It’s hard to go wrong with +325, but if you were on the fence with Ruggs as the third WR taken, you can switch to Jeudy, Lamb, and Jefferson at +1100. Grabbing a couple of these bets allows you to cover a few angles and hedge your bets at the same time.

RB NFL Draft

Exact Order or First Three RB’s

Trying to guess the order of the running backs is even more difficult, and you won’t know the results until Friday night. It’s unlikely any RB’s will go in the first round, however in the latest Mock Draft I did, I have the Chiefs taking D’Andre Swift with the last pick in round one. I’m not betting on this prop bet, for the sake of this article I’ll pick Swift, Dobbins, Taylor at +500

NFL Prop Bets

Predict the Pick

DraftKings has prop bets for at least a dozen big-name players tonight but in terms of huge payouts, nobody has better odds than Jordan Love. We know where Joe Burrow is going to go, and you can make an educated guess on Tua and Herbert, but it’s anybody’s guess on where Jordan Love lands. This allows for some interesting wagering here. A lot of the teams listed already have QB’s but there are a few that have fringe starters that might take a chance on Love if he falls.

  • The Steelers don’t have an answer behind Big Ben who just turned 38-years old and is coming off a lost season due to injury. +1600 as a long-shot bet is tempting.
  • The Broncos apparently are sold on True Lock, who was 4-1 as a starter last year, completing 64% of his passes. He’s probably the guy, but with odds of 100 to 1, it’s not a bad long-shot bet.
  • The Bucs, Skins, Raiders, and Jaguars all have starters, but they’re either on a short leash or Tom Brady going through a mid-life crisis. All are interesting landing spots with great odds

My Pick: Steelers

Remember to bet within your means, and stay safe these days. Enjoy the NFL Draft!


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