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NFL Division Championship Odds 2017

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NFL Division Odds 2017

Technically, every team in the NFL has a one in four chance to win their division. That’s simple math, and probably why these NFL division odds were created. When a Cleveland Browns fan sees’s that they can get 23X their bet for placing a wager on the NFL’s most painful franchise to win the AFC North, they tell themselves that over and over… “technically I have a one and four chance.” It would likely take a miracle for the Browns to win their division, but that’s not saying other surprise teams couldn’t win. There is usually one or two underdog NFL teams that turn things around that we all weren’t expecting. Online betting for NFL games has gone beyond just the Sunday grudge match and has dipped its toe into a river of interesting prop bets and wagers that I love to look at over the offseason. In this article, I touch base on which NFL underdogs have the best chance to surprise in 2017.


The confidence these odds makers have in the New England Patriots winning yet another AFC East Championship is just unsettling. For those not familiar with how these odds work (table right or below on mobile), think of all wagers in the form of $100. So the Buffalo Bills odds of winning the AFC East are 9 to 1. The Patriots, on the other hand, are massive favorites at -700, which means you would have to wager $700 just to win $100. While I would love to see the Bills or Dolphins surprise the world and lock up their respected division, I seriously doubt anyone considers betting on it with the Pat’s in the same Division.

The rest of the AFC doesn’t have any standout heavy favorites like the Patriots, but to be honest there aren’t any tempting betting odds either. The only exception would maybe be the Jacksonville Jaguars at just shy of 6X your bet. The Jag’s did overhaul their coaching staff in the offseason and invested their first round pick on Leonard Fournette. The AFC South was one of the worst divisions in football last year as the Texans squeaked into the playoffs with a 9-7 record. While all four teams in the AFC South do look to have some strong building blocks in place, I don’t think there is a heavy favorite in this division and with a new coaching staff in place, maybe the Jaguars can finally get things in order.

AFC East Champion Odds
Buffalo Bills +900
Miami Dolphins +500
New England Patriots -700
New York Jets +2000
AFC North Champion Odds
Baltimore Ravens +200
Cincinnati Bengals +220
Cleveland Browns +2300
Pittsburgh Steelers -140
AFC South Champion Odds
Houston Texans +160
Indianapolis Colts +160
Jacksonville Jaguars +580
Tennessee Titans +180
AFC West Champion Odds
Denver Broncos +200
Kansas City Chiefs +180
Oakland Raiders +180
Los Angeles Chargers +380
NFC East Champion Odds
Dallas Cowboys +110
New York Giants +180
Philadelphia Eagles +300
Washington Redskins +450
NFC North Champion Odds
Chicago Bears +2300
Detroit Lions +500
Green Bay Packers -280
Minnesota Vikings +250
NFC South Champion Odds
Atlanta Falcons +130
Carolina Panthers +180
New Orleans Saints +300
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +300
NFC West Champion Odds
Arizona Cardinals +200
Los Angeles Rams +1600
San Francisco 49ers +2800
Seattle Seahawks -350


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The NFC could be where we see the most change throughout the NFL in terms of division champs. The NFC East is always a crap shoot as it has arguably some of the best rivalries in the league. There is also the NFC South that seems to take turns winning the division every year and going on to experience Super Bowl heartbreak. But for me, the team that catches my eye the most, in terms of odds that might be worth betting on is the Detroit Lions at +500. At one point last season, the Lions were 9-4 and looked to have a stranglehold on the Division. But the wheels came off and the team dropped their final three games of 2016. The Packers who were surging after a mid-season four-game losing skid went on to win their final six games and stole the NFC North. The Lions luckily still hung on to the final wildcard playoff spot but lost to the Seahawks 26-6 in Seattle.

Considering all the highs and lows of last season the Lions did accomplish a great deal of success without Calvin Johnson who retired March 8th, 2016 and without running back Ameer Abdullah who was lost week two to a Lisfranc tear. The Lions were a few games away last season from locking up the division, and with 5-to-1 odds for 2017, they are my favorite underdog pick to be a surprise NFL division winner in 2017.

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