NFL Betting Odds: Most Rushing Yards in 2018

NFL Betting Odds: Most Rushing Yards in 2018 6

NFL Odds: RB With Most Rushing Yards in 2018

If the betting odds for the first NFL preseason game of 2018 is any indication of how things are going to go this season, fantasy football owners should sit up and take note. The Hall of Game between the Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens wasn’t exactly a thriller, however, those who had money on the contest watched to the bitter end. The Ravens were two-point favorites and the over/under for the game was 34.5. The final score was the Ravens 17-16, which is the equivalent to hitting a bullseye as far as a score predictor goes. Most sports fans rely heavily on the previous year’s data to gauge the best possible outcome for fantasy football or NFL pick’em, but often the best NFL picks can be broken down by looking at Las Vegas odds or sportsbooks online.

With the NFL season quickly approaching, more and more NFL future betting odds are becoming available. Today I stumbled upon NFL rushing leader odds for 2018. With NFL Training camp news quiet heading into the weekend, I thought I’d share these rushing leader odds for you to sink your teeth into.

How do these odds work?

These odds are very straightforward, but I thought I take a quick second to explain. Todd Gurley +600 means his odds are 6 to 1. So a guy like Marshawn Lynch has 100 to 1 odds (+10000) to lead the NFL in rushing odds in 2018.

  • Ezekiel Elliott (DAL)  +285
  • Le’Veon Bell (PIT)  +550
  • Todd Gurley (LAR)  +600
  • Leonard Fournette (JAC)  +850
  • David Johnson (ARI)  +900
  • Dalvin Cook (MIN)  +900
  • Kareem Hunt (KC)  +950
  • Saquon Barkley (NYG)  +1000
  • Melvin Gordon (LAC)  +2500
  • Jordan Howard (CHI)  +2500
  • Devonta Freeman (ATL)  +2800
  • Jay Ajayi (PHI)  +4000
  • Alex Collins (BAL)  +4000
  • Derrick Henry (TEN)  +4000
  • Derrius Guice (WAS)  +4500
  • Alvin Kamara (NO)  +4500
  • Joe Mixon (CIN)  +5000
  • LeSean McCoy (BUF)  +6000
  • Jerick Mckinnon (SF)  +6600
  • Kenyan Drake (MIA)  +8000
  • Lamar Miller (HOU)  +10000
  • Marshawn Lynch (OAK)  +10000
  • Rashaad Penny (SEA)  +10000
  • Ronald Jones (TB)  +10000
  • Field  +3300

My Take

Usually, when I put these types of articles together, my intention is to provide some outside the box content for fantasy football owners to get themselves out the routine of only reading previous year data based content. While I do believe you can learn a lot from the past, I strongly believe you can only look back for so long without starting to question the changes that make an impact on the variables. Things like a new starting QB, a new offensive coordinator, new surrounding talent, etc. Take Kareem Hunt, for example, I was trying my best to squash the notion in May that he was cursed for winning the scoring title in 2018.

It’s true, 1,327 rushing yards is the lowest total for an NFL rushing leader going back 20 years. Hunt also led the league with arguably two fewer games worth of carries compared to Zeke in 2016. For those who don’t know, the curse is that no RB has ever won the rushing title in back to back years. I’m not saying Hunt will break that streak, but never say never.

Hunt getting the 7th best odds for winning the scoring title is interesting to me. If Vegas was truly scared about him regressing, I feel his 9.5 to 1 odds would be lower.

Dalvin Cook FantasyAnother standout in the list of NFL rushing leader odds is Dalvin Cook from the Vikings. Cook had his season cut short due to injury, but was averaging 88.5 rushing yards per game. Four games is a small sample size, but if he had kept up that pace all year he would have had 1,416 rushing yards and won the rushing title. When asked if Dalvin Cook would be ready for Week 1, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said the running back is ready “now.” At 9 to 1 odds, he seems appealing too.

Overall, I don’t have a favorite running back on the list, but I do think it’s interesting how close these odds match the projected top fantasy running backs for 2018 in terms of average draft position. I feel despite the fact they are a different format entirely, they do offer some insight into what the oddsmakers think about the 2018 running back landscape this season.


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