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Money Where Your Mouth Is: Week 8

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Last week Gridiron Experts debuted Money Where Your Mouth Is with a successful 3-0 start. Ryan Miller is on a definite hot streak that many are hoping he continues on his path of terror.

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Last week Gridiron Experts debuted Money Where Your Mouth Is with a successful 3-0 start. Ryan Miller is on a definite hot streak that many are hoping he continues on his path of terror. All three games came down to the wire, much as most of the games in week seven, yet last week’s article predicted Indianapolis Colts-2 or the Browns, Dallas Cowboys-2.5 on the road beating the Panthers and the New Orleans Saints-2 getting by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. -Who by the way, look like a powerhouse all of a sudden after Thursday’s night win.

While Gridiron Experts is a fantasy football site first and foremost, we are featuring this weekly article throughout the rest of the season to cater to those who love Pigskin picks. If you like to see all the Gridiron Experts picks check out our weekly NFL picks for your pick’em pools.

Recommendation of the week

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Indianapolis Colts +3.5

fretsbs6dThe Colts (3-3) are on the road this week where they are (0-2) against the Titans (3-4) and this game should be a good one. Both teams are struggling to find themselves. After a good performance from Chris Johnson the Titans hope to make sure Johnson is more involved in the offense. But the Colts are better against run defense than one might think at first glance. They have face the following running backs since the start of the season: Matt Forte, Adrian Peterson, Maurice Jones-Drew, Alex Green, Shonn Greene (in his best game of the year), Montario Hardesty. In fact last week the Browns were held to just 55 rushing yards. The Colts love to pass the ball and have a great chance on the road this week against a Titan secondary that is getting blown up. Even Matt Schuab had 202 yards and two TD’s. With a 3.5 spread the Titans would basically have to win by two FG’s or a TD for you not to cover. Winning by a FG won’t do it. And this year the Titans have won by 3 points against Detriot, 3 points against Pittsburgh, and 1 point against Buffalo. Not very far from being a win-less team. The Colts on the other hand have beaten Minnesota, Green Bay, and Cleveland.

Chicago Bears -7.5

w43do3iwdThe biggest question in this game is how much do the Bears win by. The Panthers are one touchdown away from being a win-less team as well and their lone win came against a Saint team that was struggling to find itself amid the bounty scandal that their organization has been dealing with. Hopefully for them they have righted the ship for the season, but as far as the Panther nothing looks good. The Bears defense has been off the charts good and will give Cam Newton problems all day. This one could get ugly real quick, no numbers needed here. Let me give you some names to help decide. The Panthers leading rusher, Cam Newton, so basically they have no running game. The Panthers leading receiver Steve Smith has been good, but he always gets his numbers. But on the other side of the ball the Bears can do it all. (weird rhyme there) They can throw it to Brandon Marshall (who by our own #1 ranked expert Jody Smith is projected to be the #1 best WR this week), Matt Forte who has been a yards monster, and Jay Cutler who took a aggressive almost dirty hit from Ndamukong Suh (probably needed to be concussion tested) and came back 1 play later. What I’m saying is he has proved he can get it done and the Bears have proved they are the team to beat this year.

Oakland Raiders +1

0221mp1thThe Raiders come into this game as being ranked the second to last place team in the league in rushing yards this year. I believe that this is in part because of an effort to limit McFadden’s touches to hopefully extend his health throughout a full season for the first time in his five year career. This effort by the Raiders has caused their offense to less than desirable, but last week they found something. Their hurry up offense proved to be successful and with a Kansas City team that allows a 125 rushing yards average McFadden should have a better game. The Chiefs on the other side of the ball have only been able to do one thing well and that is run the ball. First, this puts them at an immediate disadvantage, especially with a new even worse quarterback under center. Second if they are behind they will not be able to come back. And finally they only have one real receiving threat and with a worse quarterback Dewayne Bowe will be almost non-existent this game.

Season Record: 3-0

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