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Money Where Your Mouth Is: Week 11

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Money Where Your Mouth Is

After a 2-1 week 10 “Money Where Your Mouth Is” article Gridiron Experts leading ATS writer Ryan Miller now boasts a 14-2 record in this article. The only game that did not cover the spread last week was Atlanta who could not convert on four downs inside the 10 yard line against the Saints very porous pass defense. But this year all of our writers have done a great job with their NFL picks. Jonathan is leading our straight-up winner picks, with a very impressive 104-44 record. Our total average as a site for straight up picks is 64% correct, while Jonathan has been 70% correct since the start of the season. And our leading ATS writer has been 54% correct this year.

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Cincinnati Bengals at -3

After playing very well against the Denver Broncos in week 9 and losing, the Bengals came out firing against the Giants and got a much needed win. As the Bengals face a very weak Kansas City team, they should not have many problems getting it done on the road this week. This game should be a blowout. The Bengals need all the wins they can get if they want any chance of making the playoffs. AJ Green should have a great game and Andy Dalton’s numbers probably won’t be bad either. The Chiefs are on a 6 game losing streak, while the Bengals are looking to capitalize on a couple of easy games in the near future. If the Bengals get up early like the did against New York, don’t look for the Chiefs to be making a comeback as their passing game is pathetic. Don’t be surprised if this line gets more and more in favor of the Bengals as game time approaches.

Tampa Bay Bucs at -1

tampa bay buccaneersAs with every game with Tampa Bay this sets up to be a shoot out. It’s hard for there to be any other result when Tampa Bay boasts the league’s best run-stopping defense and the league’s worst passing defense. Teams have thrown all over Tampa Bay this year, but that hasn’t stopped the Bucs from winning football games. The Panthers, on the other hand, have had decent stats across the board, but have not been able to pull out the wins. They had Atlanta beat and only needed one yard on a fourth down and decided to punt instead of trusting their number one overall pick to convert on a QB sneak. That call ended up allowing Atlanta to go down and score and slip out with a victory. The Panthers coaching staff has made some bad calls this year and the Bucs are playing very well right now as a team so this game should be no problem for Tampa Bay.

Green Bay Packers at -3.5

The Packers are coming off of a bye week and facing a 4-5 Detroit team that has been full of disappointments this season. The Lions have been missing the same thing the Packers have been missing, a solid running back. These team both need their own version of Darren Sproles. And while both have struggled with not having the run threat in the play book, the Packers have done much better with their offense than the Lions have. The Packers have found creative ways to use their young wide receiver duo of James Jones and Randall Cobb. But with the continued absence or Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson has been forced to step into the WR1 spotlight and that has allowed James Jones to become the teams WR2. And as Nelson proved last year, the best place to go unnoticed in Green Bay’s potent attack is at WR2.  The Lions have had Calvin Johnson held out of the end zone and as a result have struggled to win games. Detroit lead the league in passing yards per game so this game should be a nail bitter to the very end, but look for the Packers multiple receivers to provide Rodgers enough options to get the win.



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