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Mock Draft Analysis: You’re on the Clock -Vol.5

Mock Draft Analysis optimized

Gridiron Experts newest themed article is a Mock Draft Analysis piece called “You’re On The Clock“. The concept is simple, a group of our writers will be given a scenario and asked their opinion to make the next pick in a live fantasy football draft.

Mock Draft

You’re on the Clock: Team Eight

Mock Draft Analysis

Details: 12 Man League
Scoring: PPR
Roster Size: 16
Starting Line-up: QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, K, DEF

Best Available Options

Steve Smith WR CAR
Matthew Stafford QB DET
Giovani Bernard RB CIN
James Jones WR GB
Shane Vereen RB NE
Rashard Mendenhall RB ARZ
Vernon Davis WR SF
Colin Kaepernick QB SF
Benjarvus Green-Ellis RB CIN

Gridiron Experts newest themed article is a Mock Draft Analysis piece called “You’re On The Clock“. The concept is simple, a group of our writers will be given a scenario and asked their opinion to make the next pick in a live fantasy football draft. With 6 Quarterbacks off the board, and none of them on “Team 8’s” roster, is it time to reach on a QB or wait it out?. …Who would you draft?

Darren ColletteI like that Team 8 has taken only RB’s and WR’s up to this point, but I think the 3 to 2 split should favor RB. As a basic rule of thumb this year, you should have 3 RBs in at least the first 5-6 rounds. The available talent does not look too good here, but Rashard Mendenhall is said to be the man in Arizona this season and possibly a workhorse. Gio Bernard would be a great pick thanks to this being a keeper league. Almost all the elite QBs are gone, but Matthew Stafford is sitting there and could have a monster 2013 season. He would be hard to pass up. This is a very tricky one… Standing pat with Mendenhall is a good move… Bernard is a solid young talent with a bright future… Still, with this being a keeper league I think you get the most value by taking Stafford and sewing up a very young elite QB in round 6.

Zach Greubel This is an interesting situation Team 8 has put himself in. He has a couple quality running backs and three quality receivers already taken. Graham, Gronk, Witten, and Gonzalez have already been taken, so I would wait on a tight end for a while. The same goes for quarterbacks. Spending a sixth round pick on Matthew Stafford seems a bit high for me. At this point, I think depth is the way to go. With three receivers already on my roster I’ll take another running back with this pick, but I am not taking Mendenhall, he has too many question marks. There aren’t exactly a plethora of solid running backs left, but it’s worth taking a chance on a guy like Giovani Bernard or Shane Vereen here, especially in PPR leagues. Bernard will have more opportunities than counterpart BenJarvus Green-Ellis in Cincinnati, except maybe at the goal line, and I have an absolute man-crush on Vreen this year as he takes Danny Woodhead’s place. Believe it or not, Woodhead was a top 26 fantasy running back in 2012 for PPR leagues. Vereen has just as much if not more skill than Woodhead and is an extremely capable pass-catcher. Bernard and Vereen would make nice flex options at this point in the draft.

Zhan MourningTwo solid RBs and three good WRs gives this team 8 a great foundation to build around. Once again there are still some good QBs on the board so I would continue to wait on that. I would probably look to take another RB, since they seem to be hard to come by this year. Benjarvus Green-Ellis, Shane Vereen, and many more mid level backs are still on the board. Even though it might seem like a boring pick, you can’t have enough running back depth this year. There may be better receivers still on the board, but they are also much more available on the waiver wire throughout the season as opposed to running backs.

Bob TalbotAlthough I usually condone stocking up on running backs, I think given the circumstances, I would hold off on my third RB for now. Vernon Davis is tempting, as all of the other strong TEs are off the board and he looks to be in line for a big year in the absence of Crabtree. But because this is a keeper league, and four teams without a QB have two picks before it snakes back to Team 8, I think its time to pull the trigger on a QB. Wilson, Kaepernick even RG III are all there for the taking and all viable keepers going forward. Unless Team 8 wants to tempt fate and run the risk of starting a QB outside the top 10, I would take the safe play and snag a QB with keeper potential.

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