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Mock Draft Analysis: You’re on the Clock -Vol.3

Mock Draft Analysis optimized

Gridiron Experts newest themed article is a Mock Draft Analysis piece called “You’re On The Clock“. The concept is simple, a group of our writers will be given a scenario and asked their opinion to make the next pick in a live fantasy football draft.

Mock Draft Analysis

You’re on the Clock: Team Six

Mock Draft Analysis

Details: 12 Man League
Scoring: PPR
Roster Size: 16
Starting Line-up: QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, K, DEF

Best Available Options

Rob Gronkowski TE NE
Roddy White WR ATL
DeMarco Murray RB DAL
Tom Brady QB NE
David Wilson RB NYG
Darren McFadden RB OAK
Victor Cruz WR NYG
Hakeem Nicks WR NYG
Jordy Nelson WR GB

Gridiron Experts newest themed article is a Mock Draft Analysis piece called “You’re On The Clock“. The concept is simple, a group of our writers will be given a scenario and asked their opinion to make the next pick in a live fantasy football draft. With 17 running backs off the board, and none of them on “Team 6’s” roster, it’s time for probably the most critical pick of his/her draft. …Who would you draft?

Mike RodriguezI don’t think I would ever get myself into this type of position, you’re stuck between a rock and hard place. By avoiding the running back position in a year loaded with talent, you’re now going to have to reach at some point or another on a few tier two RB’s and call them starters. Although, in a very aggressive draft strategy, you could corner the market and build an elite passing squad. Then take a shot on a few butter-face RB’s (the opposite of a sexy RB) like Willis McGahee, Fred Jackson and/or Ryan Mathews and try to strike gold with a rookie Running back. If that was the case, I would continue to draft WR’s and snag a productive TE.

Zach Greubel With the best receiver and best quarterback in fantasy football already on his roster, it makes sense for “Team 6” to take a running back with this pick, but that’s not what I would do. The pool of running backs isn’t exactly deep at this point in the draft. I do like Le’Veon Bell’s upside, a lot, but I don’t know if picking him here is justified over a guy like Roddy White. In this position I would personally take White. White is a lot more trustworthy than Bell and any running back available at this juncture. He’s even more trustworthy to me than “Gronk” because of Gronk’s multiple forearm surgeries and cloudy status thus far into the off-season. Additionally, I’m guaranteed two of the top 10 wide receivers in fantasy football to complement the best quarterback in fantasy football. After picking White here I would go RB, RB with my next two picks, Miller and Montee Ball or Miller and Ivory. I would still be satisfied with that situation. If need be, I could maybe even use White as trade bait for an elite running back. There’s not a much better fantasy football threesome than Rodgers, Megatron, and White, though. I’m happy taking Roddy White with this pick.

Shawn LuskeyRunning back is too thin to not have one in the first three rounds. Maybe even the first two. I am going with the guy that has the most upside left: RunDMC. Darren McFadden can be a monster when he is healthy, especially in a PPR format. The Raiders are going back to a power blocking scheme which is what helps DMC thrive. If DMC stays healthy this is a steal in the third round.

Zhan MourningMost would think to go running back here since they don’t have one yet. However I would go with another wide receiver or the top tight end. Around this point in the draft the value of the running backs really falls off pretty steep. There are still some ok RB options here but i would rather take them later and go with a true best player available scenario here.

Bob TalbotAfter last season, I promised myself I would steer clear of Run DMC in 2013. But if it’s my third pick and I still don’t have a back, McFadden seems like the best value here. The Raiders are tweaking their offense in a way that should help McFadden bounce back. Plus, Rodgers and Calvin could probably carry the load themselves when Darren inevitably misses a few weeks due to injury. If healthy, this team is stacked.

Jody SmithAny running back taken here is a gamble- that’s the risk you take when you bypass the thinnest position for two rounds. That being said, and considering it’s a keeper, David Wilson and Darren Sproles are worth a look here, but come with considerable risk. The safest play would be to take the highest scoring, and safest available player here, Roddy White. Then pray that you get lucky for some decent RB sleepers later.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. tambo

    May 28, 2013 at Tuesday, May,28

    even for someone who mostly sticks to auction drafts, these mocks are a good way to see how players stand in relation to each other.

    short, concise, and full of good info. keep em coming, guys!

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