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Mock Draft Analysis: You’re on the Clock -Vol.2

Mock Draft Analysis1

Gridiron Experts newest themed article is a Mock Draft Analysis piece called “You’re On The Clock”. The debut last week was well received so we’re at it again, this time in the start of the forth round.

Mock Draft Analysis

You’re on the Clock: Team Two

Details: 12 Man Keeper League (4 keepers)
Scoring: PPR
Roster Size: 20
Starting Line-up: QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, K, DEF

Best Available  Options

Rob Gronkowski TE NE
Vincent Jackson WR TB
Randall Cobb WR GB
Tom Brady QB NE
Michael Crabtree WR SF
Montee Ball RB DEN
Victor Cruz WR NYG
Hakeen Nicks WR NYG
Jordy Nelson WR GB

Gridiron Experts newest themed article is a Mock Draft Analysis piece called “You’re On The Clock“. The debut last week was well received so we’re at it again, this time we’re looking at the start of the forth round.

The concept is simple, a group of our writers will be given a scenario and asked their opinion to make the next pick in a live fantasy football draft. With 23 running backs off the board, 10 elite WR’s gone, “Team 11” is at a critical point in his or her draft This pick needs to count. Who would you draft?

Mike RodriguezI’m sure by training camp Gronk’s injury will be an after thought, but if this draft is now…I add another wide receiver before picking Rob Gronkowski. There are actually a ton of wide receivers available at this spot, which could make a case for waiting and adding another RB or QB, but if it’s my pick I’m drafting Randall Cobb 38th overall.

Shawn Luskey I’m usually not an advocate of taking a QB in your first five picks, but Tom Brady looks great in the fourth round. Brady ranked 3rd in fantasy points last year. He had 34 passing touchdowns to his 8 interceptions -that’s pretty good. 5 points separated Brady and Brees and the number 4 QB was Cam Newton at almost 20 points behind Brady. Again, I don’t really like QB’s this early but sometimes its too good to pass up.

Zhan Mourning With two solid running back selections, and a stud receiver I would go either running back again, or tight end. Tight end we would be looking at Jason Witten. 4th round might be a bit high for him, but he is as solid as it comes. If you decided to not do that then go with a running back. You can’t have enough running backs on your fantasy teams. I would still wait in a quarterback or receiver at this point just because there is still plenty of talent on the board, while the tight ends and running back talent pool is drying up fast.

Darren Collette Well, I just saw some breaking news that said Rob Gronkowski is infection-free. Let’s take that as an omen here and make him the pick. Why Gronk? When he’s clicking with Brady you could not ask for a better TE. The value is there too, just look where Graham went. He’s something of a steal in the 4th round of a 12-player draft and clearly young enough to be a one of your 7 keepers for years too come. With Alfred Morris and Chris Johnson you can wait a round for another RB. Roddy White is a solid WR and that position is deep enough to get another solid player later. QB is also pretty deep, no rush needed there. Go Gronk and you have made four fantastic picks with a great spread of position picks.

Jody Smith Now, I’m not a fan of drafting a tight end early. In fact, I have yet to take one, even in a mock, before round four. However, for Rob Gronkowski to slip to the fourth round is almost inconceivable. That’s an outstanding value, and one that even a TE hater would have to take. Gronkowski’s current ADP places him in the first half of round 2, so to get him two round later is a tremendous value. The other option to consider here is Randall Cobb, which, paired with Roddy White, would give this team two top ten wide receivers to try to compensate for that Chris Johnson pick.

Tell us who you would pick?

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1 Comment

  1. Adam

    May 22, 2013 at Wednesday, May,22

    As always, another fantastic article! Keep up the great work gentlemen!

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