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When Matt Flynn Wins The Job, Who Becomes His Go-To?

Matt Flynn
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Matt FlynnWhen Matt Flynn wins the job, who becomes his Go-to?

Lets face it, no matter what we hear from mini-camps and OTAs about a quarterback competition, barring injury, the job in Seattle belongs to Matt Flynn. The question is who will be his favorite option to throw to?

The offense will look to air it out more this year with Flynn and take advantage of their receivers. The running backs in Seattle aren’t really pass-catching backs and may receive a few less touches overall. Zach Miller and Kellen Winslow won’t be much of a factor, either. Seattle is where good tight ends go to die (well their fantasy careers anyway). This leaves us with the wide receivers. I think there are only three players to look at here.

Sidney Rice– Brought to the Seahawks as a free agent in 2011 to be the #1 WR. His career has been plagued with injuries and mediocrity. Rice had a huge 2009 season in Minnesota with Brett Favre, but other than that hasn’t really done much. On paper this guy is the Seahawks #1 WR but I’ll be surprised if he produces WR2 numbers and plays in more than 10 games in 2012.

Golden Tate – In two full seasons with Seattle he has a career total of 56 receptions, 609 receiving yards and three touchdowns. A Lot of people are expecting Tate to have an increased role this year with Flynn at the helm, but I’m just not buying it. Some might say his past two underwhelming seasons were because of bad quarterback play, but if that’s the case, how come my next guy had no issues with productivity with the same quarterbacks?

Doug Baldwin – This second-year-star led the Seahawks in every receiving category in 2011 and he can only get better with improved quarterback play. Baldwin had more yards, receptions and touchdowns last season than Sidney Rice has produced in his past two years combined, as well as in Golden Tate’s entire career. He has no serious injury history, played in all 16 games last year and never fumbled. Some think he may suffer from a sophomore slump, but I don’t see it. He’s a guy that Matt Flynn can count on as well as a solid WR4 with upside on your fantasy teams.

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  • same with drrl about winslow hes a great 5 or 10 and out te his height gives him that great opportunity i expect as well for tate to be gone for i did notice you left out my dark horse Ben Obomanu hes always been that unexpected threat when the time we needed a playmaker and i do know t-jack made his choice one sided last season due to the years before performance from williams and hasselbeck teams key on the go to guys its why flynn should never have the intention to have one. of course baldwin is the best receiver we have and lockette is quite clearly the best deep threat we have but given last years injury plagued depth in the wr/te area pete couldnt utilize his te like he had hoped due to carlson’s injury he wanted that top tier 2 set te like the rest of the nfl at the time was doing like the pats. i do believe rice returns to the starter we imagined him to be and williams becomes that 3rd down slot receiver due to his weight gains i think this years setup goes as baldwin, rice, winslow, williams or obomanu, then lockette when the situation is needed and miller as the alternate for miller has shown hes a better blocking te than winslow i dont see him being anything more than a short or quick pass situational te. yes i know i will be harshly judged on my lineup but i can handle it.

  • Don’t be so quick to write off Winslow just because he’s a TE He can line up wide or inside and pose probelms to defenses either way. I expect Tate’s role to diminish, and Lockette to be given the chance to be the field-stretching deep threat that Tate hasn’t demonstrated. On third downs, either Turbin or Washington (both of whom do have hands) to serve as check-down safety valves or screen threats.

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