Bell’s Suspension Reduced: Fantasy Ranking Bump

Bell's Suspension Reduced: Fantasy Ranking Bump 4

Le'Veon Bell

Fantasy Impact: Le’Veon Bell’s Suspension Reduced

The NFL has in fact reduced Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell’s three game suspension to two games, according to Jarrett Bell of USA Today.

The NFL confirmed the suspension reduction in a release, the Steelers also made a comment:

“As I have stated before, we were disappointed in Le’Veon Bell’s actions last August,” Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert said in a release. “Le’Veon made a mistake and now he must learn from his mistake and focus on eliminating distractions from his life. We look forward to continuing to work with Le’Veon to try to help him reach his full potential as a person and as a player.”

Fantasy Impact: What Does Bell’s Extra Game Do for His Value?

Gridiron Experts just updated it’s latest fantasy projections last week (Version 2.1), but we will now factor in the extra game tweak with Bell’s suspension being reduced to just two games. The bonus game didn’t have much of an impact in standard scoring leagues, but actually put Bell over the edge in our PPR Projections.

Standard Scoring
Suspension Pos. Team Running Backs GM RushYds TD Rec RecYds RecTD Projection 2015 PPG 2014 PPG Fantasy Div
After RB7
Le’Veon Bell 14 1190 8 66 440 2 223 15.9 18 -2.0
Before RB9
Le’Veon Bell 13 1106 7 64 425 2 207.1 15.9 18 -2.1

Le’Veon Bell’s Fantasy Ranking Upgrade

Sticking with our projection of 15.9 standard fantasy PPG average, we’ve bumped Bell’s 2015 fantasy total by 84 rushing yards and a score, we also added minor receiving yardage totals, 2 catches for 15 yards. The extra game now adds to Bell’s season total making him our 7th overall running back, a slight bump from 9th.

PPR Scoring
Suspension Pos. Team Running Backs GM RushYds TD Rec RecYds RecTD Projection 2015 PPG 2014 PPG Fantasy Div
After RB3
Le’Veon Bell 14 1190 8 66 450 2 289 20.6 23.2 -2.6
Before RB7
Le’Veon Bell 13 1106 7 64 425 2 271.1 20.9 23.2 -2.3

Gridiron Experts 2015 RB projections actually make for a very close race in PPR scoring format. With the added rushing yards and TD along with just 2 receptions for 15 yards, Bell jumps to our 3rd highest RB in PPR formatted leagues. Bell’s points per game average were already among the highest on our board so adding an extra game has given him the edge to cross over into our top three RB’s.

There is still a lot of risk in making Bell such a high pick, especially considering you won’t have him until week three. Every win matters in fantasy football and not having your 1st round pick for two weeks is a dangerous gamble.

KEY: What is Fantasy Div?  This year Gridiron Experts is introducing a new column called Fantasy Div, which stands for Fantasy Differential. The idea behind this column is to compare our 2015 projections for a player this season to his actual points per game performance from last season. If the number is negative than we’re suggesting a decrease in fantasy points per game production.

Final Thoughts

Le'Veon Bell FantasyThis is one of the most minor updates to Gridiron Experts projections in some time, and with many more ranking updates coming we wouldn’t sweat the changes too much. That being said there are some keeper league owners breathing a little easier now, knowing they’ll have their stud RB back a game sooner.

Fantasy Advice: If you’re confident in your drafting skills and feel you can get by without a stud RB for the first two weeks of the season then draft him, there’s no reason steer clear of Bell’s potential. My only advice is to be careful where you draft him. Making Bell a top pick in a standard scoring league with a snake draft will really put pressure on your middle round selections. The fantasy football regular season is short, so pick wisely and have a game plan going in.

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