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Julian Edelman’s Lucky Beard is Cashing Checks

Two years later, the Patriots are back for yet another Super Bowl. Edelman’s bushy beard is back, yet this time round it’s cashing checks in the process.

Julian Edelman The Brand?

The Beard JE11In February of 2015, New England Patriots WR Julian Edelman appeared on “Live with Kelly and Michael.” The broadcast came shortly after the Pats won Super Bowl XLIX, beating the Seahawks 28–24. While on the show, Edelman spoke about the big game, his Dad and the training they did together when he was a kid, but the first question – which came from Michael Strahan- was about his lucky Beard. Edelman had trimmed down his beard for the taping of the show, but did explain why he kept it throughout the NFL playoffs:

“I kept it for about two and a half to three months. It was more of a superstition thing” he said. “We didn’t lose ever since I had it, so I wasn’t going to go in there and shave it for the Super Bowl.”

Two years later, the Patriots are back for yet another Super Bowl. Edelman’s bushy beard is back, yet this time round it’s cashing checks in the process.

That’s right, at, you can pay $30 for a T-Shirt with Edelman’s beard on it. As it seems Edelman has graduated from Hipster to Businessman and is capitalizing on his Brand. Under the product description for the shirt, it says: “Playoff Mode. It’s a Boston thing. Beards out for Boston.”

Edelman’s website sells all kinds of products including everything from hats to women’s clothes to water bottles. Personally, I think his clothing line is cool in a “not taking yourself too seriously” kinda way. The logo’s and designs are kinda funny and he definitely does have the star power, especially in the Boston are. However, as a person who grew up around some very superstitious football people, I wonder about how the football gods will view his beard for bucks clothing line.

Something that is superstitious, shouldn’t be sold on a T-Shirt in my opinion.

We’ll have to see if the same magic from his performance last Super Bowl can repeat itself against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.



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