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Jermichael Finley’s Flimsy Fingers

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Jermichael FinleyIn 2010, Jermichael Finley was one of Green Bay‘s hot new featured receivers. His size and strength made him a versatile and powerful tight end, adding an already budding, explosive offense. Then, in Week 5 Finley suffered a season ending knee injury and things haven’t been the same since. Jermichael Finley has seen his vital role dwindle down to that of a rushing and passing blocker, seeing little throws and little production. The reason for this big change is the fact that Finley has been unable to catch the ball, his flimsy fingers have cost the Packers yards, downs, and more importantly points. Finley has butterfingers and a big question that still looms large in Titletown is can Finley return to his 2010 form?

Last season, Finley was plagued by many dropped passes, yet he still produced some solid numbers, with 55 receptions for 767 yards and a career high 8 touchdowns, but those numbers could have been better. This year, Finley has been more than absent, having only 210 yards receiving and only a single touchdown. This pits Finley on pace for a total of three touchdowns for the season. These low numbers aren’t the kind of the production the Packers have expected from Finley and yet Finley doesn’t place all the blame on himself.

It’s true the Packers offense hasn’t been the same this season, still that hasn’t detracted Jermichael Finley from placing some of the blame for his low production on the shoulders of quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Lately, Finley has called his chemistry between him and Rodgers as just “ok.” He goes on to say that it takes two people and that it just isn’t good enough. Not more than a few weeks ago, Finley’s agent Blake Baratz tweeted a message saying Aaron Rodgers was a good quarterback, but not a great leader. Later, Baratz would apologize for his remarks while Finley would deny having anything to do with the message that was tweeted, but it still seems that a fair amount of discomfort and tension remains.

So, why hasn’t Finley returned to form? It’s because he simply can’t catch the ball. If Finley wants the complete and utter trust from his quarterback he’ll learn how to catch the ball when it’s thrown his way. This is why the players practice, to work on simple fundamentals over and over again.

Overall, Finley needs to establish a better relationship with the Packers offense. With injuries plaguing the Packers at the moment, especially the loss of wide receiver Greg Jennings, Finley needs to step up and help out the offense. He’s not doing anyone any favors by not catching the ball. He’s earned himself a slot in the lot of players with butterfingers. This hopefully will change with time and attitude. But in the meantime, Finley is widely known for being a guy with flimsy fingers and hence the reason remains true as to why it could be risky throwing a pass his way.

Time to change that Jermichael. Time to prove everyone wrong. No more butterfingers!


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