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Is Tom Brady The Greatest Quarterback to Ever Play the Game?

Remember a time in sports when being a goat was a bad thing?

Back in the day, the goat was the cause of failure – a wide-open Dallas Cowboys tight end Jackie Smith dropping an end-zone pass in Super Bowl XIII. Scott Norwood’s field-goal attempt to win the game for the Buffalo Bills sailing wide right in Super Bowl XXV.

Sunday, in Super Bowl LI, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be seeking out the millennial version of GOAT acknowledgment – Greatest Of All Time.

If the Patriots win and Brady garners his fifth Super Bowl title at their helm, he will be able to claim the title of GOAT for his position.

However, if the Atlanta Falcons emerge victorious in the big game, then Brady’s claim to the title of Super Bowl QB GOAT remains up for debate. And it says here that without a fifth ring, Brady loses that debate.

But don’t take my word for it. Listen to what a Hall of Fame receiver believes to be the facts of the matter. Here’s what Cris Carter of Fox Sports had to say on the issue.

Tom Brady Playoff Wins“When you take the seven appearances in the big game, that would put him in the conversation [of greatest of all-time],” Carter explained. “But respect for what Terry Bradshaw did with a group of Hall of Famers, and Joe Montana — more in particular — because Joe led those teams, and they wouldn’t have been undefeated in those Super Bowls without Joe Montana.
“So I believe number five seals the deal. That’s the one that separates Tom Brady.”

Without No. 5, Brady drops to 4-3 as a Super Bowl quarterback, not exactly GOAT-like numbers.
Montana, with the San Francisco 49ers, and Bradshaw, with the Pittsburgh Steelers, were both 4-0 in Super Bowl play. And when it comes to the greatest argument, getting there doesn’t carry the day, getting the job done on the big day does.

Montana excelled in Super Bowl play, earning a trio of game MVP honors, a mark he shares with Brady. Should Brady play well, lead New England to the promised land in Super Bowl LI and earn his fourth MVP recognition, he’ll break that deadlock as well and the title of GOAT will most certainly fit him quite comfortably.

It’s certainly great to be Brady. His house is so large it could have its own area code. His wife, Gisele Bundchen, is a supermodel. He gets to hang with celebrities like Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Mark Wahlberg. So there’s that.

Between the hash marks, his playoff winning percentage is an impressive .700. He’s thrown TDs to 50 different receivers and been selected to 11 Pro Bowls.

No one can debate that Brady is the greatest quarterback of his era. But greatest of all time? No, he needs a win in Super Bowl LI to lay claim to that title.

If the Falcons get his goat, there’s no way that you can call Brady the GOAT.

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