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5 Interesting Daily Fantasy Ownership Percentages for Week 13

Just because you won’t be able to hoist your league’s Fantasy Football Trophy in the air, doesn’t mean you can’t still win some cash playing fantasy this season.

Ownership Percentages for Week 13

Daily FantasyDid you get eliminated from your Fantasy league’s playoff race? Or do you think you’ll make the playoffs but will be one-and-done in the first round?

Don’t worry about it, these things happen. It just wasn’t your year. However, just because you won’t be able to hoist your league’s Fantasy Football Trophy in the air, doesn’t mean you can’t still win some cash playing fantasy this season. Daily Fantasy Football like DraftKings or Fanduel allows you to forget about your injury-riddle league roster and get whoever you want for one-week tournaments every Sunday.

One of the best tools to helping you win your daily tournaments is having the inside scoop on who everyone else has in their lineups. That’s why DFS player ownership data has become so valuable.

What is Ownership Percentage?

Fanduel ownership dataIf you enter an NFL daily tournament which includes Thursday players at Fanduel, you are shown the player ownership percentage data once the game is live. You simply click on the player to get more information, and Fanduel will tell you the percentage of ownership for that player in the contest you are in.

You can then use this data when making your lineups for Sunday GPP lineups.

Now, of course, this is just a helpful guide as there will be a slight change in the player ownership percentage data from the Thursday games to the Sunday games, but for the most part, the information is very close.

Why would it be different?

There is a slight difference in the data by the time the Sunday games begin. The primary factor being there are no Thursday players in the Sunday games, so all of the owners who had Thursday players in their lineups will now have different players in their lineups for Sunday.

This will increase the ownership data slightly.

In fact, if the Thursday game is the Browns at 49ers, the chance could be minuscule, as there might not have been many players that were heavily owned in the Thursday game, to begin with.

The second reason the data could change is injuries. A player that is questionable for a Sunday game is too risky to add to a Thursday Fanduel lineup, as once the Thursday game begins, lineups are locked, and there is no swapping out players.

Let’s get to it…

Five Surprising DFS Ownership Percentages for Week 13

45% of all DFS Lineups include One of Four QBs

Drew Brees: Fanduel 16.30% | DraftKings 17.05%

drew-breesBrees is the highest-owned quarterback in Fanduel and Draftkings for week 13. He’s playing at home against the Detriot Lions and after last week’s performance against the LA Rams, a game in which Brees had five total touchdowns, open spots on the Saints Fantasy bandwagon has filled up very quickly.

Brees is almost a lock for 25+ Fantasy points this Sunday, yet a quarterback like Bears QB Matt Barkley who faces off against the dreadful San Fransisco 49ers is arguably a far better bargain. Barkley is one of the least owned Daily Fantasy QB’s in week 13.

I understand there is an excellent chance that Brees outperforms Barkley in every way shape and form, but the Daily Fantasy cost per point last week between both quarterbacks had a difference of one dollar.

Fanduel Week 12 Recap
Player Team Points Salary Cost Per PT
Colin Kaepernick
34.14 $7,200 $210.9
Drew Brees
32.5 $8,600 $264.62
Kirk Cousins
30.16 $7,400 $245.36
Trevor Siemian
29.02 $7,000 $241.21
Ryan Tannehill
26.8 $7,100 $264.93
Matt Barkley
22.64 $6,000 $265.02
DraftKings Week 12 Recap
Player Team Points Salary Cost Per PT
Colin Kaepernick
37.14 $5,700 $153.47
Drew Brees
36.5 $7,100 $194.52
Kirk Cousins
33.16 $5,900 $177.93
Trevor Siemian
32.02 $5,100 $159.28
Ryan Tannehill
26.8 $5,500 $205.22
Aaron Rodgers
26.12 $7,000 $267.99
Matt Barkley
25.64 $5,000 $195.01

Drew Brees costs $3,300 more than Matt Barkley at Fanduel for Week 13, and as our very own Doug Moore pointed out in his DFS Sleeper article, considering Barkley threw the ball 54 times last week, it’s clear that the Bears have no problem turning him loose.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “there’s no way Barkley does that again, it was a one-week fluke,” but considering the matchup, and the daily fantasy bucks you’ll save by making him your starting DFS QB, they sky is the limit in my opinion.

Dion Lewis’s Stock is Low

Fanduel: 2.10% | DraftKings: 3.81%

Rob Gronkowski has a ruptured disk and will be sidelined for the remainder of the 2016 NFL season. Many are looking at Martellus Bennett to fill the void down the stretch, yet for week 13, Bennett will be limited due to nagging injuries. While the Patriots are expected to use more three-wide sets this Sunday, many check-down targets could go Dion Lewis’s way. In a PPR format like DraftKings, Dion Lewis has sneaky value at just $3800.

So Darren Sproles 15 Minutes of Fame is Over?

Fanduel: 0.90% | DraftKings: 2.59%

The Eagles are in a funk right now. After opening the season 3-0, Philly has lost six of their last eight games. The wheels are coming off and poor rookie QB Carson Wentz is dying for a more reliable target he can trust. The last game the Boo-Birds did win was against the Falcons, two weeks ago. A game in which Darren Sproles was targeted ten times, hauling in eight catches for 57 yards. Sproles wasn’t featured much in the ground game against the Falcons, as the team leaned heavily on Ryan Mathews (out this week) and Wendell Smallwood. Yet Sproles presence on the field kept the Falcons defense preoccupied, something I think the Eagles will get back to.

I may be overthinking things here, but if I were an NFL coach with a team down in the dumps, I would get back to doing what worked. If something is broken, you fix it, and you do that by comparing it to a working model, a blueprint, or in this case, a game in which your offense was able to put up 428 total yards. I expect Sproles to return to his role as a mismatch focal point for the Eagles offense against the Bengals. With Ryan Mathews ruled out, Sproles should also see a fair share of touches on the ground in this contest as well.

Odell Beckham is NOT Heavily Owned in Week 13

Fanduel: 9% | DraftKings: 12.02%

11 wide receivers have higher DFS ownership percentage in week 13 than Odell Beckham. The Giants aren’t getting much respect from the oddsmakers either; as the 6-5 Steelers are six-point favorites over the 8-3 New York Football Giants.

The over/under in this game is 48.5 and could quickly become the game of the week in a back and forth shootout as both teams need to keep winning if they hope to make the playoffs. I find it surprising people are avoiding ODB this Sunday, a hundred yards and a score seems like easy money to me.

Anquan Boldin is Still Cheap for Some Reason

Fanduel: 4.2% | DraftKings: 5.08%

Wideout Marvin Jones is banged up and not in great shape for Sunday’s matchup against the Saints. Jones did almost nothing during the portion of practice that was open to the media on Thursday and “moved cautiously while taking sporadic reps” at Friday’s practice. Even before this injury news I personally thought Anquan Boldin was a great value for week 13 (FD $5,000 / DK $4,100). Boldin has been targeted nine times in each of his last two games and become a serious threat in the RedZone.

Targets by WK: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Total
Golden Tate 7 9 6 4 5 10 12 9 12 bye 4 7 85
Marvin Jones 10 11 8 7 5 6 5 7 5 bye 2 11 77
Anquan Boldin 3 7 6 8 4 9 4 3 4 bye 9 9 66
Andre Roberts 1 0 1 1 1 2 2 0 1 bye 1 4 14
Get Daily Fantasy Ownership Percentages

This is just a few things that jumped out at me while running the show here at Gridiron Experts in week 13. I’m sure you savvy daily fantasy players will find even more interesting stats and sleepers with this week’s daily fantasy ownership percentages. Get Click Here to DFS Percentages for the rest of the season by becoming a Premium member for just $9.99

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