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How to Host the Best Fantasy Draft Possible

Fantasy Draft

How to Host the Best Fantasy Draft Possible

Not all leagues have the ability to get together to draft in person and this might cause them to move more to an online format. However, for those who have the luxury of getting together, it’s important that the event is hosted in the manner that best fits the league mates. It should be something that is looked forward to each and every year, so here are some tips for hosting the best fantasy football draft.

Fantasy Football trophy Ideas (1)

League Trophy

Most leagues nowadays will have a league trophy that is in the previous winner’s possession. Well – bring it to the draft! It seems simple but it is a great centerpiece. Not only will the trophy capture your league-mates attention, it will help garner everyone’s focus on achieving the highest honor. They all want to bring that thing home and showcase it. Plus, the previous champ can have some fun and good chances to get some smack talk in there.

I just believe it’s a good thing to ensure league focus and enthusiasm as the draft is underway. Everyone will be literally “keeping their eye on the prize”.

Food At All Times

This one almost seems self-explanatory but it is essential. When everyone is getting ready to draft, you don’t want them to be on an empty stomach! A good tip would be to encourage every member to bring a dish to pass so that there will be an abundance. It always adds a good quality to an in person draft and once again may be another possibility to smack talk another member’s choice of food.

Hey, depending on what food you bring, it may even tire some people out. Think wisely about that one. Play to your advantage.

fantasy football draft board

Getting a Draft Board

This is probably the most important piece of the puzzle. It seems like an obvious one but there are multiple ways to do this. I prefer the route of going online and purchasing a huge paper draft board that come’s with stickers that are color coded. It lays everything out real nice in front of everyone’s eyes. Personally, I love that feeling of going up to submit a pick and looking back to see the fear in everyone’s eyes.

Other ways that I’ve heard of people doing this are by starting a google doc’s excel sheet where instead of having to get up, you can do it right from your computer. This is a good option when you have one or two people who can’t physically be there for the draft. It will keep them up to date while the draft is ongoing.

Take a “Draftcation”

Yes, the draftcation is a real thing. For those of you who have not heard of what it is, it’s pretty easy to understand. It’s just a vacation for your league’s fantasy draft. Either in Vegas, the beach, or any fun place that your league can think of, it will usually involve most if not all of your members. It’s something that will be memorable! I’ve even heard of some leagues that do it every year. This option can get to be quite pricey so when making decisions, I recommend doing it collectively so that everyone’s voice is heard and respected.

Every league is unique in its own way and these are just some minor suggestions that should not be forgotten. Understanding the friendship between your league will allow you to get very creative but these are just some basic suggestions that can be universal towards any league. The draft is often considered one of the many highlights in your fantasy football season so it is appropriate to treat it as such.

Airtime app

Keep the Party Going After the Draft

Everyone loves drafting fantasy football, all the jokes and laughs make getting together for a Draft so much fun. So why not keep that energy going by getting everyone in your fantasy football league in a group chat?

There are lots of app options out there like WhatsApp, and Sleeper has a built-in chat that’s ok, but I recommend Airtime. A friend of mine recommended it to me and it has worked great for one of my long-time Dynasty leagues. I think the worst part about these types of apps is either there is no chat at all from your league-mates or your phone is buzzing every 5 min. I really like the customizable notifications with AitTime and the fact you can easily jump from texting to live voice or video chat.

Here’s where you can learn more about how fantasy leagues are using airtime.


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