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Gridiron Experts 2013 Mock Draft

2013 Mock Draft

Everyone loves a good mock draft. In particular, we love to see how some of the great minds in the fantasy football community are thinking. For out 2013 fantasy football mock draft, Gridiron Experts invited some of the greatest fantasy minds


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Draft Participants Weigh in


After the mock concluded, we asked the participants to tell us what they thought of the draft and to give an opinion on what went right, what went wrong and who they thought did the best job. Here are the mock draft participants thoughts on strategy, philosophy, mistakes and who they thought would win it all.


“What was your strategy entering the draft, and did you achieve that goal?

FFmagicman.com (Micah James)-“No real strategy other than to try and draft running backs in at least two of the first three rounds AND to not take a QB until at least two-thirds of my fellow owners had drafted theirs.”

2Mugsff.com (@RumfordJohnny)-“With the 3rd pick in the draft, I was essentially guaranteed one of my early RB targets, grabbing Jamaal Charles filled that void. I also wanted an RB2, and the value of Frank Gore felt like a value in a run-heavy offense at the end of RD2. My “Gronk or wait in a TE” strategy paid off in RD3, and from there I targeted WRs or best player available. Flexibility is easy when you grab studs early. I’ve long been an advocate of waiting on a QB, getting Tony Romo and the upside of Sam Bradford late, felt like a sound investment. Overall, I was pleased with the outcome of this draft. While my WR’s aren’t all proven studs, it’s a nice mix of solid WR1’s with upside guys who could breakout.”

413FantasyFootball.com (Brian Brown)-“I think the draft went well I really like my team. Adrian Peterson is the number one pick. Don’t be the cool guy hipster fantasy football player and pass up on him at the 1.01. I love Reggie Bush this year I have been taking him late in the second in all of my drafts. He finished as the 14th Rb last year in a PPR, his situation has improved more than any other player this offseason. I think he can push the 75-80 reception mark. The core WR’s on my team are guys I have been trying to scoop up all year. I can see all of them way outscoring their ADP. I hear a lot of people being skeptical on Percy Harvin‘s role in the Seattle offense. I just see him being a target machine, and I don’t know if any WR can do more after catching the ball than Harvin. Hakeem Nicks is playing for a contract as his motivation and has big time talent. Danny Amendola might be the guy who is moving into the second best situation this offseason. Becoming Tom Brady’s new Wes Welker,  Amendola could put up huge numbers. Might of reached on Amendola a bit, but I really think he balls out this year. The elephant in the room is that these three guys are injury prone with the risk comes a cheaper price tag, but I’d be lying if I wasn’t a little bit nervous. If they stay healthy though and I think my WR corps can match up against anyone’s.”

FantasyCouncil.com (Pat James)-“For 2013, my main goal is to acquire two or three running backs in the first four rounds.  I was satisfied with my first four rounds in this expert draft.  Doug Martin, DeMarco Murray, and Le’Veon Bell are three very good backs to roster to go with my round 2 selection of Demaryius Thomas.  From there, I strayed from my usual strategy of continuing to build depth at running back and wide receiver.  It simply came down to the fact that when I was on the clock, Jason Witten (Rd5) and Matthew Stafford (Rd6) were the most enticing players on the board.  From there I added some of my top targets for 2013.  These players include: Stevie Johnson, Danny Woodhead, Ryan Broyles, and Carson Palmer.  Overall, this may be my favorite mock to date this off-season.”

FakePigskin.com (Scott Lynge)-“My strategy is always value, no big revelation there- most everyone is trying to get the best value. Sometimes I’ll reach a round, maybe even two if I’m particularly high on a player. I don’t really like to be overweight at any one position; I like to achieve a nice balance. I dislike the feeling of lacking at any position after a draft, so you’ll most likely never see me draft four running backs in row to start a draft. I’m seeing more of this lately and I just don’t feel comfortable doing that.

Razzball.com (Sky)-“Overall, I was pleased with how my draft came out.  I wanted three starting RB’s and a WR in the first five rounds and I achieved that goal.  Drew Brees has been falling to me in my mocks in the 4th round.  I keep telling myself no but my body says yes.  QB is deep but the co-captain atop the QB leader board for fantasy is just too good to pass up most times for me with where he’s going.”

DynastyLeagueFootball.com (Chad Scott)-“My strategy was to drink and not let anyone’s picks hinder that.  At the end of the draft, I looked to my empty beer bottles and felt I did the best I could – but you can always do more…”


Any regrets about mistakes, or big breaks that went your way?”


DynastyLeagueFootball.com“Probably should have went with a WR1 in the 3rd round instead of Miller. After Darren McFadden came back to me in the 4th, I knew I had dropped the ball..”

413FantasyFootball.com“Being stuck on the end of the draft kind of forced me to take a Qb kind earlier than I would of wanted to but I love Colin Kaepernick‘s upside. I was pretty surprised when Vernon Davis fell to me at the start of the seventh. If I miss out on Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski, or Witten, I generally wait on my tight end, but grabbing Davis two rounds after his ADP is fine by me. Without Michael Crabtree there, he is the most talented ball in San Francisco- big numbers this year. The rest of my RB’s are just there for depth and hopefully will make an impact and possibly start on their teams. I know BenJarvus Green-Ellis might be the unsexiest pick out there, but at 8.12 to get the 22nd scoring PPR running back last year, I’ll take that value all day. Jacquizz Rodgers, Ronnie Hillman, and Mike Goodson were all apart of my strategy to grab late, talented RB’s that could make a significant impact on their teams; I think all are good sleepers this year.”

FantasyCouncil.com“I am sky high on Larry Fitzgerald this year.  In hindsight, I probably would have preferred to go Reggie Bush/Larry Fitzgerald in rounds 2/3 rather than DeMaryius Thomas/DeMarco Murray

FakePigskin.com“My one regret was my 9.09 pick of Vick Ballard– in hindsight having drafted Eddie Lacy, I really should have gone with Jonathan Franklin there instead. With the injury histories of Ahmad Bradshaw and Lacy, I could see both of them getting significant playing time. When drafting against experts, big breaks are hard to come by. Having said that, with Peyton Manning‘s ADP being 3.05 I was happy to get him at 6.04. Seems with the depth at QB this year it’s a waiting game so maybe it’s a reflection of that strategy more than anything, but I was happy to get him when I did because out of the next eight picks, five were quarterbacks. I think Peyton has a chance to end up the top QB when all is said and done.”

Razzball.com“The one major regret I have about my team is being an idiot and not realizing Steven Jackson was still available to me in the second round, rather than taking Maurice Jones-Drew.  I have him as a top 10 player this year, Atlanta’s gonna be fun to watch. I’ve found Danario Alexander on most of my mocks as well.  I think he’s Hakeem Nicks-lite this year and is priced very nicely. Happy he’s my WR3.”

FFMagicman.com“Shouldn’t have drafted Ben Roethlisberger in round 13. I would have been better served not backing up Wilson and adding another high-upside RB or WR.”



Besides yourself, who had the best draft?”


FantasyCouncil.com“I particularly like the drafts of Chad Scott and Micah James because they followed a strategy close to my own philosophy for 2013.”

413FantasyFootball.com“I would say the two teams that stand out to me are the two James’: Pat James and Micah James. Micah has four top 30 RB’s along with a balanced team otherwise, and Pat was able to get an elite TE yet not compromise depth elsewhere. Stevie Johnson and Lance Moore are unsexy yet very solid PPR WR’s.”

Fakepigskin.com“Well according the Draft Wizard, Jody Smith and I had the top two best overall teams. I think drafting from the nine slot isn’t the most advantageous position so I think I did well, but I’d say Jody had the best draft besides me. Although not reflected in the Draft Wizard analysis, I think Micah’s team has some potential.”

FFMagicman.com“I’d have been very happy with myself if I had walked away from this mock with Chad Scott‘s team.”

DynastyLeagueFootball.com“I think Jody Smith and Scott Lynge both had nice drafts… I mean, they didn’t select four RBs in a row or anything…”

Razzball.com“If I HAVE to pick another team I like, I’d say it’s Chad Scott‘s. Though I’m not a huge fan of his WRs, he has the most RB depth of any of us, a solid and cheap QB duo in Andrew Luck/Joe Flacco and probably the cheapest high floor TE on the market in Dennis Pitta.  And he’s the guy who got S-Jax so he wins the internet for me.”


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