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NFL Draft Profile: Glenn Harris, DB – Wayne State College

Glenn Harris Wayne State College

NFL Draft Profile: Glenn Harris

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  • Position: Defensive Back
  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 180
  • Class: Senior
  • Hometown: Kansas City, Mo.
  • High School: Center HS

A few weeks ago, I got the chance to sit down and interview 2018 NFL draft prospect defensive back Glenn Harris out of Wayne State in Nebraska. There has been some interest in him from some NFL teams has he tied Iowa’s Josh Jackson for the most interceptions in the NCAA last season with eight interceptions. Despite the tremendous feat, overcoming being from a smaller school will be one of the main obstacles that Harris will face. I asked Harris about his mindset overcoming this kind of obstacle and he told me, “Yeah, I have a chip on my shoulder because it just seems like nobody understands that eight interceptions were the most in the NCAA right now this season at all levels. So, I just feel my game is being overlooked and that just adds fuel to what I am doing. So whenever, I feel like not doing anything, I just think about all the people that are sleeping on me. I cannot get these people to continue to sleep on me.” Many Division II players face this challenge, but Harris is determined to wake the sleepers up. But before that let’s take a look at where Harris came from.

Harris was a junior college transfer from both Northland Community College in Minnesota and Chabot College in California. The football program at Northland closed down forcing Harris to find a new home at Chabot college. Harris then looked to expand his football career by then transferring to Wayne State College in Nebraska. Wayne State College resides in the small town Wayne, Nebraska. Home to roughly just 5,660 people, Harris found this place to be perfect for him to focus on football. With no distractions, it was not hard for him to stay on track and improve his football skills. Skills he would describe as Versatile, Ball-Skills, and Good IQ.

Watching his highlights from college it is easy to see why he believes that he has ball-skills to be in the NFL because he really is a ball-hawk. Plays center field in the defensive backfield very well and reads the quarterback to put himself in a position to make big plays. I swear there are wings under his pads.

The one skill that Harris is trying to focus on the most has he enters the draft is his speed. Working on his mechanics, to get the extra few fractions of seconds off in the 40-yard dash, Harris has been working with former NFL cornerback Rod Jones. A former first-round pick back in 1986 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jones’ claim to fame is he caught Bo Jackson before he could score a touchdown on an 88-yard run back in 1990. Wikipedia had to tell me this and yes, YouTube indeed proves that it is true. Safe to say, Harris is probably in good hands (or feet).

Another ball-hawking defensive back that Harris models his game after is Arizona Cardinals’ safety Tyrann Mathieu. When asked about the comparison, Harris said,”It’s just like Tyrann man he’s just a dog. Put him anywhere in the secondary and he is going to come up with the interception, he is going to force the fumble. He is going to make the big play for the defense.” I asked Harris, how he felt about how some analysts could say that those interceptions were just an attribution of him being in right place at the right time. He responded to those types of critiques with,”Put my name on YouTube and go check out my highlights. You can see me reading the quarterback’s eyes and breaking before he even releases the ball. And then high-playing the ball for the interception and earning it. Not just the ball falling into my hands.” A high percentage of NFL defensive backs do have terrible hands, so that is something that works in Harris’ favor. Harris recognizes how important it is as a defensive back to have good hands because that could be the difference in a pass-defended and a pix-six to the house. Harris is hoping that the big plays get him noticed by NFL scouts.

Harris attended the College Gridiron Showcase, where he was not only able to meet NFL personnel, but other draft prospects that share the same dream has him: To make it to the NFL. Harris found comfort in finding other players that could relate to him, and also enjoyed the fierce on the field competition between everyone in attendance. Harris had mentioned that he had spoken to a Packers scout, so perhaps he could be taken his talents back up north. Thor Nystrom NFL Draft and college football writer for NBC Sports’ Rotoworld tweeted that the Cowboys also expressed interest in the Wayne State product.Harris will get another chance to impress scouts at the Nebraska pro-day. At the time I interview Harris the details had not yet been released of when that will be, but he will be in attendance.


Glenn Harris is a ball-hawking defensive back that is not afraid to go after the big defensive play. Whereas speed is not his biggest strength, he can make up for it with his ball skills. Definitely more fit to play in a zone scheme, as his strength is reading the quarterback, not necessarily matching up man to man. He has great instinct, something that is tough to learn. Level of competition will obviously be a huge knock on Harris, but I still think he gets drafted on Day 3, or signs as an undrafted free agent. Either way, come training camp Glenn Harris will be on an NFL roster. Whether he makes it to Week 1 in the NFL, nobody can really be sure, but I sure will be cheering for him. Especially if he ends up playing on my Patriots team. You better believe I will be getting that Harris Pats’ jersey!

Fun Facts:

Not only played football growing up, but also was big into both basketball, wrestling, and track.

Favorite NFL team is the Kansas City Chiefs. For him to be drafted by the Chiefs, Harris said that he would be blessed and thankful for the opportunity.

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