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NFL Juggernaut: Giants vs.Cowboys Season Opener

NFL Season Opener
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NFL Season OpenerGiant Rivalry to Open 2012 Season

The NFL is taking a completely new approach to open the 2012 season by throwing together the Super Bowl winner, the New York Giants, and their NFC East rival to the south, the Dallas Cowboys. In an unusual turn of events, the game is being held on a Wednesday night instead of its typical Thursday evening due to a scheduling conflict with Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention. The NFL pot has been ridiculously stirred as of late with Peyton Manning heading to Mile High, Tim Tebow taking off to join the Jets, and New Orleans’ less than saintly “Bountygate” scandal taking over the headlines. Yet pitting the Giants against the Cowboys is turning some heads especially to open the new season.

Has the NFL sidestepped an important tradition by allowing the Giants to play a team that didn’t even make the playoffs last year? Or are the NFC East rivals so popular that the game seems like the right way to begin the 2012 season? That’s for the fans to decide.

This is only the second divisional match-up in the past ten years, with the previous one happening in 2008 when the Giants played the Washington Redskins. NBC is yet again hosting the festivities as they did last year when the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints opened up 2011 at Lambeau Field. Speaking of which, it would appear that the Packers should be playing the Giants in East Rutherford to open the season since they were the Super Bowl XLV Champions. It would be an appropriate opener that would coincide with last years opening ceremony, but the NFL has obviously decided against that route and has taken things in a completely different direction.

The Dallas Cowboys are an unusual yet fitting choice to open the season, but why Dallas? The Cowboys had another struggling season under the guise of Jason Garrett and hot and cold quarterback Tony Romo. Dallas, on the verge of making the postseason last year, blew a big opportunity in a win all or nothing week 17 game that saw the Giants take home the NFC East crown and cruise to another Super Bowl win. The rivalry is one of the NFL’s best, but should the NFL have examined their decision a little closer before announcing such an interesting match-up? Or is this what fans want?

However the game plays out, the Giants do seem to have the edge considering previous Super Bowl winners usually open the new season with a win, not to mention the Giants will be playing with home field advantage. But if circumstances play out in Dallas’ favor, Jerry Jones is certainly going to be welcoming in the new season with glee.

The 2012 season can’t come any quicker and while there still may be a plethora of stories out there yet to be told, the NFL has made a bold choice in throwing the New York Giants and Cowboys together to begin the much-anticipated 2012 season. It’s definitely not the game some pictured, such as myself, but it’s surely one that has a lot of potential.

Let’s hope the season opener isn’t a bust.

What do you think about the Giants and Cowboys squaring off in the season opener? Thoughts?



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