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Flex-Game Feature Needed For Monday Nights!

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Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans

Can the flex-game feature be added to Monday nights please!
The Jacksonville Jaguars were favored by many to run the table and challenge the Indianapolis Colts for the AFC South title this season. Meanwhile, the underdog Houston Texans who are loaded with rookie all stars were supposed to finally shake the “expansion” label that has haunted them for too long now.

Neither team has been able to live up to those expectations.

The Jaguars on paper have what looks to be a top 5 defense, while their power running game has been a staple of their offense for years. But with injuries to both of their starting guards on opening day, points have been hard to come by. The defense on the other hand has been a mystery; fans are pointing to new defensive coordinator Greg Williams as the problem. Williams was thought to be Redskins Joe Gibbs replacement, but found himself joining the Jaguars instead after being overlooked for Jim Zorn. Greg Williams might have to pack his bags again, with this Jaguars defensive crew un-motivated and giving up big plays all year.

The Texans are still building, but fans are growing impatient with the process. After the league laughed at the 1-15 Dolphins last year, Bill Parcells and new Coach Tony Sparano have this tough Miami team fighting for a wildcard spot. That’s a quick turn around, and although most teams take 2 or 3 years to get into the playoffs, the Texans haven’t been once. In fact, this team is still looking for their first winning season.

On Monday night the Houston Texans defeated the demoralized Jaguars 30-17, led by the fantasy superstar (who Gridiron Experts had been talking about all season) Steve Slaton. Slaton is another young talented weapon who the Texans drafted in the third round (89th overall) out of West Virginia. With 180 total yards and 2 rushing touchdowns, it’s hard to wonder why this team still has Ahman Green on the roster.

While this isn’t the way either team wanted their season to go, the Texans can at least shoot for their first winning season if they win the remainder of their games. Gridiron Experts is predicting the Jaguars to finish their season 4-12…that’s right, we can’t see them winning another game.

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