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Final NFL Power Rankings for 2017

Tom Brady

Final NFL Power Rankings 2017

NFL Power RankingsSince the NFL regular season is over, the Power Rankings will see a bit of a shift for the final version. The top 12 spots in the ranks have been reserved for playoff teams, even though there are some teams outside the postseason that I believe are better than some of the teams on the AFC side of the bracket. In addition, the top 12 will now be sorted by how likely I think that team is to win the Super Bowl this season. The season as a whole won’t have as much of an impact on the top 12 because none of that matters at this point. There will also be a letter grade for each team to try and gauge how well or poorly their season went. We’ll give a very early look as to what each team needs to focus on heading into next year.

New England Patriots

Power Ranking: 1

  • Previous Rank: 4
  • Record: 13-3
  • Week 17 result: Win versus New York Jets, 26-6
  • Final Grade: A

Going 13-3 and securing home-field throughout the playoffs is good enough to land the Patriots as the Super Bowl favorite at this point. I still get the feeling that they are a little more vulnerable than in previous seasons, as they don’t exude the same aura of invincibility that typically comes from a Patriot team. Regardless, the defense is playing better than they have for most of the year. The offense can beat you any way they please and when push comes to shove, they have quarterback Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick. That’s a lot more than most teams have and is the difference in a lot of games. New England is the odds-on favorite to win yet another ring.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Power Ranking: 2

  • Previous Rank: 5
  • Record: 13-3
  • Week 17 result: Win versus Cleveland Browns, 28-24
  • Final Grade: A

LeVeon Bell FantasyIt’s kind of hard to nitpick a 13-3 record but the Steelers have to be kicking themselves for losing in Chicago early in the season to the Bears. That’s one of the worst losses of the season for any team and helped cost them home-field. Their Super Bowl hopes are going to hinge on two major factors. 1. Can MVP-level wide receiver Antonio Brown return from a partially torn calf muscle without missing a beat and 2. can they finally slay the Patriots in New England? Part two probably has a lot to do with part one. They will need Brown at very close to full strength to go into Foxborough and win. Neither team is a lock to make it that far, but both these teams are a cut above the other AFC teams. Ben Roethlisberger and Le’Veon Bell will need to be at the top of their games, along with rookie Juju Smith-Schuster.

Los Angeles Rams

Power Ranking: 3

  • Previous Rank: 2
  • Record: 11-
  • Week 17 result: Loss versus San Francisco 49ers, 34-13
  • Final Grade: A+

Injuries to other key quarterbacks have vaulted the Rams to the favorite in the NFC in my eyes. The result of this past week is inconsequential as the Rams sat many of their starting players. Los Angeles enters the playoffs facing a potentially dangerous Atlanta Falcons team but they should be able to handle their business at home. The duo of running back Todd Gurley and quarterback Jared Goff are going to be very difficult to stop. There’s an argument to be made that they will need a year of playoff experience to make it through the postseason gauntlet and Atlanta definitely has an edge in experience. However, the Rams are playing better football this season and sometimes teams like the Rams aren’t bothered by a lack of experience. The season has already been a smashing success for Sean McVay but they can still accomplish more.

New Orleans Saints

Power Ranking: 4

  • Previous Rank: 6
  • Record: 11-5
  • Week 17 result: Loss versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 31-24
  • Final Grade: A

Even though the Saints shouldn’t be losing games to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they still had an excellent season and are a serious threat to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. It was quite an unexpected ride for New Orleans as the offense shifted towards Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara and put quarterback Drew Brees on the backburner. The defense played a lot better than anyone expected it to and cornerback Marshon Lattimore should get consideration for rookie of the year. The balance the Saints bring make them dangerous. Just because Brees wasn’t the main cog in the offense doesn’t mean he can’t be. They do have the tough draw of facing division rival Carolina for the third time this year but they are plenty capable of beating the Panthers.

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Minnesota Vikings

Power Ranking: 5

  • Previous Rank: 1
  • Record: 13-3
  • Week 17 result: Win versus Chicago Bears, 23-10
  • Final Grade: A+

This rank is not a reflection on the regular season for the Vikings. They surpassed all expectations this season and did it without quarterback Sam Bradford and rookie running back Dalvin Cook. The defense is smothering when they’re playing well, but the real star for them this year was quarterback Case Keenum. He played at a very high level but I still have a tough time believing a team led by Keenum can go deep into the postseason. That’s not to say it’s impossible but they are at a disadvantage at the QB position compared to most of the NFC teams. Coach Mike Zimmer deserves to be in the running for Coach of the Year, but offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur has had an incredible season as well. Minnesota gets to rest up with a bye this week while they wait for their opponent in the Divisional round.

Philadelphia Eagles

Power Ranking: 6

  • Previous Rank: 3
  • Record: 13-3
  • Week 17 result: Loss versus Dallas Cowboys, 6-0
  • Final Grade: A

Nick Foles EaglesThe likely outcome of this season for the Eagles is going to be wondering what could have been had quarterback Carson Wentz stayed healthy and not torn his ACL. He could’ve been the NFL MVP this season and the Eagles are drastically different without him. Nick Foles has looked very poor in relief and even though the rest of the Philly team is stacked, Foles could hamper them to the point of losing early on. Philly has found their franchise QB this season and that’s a big victory, regardless of what the playoff outcome is. They do have home-field advantage throughout the postseason and that could help them get to the Super Bowl even without Wentz.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Power Ranking: 7

  • Previous Rank: 8
  • Record: 10-6
  • Week 17 result: Loss versus Tennessee Titans, 15-10
  • Final Grade: B

The future is very bright in Jacksonville and their grade would have been higher had they not stumbled into the playoffs with losses against the 49ers and Titans. The story of their season has been the defense and they are the main reason the Jaguars could upset any team in the playoffs. The offense is hit and miss due to the erratic play from quarterback Blake Bortles. He had a stretch this year when he was legitimately playing very well. He’s also played very poorly and could torpedo Jacksonville at any time. They play the Buffalo Bills at home in the Wild Card round and that’s a pretty good draw for them. They should be able to beat Buffalo and if they do, a re-match with Pittsburgh would be next.

Atlanta Falcons

Power Ranking: 8

  • Previous Rank: 12
  • Record: 10-6
  • Week 17 result: Win versus Carolina Panthers, 22-10
  • Final Grade: B-

The Falcons have been wildly unimpressive so far this season, which seems weird to say when they have a 10-6 record. The offense almost never played up to their capabilities but the talent on that side of the ball could explode at any time. Quarterback Matt Ryan regressed in a major way this year and receiver Julio Jones somehow only managed to score three touchdowns. The defense just kind of is what it it. They usually won’t win a game but they can make enough plays to not lose it. Atlanta knows what it takes to make it to the Super Bowl and could make a run even as a six seed. However, they face a stiff challenge when they head to Los Angeles to face the high-powered Rams.

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Carolina Panthers

Power Ranking: 9

  • Previous Rank: 7
  • Record: 11-5
  • Week 17 result: Loss versus Atlanta Falcons, 22-10
  • Final Grade: B

The Panthers are an interesting team. When quarterback Cam Newton is on, Carolina can play with any team in the league. The problem is Cam and the offense are very inconsistent. Not many teams would take a running back in the top 10 in then not use him as much as they should have, but that was the case with Christian McCaffrey. Some games he got treated as a workhorse, other games he was barely used. Devin Funchess probably shouldn’t be a number one receiver and that should be a priority in the offseason. They went 1-3 versus the Falcons and Saints this year and I’m not sure the Panthers are as good as the record would suggest. Carolina looks to avoid going 0-3 versus the Saints this year during Wild Card weekend.

Kansas City

Power Ranking: 10

  • Previous Rank: 11
  • Record: 10-6
  • Week 17 result: Win versus Denver Broncos, 27-24
  • Final Grade: C+

Kareem Hunt NFL compressorAfter flying out of the gate to start the season, Kansas City wen 5-6 in their last 11 games. The offense finally has seemed to realize that they need to be centered on running back Kareem Hunt to open up the passing game and not the other way around. The offense funnels towards Hunt, receiver Tyreek Hill, and tight end Travis Kelce. Quarterback Alex Smith will need to overcome the stigma of being a game manager to go deep into the playoffs. The Chiefs actually got fairly lucky that they get a home game against one of the weaker teams in the playoff field, the Tennessee Titans.

Buffalo Bills

Power Ranking: 11

  • Previous Rank: 14
  • Record: 9-7
  • Week 17 result: Win versus Miami Dolphins, 22-16
  • Final Grade: B-

Despite their best efforts to not make it, the Bills backed into the playoffs when the Bengals beat the Ravens. No matter the outcome of their game in Jacksonville this week, Buffalo exceeded expectations this season. They really need to hope running back LeSean McCoy can play this weekend because it’s going to be a tall task without him.The Jaguars defense is extremely talented and the Bills don’t have a tone of playmakers. The Bills still seem likely to move on from quarterback Tyrod Taylor this offseason, barring a deep playoff run. Buffalo has some cap space and multiple high picks in the year’s draft and seem poised to reload on the fly, even if it’s not a full rebuild.

Tennesse Titans

Power Ranking: 12

  • Previous Rank: 20
  • Record: 9-7
  • Week 17 result: Win versus Jacksonville Jaguars, 15-10
  • Final Grade: C-

Despite making the postseason, it was a fairly disappointing season in Tennessee. This was supposed to be a year when they took a big step forward and that didn’t happen at all. Quarterback Marcus Mariota fought through injuries and wound up throwing more interceptions than touchdowns. The running game was ineffective in part because they refused to let Derrick Henry take over for DeMarco Murray. Rookie receiver Corey Davis made almost no impact this year and will look to rebound next season. They have to travel to Arrowhead this week to play the Chiefs and there are reports that Coach Mike Mularkey could lose his job if they don’t win.

Los Angeles Chargers

Power Ranking: 13

  • Previous Rank: 13
  • Record: 9-7
  • Week 17 result: Win versus Oakland Raiders, 30-10
  • Final Grade: C+

One of the best teams to not make the playoffs, the Chargers just couldn’t make up for their 0-4 start. They will enter 2018 with some promise but will also potentially be looking for a young quarterback to start grooming behind Philip Rivers. It was great to see receiver Keenan Allen get through a full season without suffering a major injury. The Chargers should be adding pieces to gear up for a Super Bowl run in 2018. Even though they only finished with nine wins, they may not be that far away.

Seattle Seahawks

Power Ranking: 14

  • Previous Rank: 10
  • Record: 9-7
  • Week 17 result: Loss versus Arizona Cardinals, 26-24
  • Final Grade: C

Russell WilsonIt’s truly amazing how many warts quarterback Russell Wilson was able to cover that Seattle was even in the playoff picture until the final week of the year. Seattle just is a very average football team outside of their star players and once they started losing them from the defense, everything started to fall apart. They have a lot of difficult choices this offseason. There’s a lot of high-priced veteran players that could be cap casualties, and Seattle has to find a way to improve the offense around Wilson in many spots.  In addition, they now have a lot of competition in their division with the Rams and 49ers both being up and coming teams. This is a critical offseason for the Seahawks.

San Francisco 49ers

Power Ranking: 15

  • Previous Rank: 15
  • Record: 6-10
  • Week 17 result: Win versus Los Angeles Rams, 34-13
  • Final Grade: B+

Not only did the 49ers end up with more wins than most thought they would have this season, they found their quarterback of the future when they traded a second-round pick to New England for Jimmy Garoppolo. It looked like a risky trade when it happened but the 49ers will have stolen Jimmy G from the Patriots if he continues to play this well. He has taken full command of the Kyle Shanahan offense and has accelerated to timeline of the San Francisco rebuild drastically. The 49ers have a ton of money to improve areas of need and potentially lock up Garoppolo to a long-term deal. It’s going to be fun to see what pieces they add to the offense this offseason.

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Baltimore Ravens

Power Ranking: 16

  • Previous Rank: 9
  • Record: 9-7
  • Week 17 result: Loss versus Cincinnati Bengals, 31-27
  • Final Grade: C

The Ravens choked away a playoff berth this past week as all they needed to do is beat the Bengals. Even if they had gotten in, I wasn’t buying the narrative of them making a run. The defense wasn’t playing all that well and the offense was dreadful all season. They don’t have any real weapons in the passing game and even though running back Alex Collins was playing well, it wasn’t going to be enough. Quarterback Joe Flacco had nobody to rely on and frankly was terrible for a large chunk of the year. Flacco’s contract hamstrings the team to an extent and they need to find a way to add some speed to both sides of the ball.

Dallas Cowboys

Power Ranking: 17

  • Previous Rank: 17
  • Record: 9-7
  • Week 17 result: Win versus Philadelphia Eagles, 6-0
  • Final Grade: D+

This season was highly disappointing after a 13-3 campaign last year. Not only was star running back Ezekiel Elliott suspended, tackle Tyron Smith struggled with injury. Quarterback Dak Prescott looked like he took a large step back and receiver Dez Bryant didn’t help him out all that much. Maybe Bryant played through some type of injury but the coaching staff on the offensive side of the ball did this team no favors this year. The gameplans were uninspired and they had plenty of talent that should’ve been able to score more points. They need to really figure things out on that side of the ball and it has to be more than handoffs and Dez Bryant outside the numbers. One of the biggest personnel decisions is the status of defensive lineman DeMarcus Lawernce, who had 14 1/2 sacks this year.

Detroit Lions

Power Ranking: 18

  • Previous Rank: 17
  • Record: 9-7
  • Week 17 result: Win versus Green Bay Packers, 35-11
  • Final Grade: C-

Losing in Week 16 to the Bengals and getting eliminated from the playoffs probably led to Detroit letting go of Coach Jim Caldwell. The offense just feels like it could be so much more if quarterback Matthew Stafford ever had any semblance of a running game. They have what appears to be a pretty good trio of receivers in Golden Tate, Marvin Jones, and Kenny Golladay. Fortunately for Detroit, this class of running backs in the draft is totally loaded. If they keep improving the defense and offensive line, the Lions could jump from a mediocre team to a playoff threat rather quickly.

Arizona Cardinals

Power Ranking: 19 

  • Previous Rank: 19
  • Record: 8-8
  • Week 17 result: Win versus Seattle Seahawks, 26-24
  • Final Grade: B-

Looking at the season the Cardinals had should just drive home the point of how special the Minnesota Vikings season was. Arizona also lost their quarterback and running back but landed right at the .500 mark. With the news of Coach Bruce Arians opting for retirement, Arizona faces an uncertain offseason. Will Arians leaving lead to Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald to retire as well?  If they do, will Arizona embark on a full rebuild and just ride David Johnson as far as he can take them? No matter what, the Cardinals need to find a new coach and a QB that is ready to play sooner than later.

Cincinnati Bengals

Power Ranking: 20

  • Previous Rank: 21
  • Record: 7-9
  • Week 17 result: Win versus Baltimore Ravens, 31-27
  • Final Grade: D

Marvin LewisThe Bengals fell short of what expectations were in place this season and after reports that coach Marvin Lewis would be out, now it appears there is mutual interest in him returning. There’s a place for loyalty but there’s also literally no reason to bring back Lewis. The Bengals fall short every year regardless of talent level and bringing back Lewis is the definition of insanity. The offensive line needs to be upgraded and they need weapons aside from A.J. Green in the passing game. The problem is they have spent a lot of draft capital on the offense. Tyler Eifert, Tyler Boyd, and John Ross were all high picks. None have broken through yet to contribute consistently. The defense is on solid footing but it can’t hurt to add to it.

Washington Redskins

Power Ranking: 21

  • Previous Rank: 16
  • Record: 7-9
  • Week 17 result: Loss versus New York Giants, 18-10
  • Final Grade: C-

The best thing to happen for the Redskins was this injury-plagued season to end. They were just crushed under the weight of how many players were banged up throughout the year. Free agent signing Terrelle Pryor was a colossal flop and the offense missed Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson in a big way. Washington smartly kept Coach Jay Gruden, knowing it was not his fault this year. Given the circumstances against him, quarterback Kirk Cousins played pretty well. Is he a Brady or Rodgers? Absolutely not. However, he’s a top 10-12 option in the league. If Washington lets him walk, it could be a very bad mistake. They need to sign him and then make some tweaks on each side of the ball.

Chicago Bears

Power Ranking: 22

  • Previous Rank: 22
  • Record: 5-11
  • Week 17 result: Loss versus Minnesota Vikings, 23-10
  • Final Grade: D

The Bears got one step right already when they let John Fox go from coaching duties. While it does need to be said that this is a difficult time for the families of the coaches fired during this time, the Bears had absolutely no choice. Fox isn’t the right choice to mentor Mitchell Trubisky and they gave up too much to draft him to ruin him early. The contract they handed Mike Glennon last offseason looks abjectly terrible now and they need to load up the offensive side of the ball. Chicago has a nice 1-2 punch in the backfield with Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen, provided the new coach actually uses Cohen. The Bears can’t make a poor hire at this juncture(do NOT hire Jeff Fisher) because they have an opportunity to reverse their fortunes in a hurry with the right moves.

Green Bay Packers

Power Ranking: 23

  • Previous Rank: 23
  • Record: 7-9
  • Week 17 result: Loss versus Detroit Lions, 35-11
  • Final Grade: D+

aaron rodgersMost teams would struggle without a player like Aaron Rodgers in their lineup but the Packers looked extremely poor without him. The Packers are a below average team with one of the best quarterbacks football has ever seen. They should be in a better spot and maybe that was why Green Bay fired GM Ted Thompson. Receivers Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson could be potential cap casualties this offseason, especially in light of the Davante Adams contract extension. The offense could use some more juice on the outside and a player like Sammy Watkins would be super interesting on this team. The defense could use additions at virtually every level. As long as Rodgers is healthy, the Packers are a threat to go to the Super Bowl as soon as next season.

New York Jets

Power Ranking: 24

  • Previous Rank: 24
  • Record: 5-11
  • Week 17 result: Loss versus New England Patriots, 26-6
  • Final Grade: B-

Winning five games in the NFL is typically nothing to write home about, but the Jets were being talked about as a one or two win squad in the preseason. Coach Todd Bowles deserves a ton of credit for pulling five wins from this team that still needs help at nearly every position. They don’t have a good quarterback on the roster under the age of 35, they have no receiver to go along with Robby Anderson, and they don’t have a workhorse running back. The defense could really use additions to the linebacking corps and the secondary. Bowles has more than earned another shot for the 2018 season.

Oakland Raiders

Power Ranking: 25

  • Previous Rank: 25
  • Record: 6-10
  • Week 17 result: Loss versus Los Angeles Chargers, 30-10
  • Final Grade: F

This season was a disaster for the Raiders, there’s just no other way around it. They were a sexy Super Bowl pick this offseason and even if you didn’t buy into that, losing 10 games for this team is not acceptable. The offense went backward at warp speed this season. Quarterback Derek Carr got hurt and maybe he was never fully recovered from the broken bone in his back, but his play was very poor. Amari Cooper basically only showed up for two games, Michael Crabtree’s headline was an ugly brawl with Broncos corner Aqib Talib, and the offensive line played far below their pay grade. The defense played below expectation and that’s saying something as they weren’t meant to be a strength of this team. They reportedly will bring back Jon Gruden to coach, and we’ll see if he can turn things around.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Power Ranking: 26

  • Previous Rank: 30
  • Record: 5-11
  • Week 17 result: Win versus New Orleans Saints, 31-24
  • Final Grade: D

Another team that had postseason dreams before the season started, the Bucs slogged through a very poor year. Their defense was below average and injured throughout and the offense never really got going until late. The passing game was one of the biggest letdowns. Receivers Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson never made the impact that they should have and the running game was a mishmash of spare parts. Doug Martin, Peyton Barber, Jaquizz Rodgers, and Charles Sims all combined for very little production. Tampa elected to bring back Dirk Koetter(after flirting with Gruden) but the largest puzzle piece is quarterback Jameis Winston. While very talented, Winston must fin consistency and stop turning over the ball like a clone of Blake Bortles. Until he does that, all of his good moments will continue to be sabotaged.

Indianapolis Colts

Power Ranking: 27

  • Previous Rank: 27
  • Record: 4-12
  • Week 17 result: Win versus Houston Texans, 22-13
  • Final Grade: C

It’s hard to be too harsh on the Colts for their bad season since most realize they don’t have much going for them aside from quarterback Andrew Luck. When he misses a whole season, it’s hard to expect a lot of wins. The Colts now have a high draft pick to try and rebuild this team on the fly to not waste much more of what should be Luck’s prime. They’ll be on the hunt for a new coach after they fired Chuck Pagano but it can’t be overstated how important Luck is to this team in their current state. Hopefully, he will be back and fully healthy in 2018.

Denver Broncos

Power Ranking: 28

  • Previous Ranks: 26
  • Record: 5-11
  • Week 17 result: Loss versus Kansas City Chiefs, 27-24
  • Final Grade: D

It was a long season in Denver but they decided to bring back Vance Joseph for the second year. That was probably their best course of action as it’s not his fault the team doesn’t have a quarterback. The Broncos are a candidate for a fast turnaround in 2018. They could use some fresh blood on defense and they need to find a partner in the pass rush with Von Miller. That could be internal but it’s definitely needed. They absolutely need to find a quarterback that can start next year, whether that’s free agency or in the draft. It wouldn’t hurt to feed C.J. Anderson the ball more next year too.

Miami Dolphins

Power Ranking: 29

  • Previous Rank: 28
  • Record: 6-10
  • Week 17 result: Loss versus Buffalo Bills, 22-16
  • Final Grade: D

The playoff berth from last year seems an awfully long time ago for the Dolphins. They lost Ryan Tannehill to an ACL injury during training camp and he may or may not be with the team in 2018. Jay Cutler played like Jay Cutler always does(not well) and Jay Ajayi is in Philadelphia. The one good part of trading Ajayi was the emergence of Kenyan Drake as an every-down back. Receiver Jarvis Landry became the first receiver ever to have more than 100 receptions for fewer than 1,000 yards and his future with Miami is cloudy. DeVante Parker has yet to live up to his draft stock and the defense has virtually no up and coming talent. Someday soon, there will be questions over just how much of an offensive guru Coach Adam Gase really is.

Houston Texans

Power Ranking: 

  • Previous Rank: 29
  • Record: 4-12
  • Week 17 result: Loss versus Indianapolis Colts, 22-13
  • Final Grade: C-

This was another team that was just ravaged by injuries. Losing J.J. Watt, Whitney Mercilus, and Deshaun Watson(among others) just became too much to overcome. The bright spot is that the Texans seemingly have found their franchise QB. Watson shined in his limited action and while it would be unwise to expect him to play the exact same way, there’s every reason to believe he is legit. It helps when you have the second best receiver in the league, DeAndre Hopkins. It’s possible running back Lamar Miller won’t be back but it wouldn’t be too hard to find a suitable replacement. Houston just needs guys to stay healthy next season.

New York Giants

Power Ranking: 31

  • Previous Rank: 31
  • Record: 3-13
  • Week 17 result: Win versus Washington Redskins, 18-10
  • Final Grade: F

The season got so bad for the Giants that they fired Ben McAdoo before the season even ended. They hired Dave Gettleman as their GM and need a permanent head coach whose first order of business is making a decision on the future of Eli Manning. Gettleman is saying that they’ll retain Manning, but we’ll see if that’s what happens. New York needs offensive line help and some new talent on defense, especially in the linebacker corps. This team is closer to the playoff squad from last year and is an attractive landing spot for any coach.

Cleveland Browns

Power Ranking: 32

  • Previous Rank: 32
  • Record: 0-16
  • Week 17 result: Loss versus Pittsburgh Steelers, 28-24
  • Final Grade: F

Newly minted GM John Dorsey has his hands full with this team. If he truly sticks with coach Hue Jackson after a 1-31 record in two years, it’s going to draw critics right off the bat. Regardless of who’s coaching, they can’t mess this draft up. The Browns have their first and fourth overall picks and need to find a franchise QB. DeShone Kizer could be the answer but didn’t prove enough to be the unquestioned starter next season. The only position they don’t need some help at is running back. Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson are a good 1-2, they just weren’t utilized enough this year. It’s a vitally important offseason for the Browns to try and break their cycle of rebuilds.

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