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FF Faceoff Podcast XXXII: Fantasy Football 2018 Regression Candidates

FF Faceoff XXXII: Fantasy Football 2018 Regression Candidates And Margarita Day

On episode XXXII of the FFfaceoff, Anthony and Mike will reveal who they think will be fantasy football’s regression candidates in 2018. Will players like Cam Newton or Todd Gurley make the cut? Tune in to today’s episode to find out! In addition, the guys will talk about Margarita Day on the Trending Twitter Topic of the day segment. And don’t forget, please don’t forget to follow, subscribe, like and share our channel and content.

  • 3:30 Margarita Day
  • 6:00 NFL News
  • 22:20 Evo1Sports
  • 24:15 Fantasy Football Player Regressions
  • 1:02:30 Thrive Fantasy

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