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Ryan Mathews Injured

Fantasy StockWith some of the recent injuries and NFL training camp battles and reports, Gridiron Experts has tweaked our Running Back and Wide Receiver Fantasy Rankings. Here are the results:

Fantasy Running Back Movement

Ryan Mathews (-10)
Wow! This is not what fantasy keeper league owners wanted to see on the first San Diego Chargers drive. At this point we have moved him way down the board. We have to wait an see how bad things are, but at this point Mathews has fallen 10 spots to become out 16th overall RB.

DeMarco Murray (+ 2) 
All reports lean towards a heavy workload for DeMarco Murray. His fantasy value for 2012 is looking up and we feel he is inching closer and closer to being a possible late 1st round pick. Currently he is a great value Running back in the 2nd round and one I strongly recommend. Due to moving Murray up, and Ryan Mathews down the board, Michael Turner and Ahmad Bradshaw are readjusted to 10th and 11th on our top 35 RB Fantasy player rankings list.

Trent Richardson (-2)
Gridiron Experts was one of the few sites that didn’t have this RB rookie high to begin with. Despite a few disagreements as a whole, many of our writers came to the conclusion that it would be smart recommend Trent Richardson as the 15th overall RB on our list. His recent news of needing a minor knee surgery has him moving down to 16th on our board. Not a huge fall, but at this point we do not recommend drafting him high in your fantasy league.

Doug Martin (+2)
Despite the recent report of LeGarrette Blount being named the top running back on the Buccaneers depth chart, we have gone ahead and read between the lines. At this point the coaching staff is not about to rock the boat with Blount. They plan to keep things they way they are for now while pushing their new talented RB throughout the month of August. The season could even start with Blount in the driver seat, but all indications are pointing to Martin stealing the job very soon.

Jamaal Charles (-)
Charles didn’t get an update this week as we are very much interested in see the Chiefs Friday preseason game against the Cardinals. He is on the top of our list to move as his current spot at 21st overall on our RB fantasy rankings seems quite low. Check out Jody Smith’s recent  profile article on Jamaal Charles for more insight.

Kevin Smith (+3)
From being not on the list to swamping out his teammate Jahvid Best at 32, this RB player movement seems more important than it really is. The Lions have a headache in the backfield, and the current front runner is Kevin Smith.

Smith is considered the Lions’ best pass-protector among the teams running backs, that in a very strange way gives him an edge more at this point. Nothing looks spectacular in the Lions backfield at this moment, yet fantasy owners could care less as the team that makes it’s money through the air.

Fantasy Wide Receiver Movement

Mike Wallace (-1) Antonio Brown (+3)
The longer Mike Wallace sits, the more reps Brown gets as the top WR on the team. The front office doesn’t sound like they’re about to budge on this money standoff, and in reality, the longer Wallace sits out the less he’ll get paid. I can’t see Mike Wallace falling lower than the 20th WR on our WR fantasy rankings, but currently we have him matching his jersey number 17th on our board.

Andre Johnson (+1)
This adjustemnt is basically me protesting his undervalued wealth. We have Andre too low on our board, and with the one spot upgrade he still only places 10th on our WR Fantasy Rankings. It will take a little while before fantasy owners realize he is not made of glass, but in the meantime Gridiron Experts recommends not reaching on this proven veteran.

Alshon Jeffery (+3)
I have heard nothing but great things from this talented wide-out, he didn’t do too much last night, but still he is on the rise. His excellent training camp could be exactly the kind of thing the team needs when defense lean heavy on doubling Marshall or loading the box to spot Forte.

Terrell Owens (new)
Terrell Owens cracks the WR fantasy rankings as the 60th overall wide receiver. If he continues to shine, there is no doubt Sidney Rice will fall on our board.

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