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Fantasy High 5: Greg Jennings, Sleepers, and More

Fantasy High 5
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Fantasy High 5 is Gridiron Experts weekly discussion article where we toss around a few opinions on popular fantasy football buzzing topics. With fantasy playoffs right around the corner, we tried to stick to questions that will provide info that can help you over the next few weeks.

Will Greg Jennings decrease the fantasy value of Randall Cobb, even if he plays a limited role?

Jody SmithJody Smith: It could actually benefit Cobb. A healthy Jennings could warrant the opposition’s top coverage corner, freeing up Cobb to get mismatches vs. nickel corners and safeties. The Packers have been very creative with their use of Cobb, and that should continue.
Mike RodriguezMike Rodriguez: With Jennings rejoining the Packers offense Randall Cobb can get back into a slot receiver role. Having a sure-handed WR like Cobb as a reliable check-down target is going to be huge for PPR fantasy owners.
Robert JamesRobert James: I don’t see it decreasing Cobb’s value at all. The only person I think it will affect is James Jones, he won’t see  nearly as many red zone targets with Jennings back.
Chris StrongChris Strong: I’m with Jody on this…the Packers have been finding new creative ways to utilize Cobb in the receiving corps and sometimes in the running game. If Jennings does come back, I don’t see any of this changing. Cobb has taken over the role of a number one wideout and has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he should be the go to guy for the Packers. Since Jennings has been gone so long, he’s gonna need practice and game time to get his gameplay back. This should actually help Cobb in the long run.
Ken Reiser: Randall Cobb has formed a good role for himself as a trusted playmaker due to Greg Jennings’ absence. His role can only continue to grow. Personally, I feel like Randall Cobb is most effective when coming out of the back field, but in this potent offense expect benefits all around.
Ryan Miller: Jennings provides a deep threat and reliable option for the Packers, while Cobb is used more on the edge and from the backfield, so while the touches will be shared, both will still get a good number of looks.


Entering week 13, who do you think is playing amazing football and is very underrated in fantasy?

Jody SmithJody Smith: Cecil Shorts continues to be a waiver-wire gem. Over the last three weeks, he’s been the fifth highest scoring wide-out in the game, with 13 receptions for a shade under 300 yards and a touchdown in each game.
Chris Strong: Dez Bryant and Andy Dalton. Both players have had huge games in their previous two outings with Dalton throwing for 3 touchdowns, while Bryant has gone over the 100 yard mark in receiving with 3 touchdowns in his past two games. Both players are hot at the moment.
Zhan Mourning: Has to be Marcel Reece. Some say he is only in there until Darren McFadden gets back, but the Raiders must realize what they have with Reece. Anytime he has been on the field, he has been the most productive running back on the team. If they were smart, they would turn this into a running back by committee with McFadden and Reece. It would be through the roof production, as well as help McFadden stay healthy with a lesser work load.
Robert JamesRobert James: Even though he has been hurt for a good portion of the year I really like Hakeem Nicks. With Victor Cruz slumping over the last four games I think Eli will start to rely on Nicks even more.
Ken Reiser: Who is playing amazing football? Can anyone argue that Adrian Peterson’s superhuman comeback doesn’t warrant serious consideration? Blah blah Peyton Manning blah. Adrian is one of a dying breed– the true starting running back– and has proved his supreme worth by playing very well over the course of the season. I like the Cecil Shorts shout out, but Peterson has performed really well and it wasn’t always definitive that he would.
Brian JerzakBrian Jerzak: Outside of Trent Richardson, there has been very little reason to talk about the Cleveland Browns, but the Browns’ defense has quietly had a nice year. They are in the top ten in turnovers forced, and since their bad 0-5 start, they have given up less than 20 points three times. They have been doing most of it without one of the best corners in the league, Joe Haden. They got Haden back last week and what happened? They forced seven turnovers.
Mike RodriguezMike Rodriguez: People are still asking me on Twitter if they should be starting Randall Cobb, which is amazing considering how productive he’s been, but I’m going to go with Andy Dalton. The Bengals have been solid since their bye week.


The Eagles have no heart and no motivation, are the Chargers and Cowboys next?

Jody SmithJody Smith: Sometimes, with long-tenured coaches, it just becomes apparent that change is needed. Jason Garrett hasn’t been in Dallas long enough for that to be a factor, and still has the vocal support of the puppet-master, Jerry Jones. Norv Turner has been on the hot seat for many years, but it’s now obvious that something has happened to negatively effect Philip Rivers’ ability or confidence. The Chargers could easily open up a can of quit, as the club is likely to do an entire cleansing of the franchise.
Robert JamesRobert James: I don’t think any of those teams lack heart. Both teams still have a decent amount of talent, I just feel both coaches need to go. In the case of the Cowboys I think the players know that if they don’t perform, “The Man Upstairs” will cut them in a heartbeat!!
Chris StrongChris Strong: The Chargers have been a failing franchise for many years now, and Norv Turner has had way too many chances to revive his squad. It might be time to shake things up a little in San Diego and Philip Rivers could use a little more motivation from someone other than Turner. The Cowboys have been mediocre under Jason Garrett, and for the most part it seems like things won’t change there for some time, unless the Boys really begin to tank hard after their Thanksgiving loss, then Jerry Jones will step up and intervene.
Zhan Mourning: I don’t think its a question of heart or motivation, but a realization that the season is lost. This gives them a chance to give their young guys like Nick Foles and Bryce Brown some serious playing time to really see what they have in them. With the Chargers and Cowboys, they don’t really have any younger skill position players. At least the Eagles have attempted to set themselves up for the future, if not to at least asses the value of their young talent for trading purposes.
Brian JerzakBrian Jerzak: I actually think the talent on both teams has been overrated for years – especially in Dallas. The Cowboys have not been a factor in years. For as long as it has been since Dallas has been a Super Bowl threat, it can’t be heart, it has to do with talent. Same with San Diego, they have let a lot of talented players go over the years and have not been able to reload as quickly as they have needed to.


T.Y. Hilton, Denario Alexander, and Cecil Shorts all have high fantasy stocks moving forward, name a possible December Sleeper

Jody SmithJody Smith: What about Knowshon Moreno? He came out of nowhere Sunday to take 24 of the 27 running back touches for the Broncos, and after this week’s tough match-up with Tampa’s top-ranked run defense, the Broncos next three opponents are all ranked 21st or worst against the run- just in time for the fantasy playoffs.

Robert JamesRobert James: I like Mohamed Sanu to be a nice sleeper for the month of December. With Hawkins losing his spot on the depth chart, I see Sanu being the main beneficiary.
Sean Herman: Dallas Clark is a solid play at TE if you are suffering from Gronkitis. Also remember to look at the teams that clinch a playoff spot, once they start resting guys their backups could potentially warrant a play.
Zhan Mourning: David Wilson. With Andre Brown out for the season, and Ahmad Bradshaw’s injury history, Wilson will be forced into the game one way or another. The Giants may look to sign another back or two, but Wilson will get his playing time.
Ryan Miller: Marcedes Lewis. He has consistently produced since Henne took over and has gotten at least 4 targets dating back to week 8. With all the bum tight ends this year, Lewis is a great fantasy option to produce down the stretch for a team that has been throwing the ball more.
Brian JerzakBrian Jerzak: Pretty deep sleeper here, but with the Eagles looking to clean house even before the season is over, Riley Cooper could be someone who sees more targets and scoring opportunities. The way they are going, he is a guy I could see getting two or three garbage touchdowns late in games long after the Eagles’ “stars” have packed it in.


Do you trust RunDMC and/or Demarco Murray in starting fantasy roles when they come back?

Jody SmithJody Smith: Darren McFadden has been disappointing. Even when he was healthy he was on pace for 800+ rushing yards and four touchdowns. The Raiders new scheme doesn’t fit his skill-set well. Demarco Murray should be reinstalled as the featured back upon his healthy return, relegating Felix Jones to kick returner and the occasional change-of-pace role that he’s better suited for.
Chris StrongChris Strong: Demarco Murray. Once he is healthy he should be the starting back for the Boys again. Darren McFadden has had a disappointing season, and now the Raiders are using more of an aerial attack in their games. That shouldn’t change whether McFadden is in the lineup or not.
Brian JerzakBrian Jerzak: I don’t trust either player, mostly because I don’t trust either offense. They are both WAY too inconsistent for me. If I had to pick one I would take Murray. The Cowboys’ offense has more of a chance to put up good numbers so therefore, so does Murray.


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