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Fantasy Football Rankings Week 8

The following is a complete breakdown of Gridiron Experts Fantasy Football Rankings Week 8 using a sortable widget provided by FantasyPros. These rankings are subject to change, please check back for lineup decisions.

Fantasy Football Rankings Week 8

Who would have thought the NFL season would be more of a struggle to deal with player injuries than a global pandemic. With so many elite fantasy players banged up entering week eight, you’ll really need to be sharp with your lineup decisions to get a win. Fortunately, Gridiron Experts staff have been on the ball in 2020 pumping out some great fantasy football rankings. Currently, our very own Zach Greubel ranks 10th overall in overall accuracy while Mike Hauff isn’t far behind ranked 14th overall.

The contest also has accuracy rankings for each position too. Here are our rankings by positions if you are torn with who’s advice to take:

  • QB – Mike Rigz ranks 13th overall in Quarterback accuracy
  • RB – Zach Greubel ranks 10th overall in Running Back accuracy
  • WR – Mike Hauff ranks 7th and Zach ranks 12 in Wide Receiver accuracy
  • TE – Jason Wilian ranks 16th and Anthony Cervino ranks 18th in Tight End Accuracy

Want more insight into our Fantasy Football Rankings for Week 8, check out Zach Greubel’s Fantasy Football Likes & Dislikes article that talks more about the players in his rankings.


How To Use These Fantasy Rankings

Every fantasy league is different with unique scoring formats or starting lineups. Our default setting for this fantasy football rankings week 8 tool is set to half-point PPR. However, you do have the ability to adjust that. While the Flex rankings do make things easy with comparing players on your roster, keep in mind we do not rank players outside of their position. We rank positional groups and then the FantasyPros tool blends them together to create the flex rankings section. While the results do usually produce a great list of players in order of top performers, there have been times the blend doesn’t go so smoothly, so take that with a grain of salt. Overall, we do take great pride in our fantasy football rankings and do try to provide the best quality player lists for you to use 100% free.

How Often are these Rankings Updated?

Gridiron Experts Fantasy Football Rankings Week 8 article features a widget that allows each staff writer the ability to adjust the rankings on the fly. This year, due to the high number of injuries, our staff is adjusting their rankings almost daily, but thanks to all the juggling of games due to Covid, there is a lot of waiting to see how things pan out. For example, the Titans/Bills game is causing a ton of league issues, so those players’ positions in our fantasy football week 8 rankings widget are definitely not set in stone. The best advice would be to bookmark Gridiron Experts and come back to check for updates.

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