Fantasy Football Rankings Week 14

Fantasy Rankings Week 14

Fantasy Football Rankings Week 14

The Fantasy Football playoffs are here and we’re all a little nervous about our rosters and starting lineups being optimized for best possible outcomes. This week will be stressful and you’ll likely second guess yourself more than a few times with some of your starters. As a small piece of advice, I would like to remind you that you need to start a lineup you are happy with. Always trust your gut and use rankings like the ones provided here as a helpful guide. At the end of the day, it’s your team and you make the calls. Don’t set yourself up for any regrets.

Week 13 Rankings Recap

Good time of the year to get on a hot streak. Congrats to our very own @MikeRigz and @JodySmithNFL in week 13 fantasy football accuracy at @FantasyPros

  • Mike was 4th overall in week 13 accuracy with his rankings. He ranked 2nd in WR and 3rd in TE
  • Jody was 7th overall in week 13, rankings 1st in running backs

The table below is Gridiron Experts staff Fantasy Football rankings for week 14. Each individual staff writer contributes their rankings which create an average that we use for our overall consensus rankings. You can sort by each writer simply by clicking on the date below the writer’s name and/or resorting to the staff consensus rankings by clicking on the number sign or hash top left in the table. If you have a question for our staff writers, click on their name and a new tab will open up their twitter page.

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Good Luck!

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