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15 Fantasy Football Punishments for Finishing Last in Your League

fantasy football punishments

Fantasy Football Punishments

Fantasy Football is a hugely popular game that brings together people from all walks of life to engage in a virtual gridiron battle. While building a championship squad through draft and management is the ultimate goal. Every league is different with its own set of rules, but several leagues add some fun to the season by imposing amusing Fantasy Football Punishments on the losers.

These penalties keep everyone interested throughout the season and offer an added layer of hilarity. The topic of fantasy football Punishments will be investigated, along with some creative and humorous alternatives.

The most famous Fantasy Football Punishment story has to be about the Waffle House guy.

In a quirky and hilarious twist of fate, a Fantasy Football league devised a unique punishment for their last-place finisher which was, to spend an entire day in a Waffle House. This punishment transformed into an unforgettable adventure for one unlucky guy.

Lee Sanderlin, the unfortunate manager who ended up at the bottom of the league, embarked on his waffle-filled odyssey. From the crack of dawn until the wee hours of the following morning, he was required to take up residence in the bustling hub of breakfast delights.

As the day progressed, Lee documented his experience, sharing his waffle escapades on social media (tweet above). He devoured plate after plate of fluffy golden waffles, drowned in syrup, and topped with an array of mouthwatering accompaniments. John’s taste buds reveled in the sweet and savory ecstasy of this unique culinary marathon.

Throughout his waffle marathon, John encountered a diverse cast of characters – late-night revelers, early-bird regulars, and a variety of Waffle House employees who all joined in the hilarity of his predicament.

Fantasy Football Punishments Ideas

The dedication fans have to their Fantasy Football League is amazing. Some guys won’t dance at their wedding but have no problems dressing up as idiots to represent their league’s tradition. The following are __ Fantasy Football Punishments that you can adapt to your league as a form of punishment for the person that comes last in your league

The Beer Boy

I wanted to use another five-letter word that started with B, but we’ll keep it kind of classy in this article. The beer boy is to be dressed in an outfit that the champion finds pleasing during the league’s fantasy draft the following season.  While in this outfit at the draft, the beer boy is responsible for buying and serving all drinks to other owners while sticking names on the draft board for the entire draft.

Being assigned the role of the “beer boy” at a fantasy football draft may be considered a classic form of punishment, but it can also turn into an unexpectedly enjoyable experience. The beer boy is tasked with the responsibility of keeping the league members hydrated and their thirst quenched throughout the draft.

As the draft progresses, the beer boy becomes the center of attention, providing a vital service while injecting an element of fun into the event. Armed with a cooler filled with an assortment of beverages, the beer boy traverses the room, offering cold drinks and engaging in light-hearted banter with each manager.

The Wax

In this punishment, the last-place finisher must go to a local esthetician (a person that waxes people) and have their body waxed. In the realm of fantasy football punishments, few experiences evoke more laughter and sympathy than the daunting task of getting a full-body wax. Imagine the unfortunate guy, a last-place finisher, braving the waxing table with trepidation. The league members gather to witness this hilarious consequence unfold. The unlucky manager, armed with nervous laughter and a healthy dose of bravery, prepares for the impending ordeal.

Bonus Level: Private areas + Eyebrows

The Piercing

We use shiny objects such as medals and trophies to reward the champion in sports.  So why not punish the owner who finished in last with the same thing?

The winner from the previous year is allowed to pick any piercing he or she desires, and the owner who finishes last gets to pick only the location of the piercing. “You will feel a tiny pinch.”

The Boy Scout

Fantasy Football Punishments

Is there anything cuter than a guy dressed in his boy scout outfit selling lemonade on the corner?  How about your fantasy football league loser, wearing a boy scout uniform, selling lemonade on the corner?  Anyways, you get the gist.  The loser must sit at the lemonade stand until all of his lemonade is gone or the street lights come on and the loser has to go home.

Open Mic Comedy

As a fantasy football punishment, being forced to do an open-mic comedy show can be equal parts terrifying and exhilarating. The unlucky manager takes the stage, armed with a microphone and a mix of nerves and excitement. The audience, a mix of league members and unsuspecting comedy enthusiasts, awaits their performance. With trembling hands and a pounding heart, they deliver jokes, hoping to elicit laughter rather than awkward silence.

The experience, though initially daunting, becomes a transformative one, pushing the manager to conquer their fears and embrace the spotlight. Whether they triumph or stumble, the open mic comedy show punishment creates a memorable and character-building moment within the league’s history.

The Hue Jackson

Although I am not sure that Hue Jackson ever did it, he did state that he would jump into Lake Erie if the Browns went 0-16. This punishment follows that same path. The loser dresses in his best clothes, preferably a suit, and jumps into an area lake or pond. If you live in the northern part of America, you can make the loser do it when it is still cold for an added punishment.

The Fireman

Fantasy Football Punishment

Every year you see dedicated firefighters and women near a busy stoplight asking for donations. So in this punishment, the owner must buy a very revealing firewoman costume and wear it by the most active stoplight in the town/city. They will hold up a large sign that says something along the lines of “I suck at Fantasy Football.”  While working the corner he or she must try and get donations from anyone looking to help this poor soul get any advice possible.  The money he or she raises will be donated to the league’s choosing.

The Laundry League

Choose your dirtiest shirts, your smelliest socks, and your grossest underwear, and let your league loser do a load of your laundry. This isn’t just one load for the loser, it’s a load for each member of the league. The clothes need to be picked up from each person’s house, cleaned, folded, and returned. No clothes are off-limits, just remember that you could finish last next season.


How many people remember taking the SATs? Now, how many people remember finishing them and saying never again will I have to endure something so horrible again? Well, think again. The owner must apply and take the SATs and pay for everything that is included.  They must show proof of being there and finish with at least a 700 on the SAT or he or she must take every owner to the bar for at least one drink.  While at the SAT they must wear an outfit picked out by the league champ.

The Mystery Bag

Fantasy Football Punishments

Each owner writes a punishment on a piece of paper. So if there are ten teams, then only the manager who finished last doesn’t submit a punishment, leaving nine pieces of paper in the bag. The punishments can be as cruel as you want – but remember you may finish at the last next year.

Nice guy rules: Let the last-place loser choose from the options in the bag

Get a Tattoo

Fantasy Football Tattoo

There is nothing more embarrassing than finishing last in your fantasy football league. So just imagine a constant reminder permanently inked to your skin for the rest of your life. The owner who finishes last must get a tattoo of anything the champion from the current year desires. The owner who finished last is only allowed to pick the location, and he or she must pay for the tattoo.

Sports Illustrated Body Issue Calendar

fantasy football loser photoshoot espn

The Sports Illustrated Body Issue magazine has been marveled at since it started.  So in this punishment, the loser must recreate 12 photos from the current year of the Body Issue and turn the photos into a calendar for all league members.  The photos must be high quality and extremely accurate.  The loser must pay for the calendars and if necessary a photographer.

Make a Music Video


The winner of the league gets to select any music video and the loser must do their best to recreate the video. It doesn’t end there.  The loser must then post whatever video they make to every social media platform they have without comment. The loser is also forbidden from responding to comments. Essentially, the league loser posts the video and then leaves it alone for all of the friends to see and comment on.

Date Night

If your league does not have a mascot, this punishment gives you a reason to get one. Go online, or to your closet, and get yourself a blow-up doll.  Name her Donna, Shiva, or something funny for your league.  Then after every season, the loser must take Donna on a date to a restaurant chosen by the league winner.  The loser must treat Donna as a real person, so you don’t hurt her feelings, and order her food and a drink.  The rest of the league is encouraged to attend and sit at a different table.  This allows for photos and social media embarrassment.

Eyebrows of Shame

I took this idea from the popular show, Impractical Jokers. The loser must shave their eyebrows. After the eyebrows are gone, the loser must take a picture and set it as their profile picture until the draft next season.  This way, it’s the punishment that can always be remembered.


Have suggestions to add to the article? please tell us more Fantasy Football Punishment ideas and will add them.

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