5 Playoff Push Fantasy Football Tips

Fantasy Football  Playoff TipsFantasy Football  Playoff Tips

Week eleven of the NFL season is now upon us. It feels like just last week we were sitting on our laptops drafting championship teams. Whether the team you built is first or last, the fantasy football playoffs are almost here. Here are five tips that will help you make a “playoff push.”

1. Evaluate your roster

Now is the time to scroll through your team top to bottom. Determine who you want to take along with you. Decide which guys you can afford to send packing via trade or cut. Pinpoint your studs, the guys who will win your match-ups. Start them from here on out. Remember, now is not the time to get fancy. You cannot afford to bench a number two suffering from a poor week for a number 22 coming off a fantastic week. Locate your weakness. It may be too late to fix all weaknesses; however, it is not too late to fix your main weakness.

2. Evaluate your opponent’s rosters

The final quarter of the season is a great time to find desperate teams. A player that was once “untouchable” may now be up for sale. A player you tried selling low may now be sold with a higher price tag. The record of a team as well as an absence of a specific position can change player’s opinions quickly. Teams may have many of one position and few of another. Use this to your advantage. For example, if you have three great RBs and only one WR. Offer out your 3rd best RB to a player with weak RBs in exchange for a much needed WR. Now you still have two great RBs and two WRs to complement them. Going back to our first point, understand strengths and weaknesses.

3. Who is playing Jacksonville?

The saying goes, “Defense wins Championships.” My apologies to those who spent a sixth round pick on Seattle D. There are very few defenses worth remaining loyal to this season. Almost all defenses cancel each other out with the same outputs. If you are looking to use defense to your advantage, if you need a leg up on your opponent… ask yourself “Who is playing Jacksonville?” Defenses facing Jacksonville are averaging 20 points a week in standard scoring leagues. 20 Points! Considering they face a new defense every week, chances are good that defense is available. Just be sure your opponent doesn’t beat you to the punch.

4. Don’t fall victim to the waiver wire

There is a place undrafted and waived players go just waiting for the call. That place is called the waiver wire. It’s important to remember that most players are on this list for a reason. We are easily swept off our feet by one 20+ point performance. Rarely do those players churn out points weekly, yet it’s not impossible. Be absolutely sure that the player you are picking up is worth more than the player you are cutting. Commonly, we are burned by a moved resulting in inconsistent performances. The wire is a great place to rotate defenses and kickers. The wire is not always the greatest place to locate stud WRs and RBs.

5. Relax and Enjoy

We are officially in crunch time. Playoffs are around the corner. You have selected your players. You have decided between starters and bench warmers. The waiver wire has either been kind or cruel. If you haven’t made your annual blockbuster trade, you better make it now. Remember that at the end of the day fantasy football is set up to be a fun way of looking at football differently. You control your roster, but not their production. Do everything in your power to fix and improve what is in your hands. Don’t stress the small stuff that is completely out of your hands. Tip 5 five is geared more towards those of you playing in free leagues among friends, family, and co-workers. If money is on the line and you spent a couple paychecks to join, point five is not for you. Now is the time to stress! Stress and pray this does not result in you sleeping on the couch for the next month. Fantasy football playoffs are almost here! Good luck and have fun!

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