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Fantasy Football Overreactions from Week 10

Matt Ryan

We are halfway through the season, and overreaction feels like a repeat. This is fantasy football and arguably not as important as real life (okay, no argument). But why is it so hard to see a great amount of seepage across both spectrums?

It does matter when one fails in football because both their team and their fantasy managers lose. Okay, there are those rare instances where one is good on the field, and it just doesn’t translate to fantasy goodness.

Nevertheless, here we are at Week10, wondering why.

Josh McDaniels Just Got Outcoached By a (checking notes) Christian Academy High School Coach

Buyer’s remorse is a real thing. For instance, when a new coach is given a team that remained intact and added nice productive additions to a team that made it to the playoffs last season (Grammarly is going to hate this sentence), then you expect lots of good things to happen.

You jettisoned the “interim” coach that turned things around, and by all accounts, the players lobbied for the head coaching job.

The roster contained highly drafted (fantasy and otherwise) players, running back Josh Jacobs, tight end Darren Waller, quarterback Derek Carr ( I hear the grumblings), and new addition wide receiver Davante Adams.

I understand Waller’s services have been spotty, and slot man Hunter Renfrow was sidelined with concussion issues. But come on, man, you still have Jacobs, Adams, and the emerging talents of Mack Hollins and Foster Moreau.

The Raiders are currently 2-7. That’s a game behind the unbearable to watch Denver Broncos. They are not only losing but losing epically.

And to Mark Davis’ reply, “Rome was not built in a day.” You weren’t in for a rebuild. You were building from scratch. YOU HAD A PLAYOFF TEAM. The quote though eloquent, does not apply to your team. Perhaps Nero “fiddling while Rome burned” is more applicable?

So, we have players who aren’t killing our fantasy season, except maybe Carr, who is coming in at QB18, but Adams and Jacobs are both top-five out of necessity for their team (thank you, Josh McDaniels?).

It’s a natural right to think the worse when we see how epically bad the Raiders play in the second half. As a Raiders fan, I can see your overreaction. As fantasy football managers…just go with the flow. Just don’t trust Carr.


“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”~ Mark Twain

I was going to use this section to highlight the resurrection (for one week) of Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.

But then the UVA shooting happened. Those deaths are far from an exaggeration. They are a monumental heartbreak. Please, at some point, we must stop letting school shootings become a blip in our communal mindset.

To all who knew and loved

Lavel Davis Jr.,

Devin Chandler

D’Sean Perry

I am immensely sorry for your loss. And I hope one day we begin to overreact to gun violence.

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